Left to your Own Devices
Left to your own devices
Number Mission 2
Characters You, Dot, PH, The Director
From Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Games None
New Elite Puffles Blast
Special Places Puffle Training Room

Left to your Own Devices is the second EPF Mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. In this mission, you must complete your training to become an EPF Agent, train the Elite Puffle Blast, and find the EPF Headquarters.


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At the beginning of the mission, Dot informs you that Bouncer is an Elite Puffle. You ask if puffles can be part of the EPF too. Dot tells you that puffles receive special training right in a hidden room in the Dojo. Dot gives you a special puffle pin, which fits in a small panel on the wall. After inserting it in the correct slot, a passage open. Dot tells you there is someone waiting inside. The Director of the EPF welcomes you to the Puffle Training Room. You ask who this is. The Director tells you that he/she is the leader of the PSA and the EPF, and his/her identity is a secret, and is called the Director. You tell him/her that Dot told you to continue training here. The Director then replies that you will continue your training here, and that he/she is always looking for penguins like you. The screen turns off, and the Puffle Handler comes in and greets you. She tells you that you can call her PH. You ask her if she taught Bouncer how to throw snowballs. She tells you she just encouraged him to develop his favorite skill. She tells you that she is Bouncer's and the other Elite Puffles' training coach. She introduces you to Blast, the Red Elite Puffle. She shows you what he Blast can do, and demonstrates by having him launch out of a cannon and destroy a crate. You then command Blast to do it again. PH tells you that your next training will be with Agent D at the Ski Village. She marks the location on your map, and then gives you your very own Puffle Whistle. You meet Dot at the Ski Village. She tells you to go into the Sport Shop. After going inside, she directs you to the Changing Rooms. She welcomes you to the PSA Headquarters, and then tells you to check the closet. You find a keypad for a passcode. If you have trouble with the passcode, she tells you it is 1000 times 3. You put in 3000. She welcomes you to the EPF Headquarters. The Director tells you that he/she is impressed with how far you've come already. He/she tells you that for your next lesson you must combine two objects that are in front of you. He/she tells you that those two objects are pieces of a special device called the Spy Gadget. After you put them together, the Director tells you about the Spy Gadget. The Director congratulates you, and tells you your training is complete. The Director says bye, but you ask if you are an agent yet. The Director's screen goes away and gets replaced with a code. You use Blast to break a crate, which is on top of a Decoder Gadget. You snap it into your Spy Gadget. You use it to get the message on the screen. You enter the passcode into the machine on the table, which opens up, revealing an antenna. You snap it into your Spy Gadget, and then use it to talk to Dot. Dot explains how it works using the Spy Gadget with calls. You tell her you are stuck in the Command Room, in which she replies she is there too. Dot comes in and tells you she knew you could do it. You ask if you passed and you are an agent. The Director asks you why you want to be an agent. You explain why. The Director tells you you are an official member of the EPF now, and to keep your identity a secret, and congratulates you. Dot tells you that she marked the location of your first assignment on the map.


  • In this mission, you become an official EPF agent.


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