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Lightsaber Duel
Lightsaber Duel.jpg
Players 2
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Anywhere
Date released July 25, 2013 (Star Wars Takeover),
January 22, 2015 (Star Wars Rebels Takeover)
Date closed August 15, 2013 (Star Wars Takeover),
February 4, 2015 (Star Wars Rebels Takeover)

Lightsaber Duel, or Lightsaber Battle,[1] was a members-only activity available during the Star Wars Takeovers. They focused on lightsaber combat from the Star Wars universe; imitating the slashes incorporated into the choreography.


To start a duel, press D or dance while wearing any lightsaber. Two circles will appear above your penguin. This will allow another player to battle you, or you can click a circle above another penguin to duel them.

A small interface will then appear, showing 3 arrows: up, middle and down. Click one of them and wait until time runs out or until the other player picks an arrow. If you don't pick one and time runs out, the other player will win. If neither player picks an option, the duel results in a tie.

  • Middle beats down.
  • Up beats middle.
  • Down beats up.

If both players click the same arrow, it will be a tie.


Star Wars Takeover



Star Wars Rebels Takeover

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  • If you press the "W" key or wave while waiting for another player to duel, you will exit the duel interface.
  • You cannot duel in an igloo.
  • It returned for the Star Wars Rebels Takeover.
    • You can also use your old lightsabers from the Star Wars Takeover in the Star Wars Rebels Takeover.
  • Lightsaber Duels are also similar to Pirate Duels which was an activity available during the Pirate Party 2014.




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