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Light Purple
PC3 Color Light Purple.svg
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Available No
Type Color
Member item N/A
Party N/A
Cost N/A
Where found Penguin Chat 3
Item ID None
Unlockable No

Light Purple is a color, featured only in Penguin Chat 3. In Penguin Chat 3 only, the player may choose the color. Like Old Blue, it was never seen during the launch of Club Penguin, although Lavender, an also unreleased Club Penguin color is similar. The color is never seen again, and it is unlikely that it will appear in Club Penguin. It is currently unknown if Club Penguin will release it.


  • It never made it to Club Penguin and was in Penguin Chat 3 along with Purple, according to the picture below.
  • It is similar to Dark Purple
  • It is the second oldest color seen, the first being Old Blue.