Keeper of the Boiler Room
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Green.png

Full Name Keeper of the Boiler Room
Species Puffle
Gender Male
Position Keeper
Appeared In the Night Club
Color Green
Clothes Items None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Keeper of the Boiler Room is a Green Puffle, found bouncing on the top-right speaker of the Night Club. In the book, Truth or Dare, a Penguin named RodgerRodger was dared to stay in the Boiler Room. He discovered a Green Puffle, the rumored 'Keeper.' He now sits on the top-right speaker of the Night Club, dancing.



  • In the book, "The Great Puffle Switch", it is shown that she's female.
    • But in a blog post made by Megg on February 27, 2016, as part of the Puffle Spotlight series, it is revealed that the Keeper of the Boiler Room is actually a male and not a female.[2]
  • During the constructions of the DJ3K, the puffle went out from the disco to the ice rink, and played with the black disk.
  • In PSA Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins, when the power in the Night Club goes out, he appears to be afraid of the dark.

The Keeper in the darkness in PSA Mission 3.


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