Jetpack Boost
Jpr jetpack logo.png
Players 1
Controls Touch Screen, Mouse
Minigame location Club Penguin App
Date released August 29, 2013

Jetpack Boost was a mini-game on the Club Penguin App and in Club Penguin Island. It was a sequel of the classic game Jet Pack Adventure.[1] It was confirmed by Polo Field on the What's New Blog on August 21, 2013. In Club Penguin Island, it can be found in the Classic Arcade.


Gary's Magnetron 3000 has gone crazy and shot coins all over the sky, so he needs your help to collect them.


  • Holding down the mouse would cause your penguin to fly up, releasing it would cause it to fall back down.




  • It was called "Jetpack Reboot" in the game files.
  • The Snowball Cannons in this game acted and sounded like the ones from Puffle Rescue, but aesthetically, they looked much more similar to the cannons from Puffle Launch.



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Name Soundtrack
Jet Pack Boost Menu Music Amb
Jet Pack Boost Theme Song Amb
Jet Pack Boost Turbo Mode


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