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Lime Green Dojo Clean
Date released February 3, 2009
Found Book Shelf (formerly)

Lime Green Dojo Clean was a Paint By Letters book published by Snowball Press in Club Penguin. It was set to be released on January 30, 2009, but was delayed to February 3, 2009 due to bugs. It was removed on June 14, 2012 along with the other Paint By Letters books. The player would receive 160 coins for finishing the book, plus an additional 80 coins for each hidden coin that was found, earning up to 800 coins maximum.


Club Penguin Vat

The big tub of lime green paint

Set in 2006, while a penguin was cleaning the Dojo, other penguins put up a Color Party which made a mess, the penguin was upset about it, so to make the penguin feel better, they cleaned up the place after the party was over.

Bonus Coin Locations[]

  • Page 1 - After the penguin is done cleaning the windows, throw the mop in the air, it will land outside and sweep it across to find a coin.
  • Page 2 - Pick up the giant paint can, a coin is underneath.
  • Page 3 - After the big paint splash, click the blob in the upper left corner and scrub it back and forth rapidly until a coin is uncovered.
  • Page 4 - Push the green penguin on the floor towards the back wall until it flips upside-down and the penguin will go onto the ceiling, then use the penguin to clean the left blob and a coin will fall.
  • Page 5 - Move the penguin(s) away, then spots of the wall will light up in an order, click them in the same order and the door will open to reveal a coin.
  • Page 6 - Drag the paint can to the left or right to find a coin.
  • Page 7 - Click the lightbulb, do not let it drop, then drag it through a set of three mazes while avoiding the walls, and a coin shows up.
  • Page 8 - On this page, it depends on the word chosen at the end of page 6, 'shout' for a box of capes, or 'pout' for an inflatable octopus.
    • Capes: Take everything out of the box and put the socks on the penguin's flippers, a coin will appear behind the penguin.
    • Octopus: Click the plug of the octopus, then pull it and a coin appears.

      The game complete with all bonus coins collected


  • All the text of this book is composed of rhymes, even its name.
  • It is the longest Paint By Letters book.
  • It was written by Polo Field.[1]

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French N/A
Spanish N/A
German Das limettengrüne Dojo
Russian Зелёный лайм - школы отмывай