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Full Name Kip the Reporter
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Reporter for the Club Penguin Times
Appeared Star Reporter (Pick Your Path Book)
Color Brown
Clothes Items Vinyl Messenger Bag, Sea Green Outfit
Related To Unknown
Friends With Aunt Arctic, Liz
Meetable Character? No

Kip is a reporter for the Club Penguin Times, who only appears in the real life Pick Your Path Book, Star Reporter. He is described as being a pro reporter. If you rush the story of the strange events at the Stage without finding any evidence, he finds out it was Deb's hungry puffle who caused the accidents. He is very competitive, and on multiple occasions in Star Reporter will try and write up a news story before you by following you to multiple places, including the Pizza Parlor and Stage.


  • According to the book Star Reporter, he had a story published in the Club Penguin Times.
  • This character and various others from Club Penguin books were given names with less than four characters, the minimum amount players can use when creating an account, to prevent any from having the same username as a player.[1]