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King Ra-Ra
King Ra-Ra Costume Trunk
Full Name King Ra-Ra
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Pharaoh
Appeared Quest For The Golden Puffle
Color Black
Clothes Items Pharaoh Headdress,
Pharaoh Costume,
Gold Bracelets
Related To N/A
Friends With Boris The Mummy
Meetable Character? No

King Ra-Ra is a pharaoh that wears Gold Bracelets, a Pharaoh Suit and a Pharaoh crown. King Ra-Ra is Boris the Mummy's ruler. He only appeared in the play The Quest for The Golden Puffle. His color is black.


  • "Halt! Who dares to enter the great pyramid!"
  • "Don't let them take it, Boris!"
  • "You can't escape the great pyramid!"
  • "Now give us the Golden puffle!"
  • "That's right! And Boris was really hungry!"
  • "That's why we had to get it back!"
  • "Oh, but it is rare!"
  • "It is made of the island's rarest dark chocolate!"
  • "Hmmm...where did I put that snowball of mine?"


  • His name may come from the name of the Egyptian Sun God named Ra.