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Lighthouse Reconstruction Beach

The Beach during the Lighthouse's restoration

The Lighthouse Restoration Project was a project that occurred in September 2006 to restore the Lighthouse, as its name implies. There were two possible designs Penguin architects made to restore the Lighthouse with, and both were thought to be well thought out, safe and reliable; the biggest difference between them was the cost and time to put either one of them into effect. One of them was simpler because it required less development of the upper level of the Lighthouse (the Beacon), while the other design called for restoration of both floors of the Lighthouse, and was thought to be more costly and lengthier to build.[1]


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In September 2006, penguins could donate 750 coins to subsidize the restoration of the Lighthouse. Once having donated the required amount, they would receive the Lighthouse Shirt as a "Thank You" for their support.


On September 22, 2006, the project was complete, and a party took place to celebrate. It was decided that leftover funds from the Lighthouse Restoration Project be used for another project that would be of benefit to "every penguin in town". This project was the invention of the Jet Pack, a big deal at the time due to it being the only way penguins could use to fly (other than the Red Propeller Cap, which was highly limited in terms of flight and practicality).[2]


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