Klutzy crab

Full Name Klutzy the Crab
Species Crab
Position Accomplice to Herbert P. Bear
Appeared Secret Missions, Battle of Doom, Operation: Hibernation, Puffle Trouble
Color Red
Clothes Items None
Related To Possibly Klepto.
Friends With Herbert P. Bear, Puffles
Meetable Character? No

Klutzy (Clubpenguinus Crabus) is a villainous crab in Club Penguin that saved Herbert P. Bear from drowning when he first arrived on the Club Penguin Island after traveling from the North Pole on an Iceberg. Since then, he has been involved in a lot of Secret Missions as Herbert's evil sidekick. As revealed in The F.I.S.H., Klutzy is male and is probably Herbert's best friend. You can't meet him in-game, but in missions you can. Klutzy is a large Crab.


  • Klutzy, the most unlikely of heroes, saved Herbert P. Bear from drowning after his iceberg tipped and became Herbert's sidekick. Therefore, that would be the reason why he is Herbert's sidekick. He is a red crab with no clothes. He might want to join the EPF and stop helping Herbert with his evil schemes.


Pages in F.I.S.H


The fact files in the F.I.S.H.


  • He might want to join the EPF, and never help Herbert. There is proof for this because in the System Defender level 'Track Herbert' he is dissapointed when Herbert orders him to send in another wave of bots.
  • In the latest Field-Ops missions, Gary indicates that the tracker has picked up "snapping" and "clicking" noises (which are the sounds Klutzy makes).
  • Klutzy returns in Level 3 of System Defender.[1] He also appears in Level 2 of the game, assisting Herbert.
  • Klutzy is sometimes called 'adorable' and 'cute'. Also referenced in Mission #7 as a "funny little guy" by a penguin.
  • There is also a Series 4 figurine of Herbert and Klutzy.
  • Klutzy is seen using the signs ^_^; Q_Q' while writing.
  • In one mission, he is seen playing a game while Herbert talks to the agents.
  • Klutzy is 2 feet tall. Klutzy is also a vegetarian.
  • It is rumored that the Crab skittering around during the Adventure Party is really Klutzy, undercover.
  • During the Underwater Expedition in 2012, a Crab could be seen skittering around in the Mysterious Deep. This was thought to be Klutzy.
  • Klutzy probably communicates in morse code the reason why the Crab Translator 3000 blown up during mission 6. However, it may also be because his sharp claws cut through the cage and damaged the microphone.
  • It has been showed that Klutzy isn't as evil as Herbert.
  • His name may come from the fact that he often knocks things over, messes up things, is clumsy, etc.
  • He submitted a question to Rookie in the 336th issue of the Club Penguin Times.
  • Klutzy was shown not to be as evil as Herbert, and still likes puffles, as shown in Puffle Trouble.

Klutzy may or may not be meetable in the future.

  • If you search for his name in the friend list, it will read "Klutzy is a click click clickety click. Try searching for someone else." As his name can be searched, it is possible that he can be meetable in the future in Club Penguin, though unlikely because it didn't read "If you want to add him/her, you must meet him on the island." like most mascots read.
  • Klutzy might not like puffles, since he ripped up a puffle bed in the EPF Missions.





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