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Koi fish Fairy Fables
Scientific name Cyprinus carpio
Similar creatures Fish
Appeared Various
Predators Blue herons, raccoons, Night herons, green herons, egrets
Prey Unknown

Koi are a species of fish (specifically carp) that live in various bodies of water in Club Penguin.


  • Koi appear as part of the Koi Pond and Waterfall Pond furniture items. In both items, they swim around the water of the ponds, and periodically jump out and fall back in. They can be removed from the items by pressing the up/down arrow keys.
  • When Fairy Fables was playing at the Stage, a koi fish would jump out of the water every so often.
  • During Medieval Parties from 2009 through 2012, many koi fish were swimming in a fountain at the Lodge Attic. There is a bowl on the fountain that, when clicked, pours some fish food in the water, causing several koi to swim around the food.
  • There is a Koi Fish Pin and a Blue Koi Fish Pin.