In Club Penguin, Character Stamps were given when a penguin met a certain mascot (i.e. Famous Characters). All Character stamps were for all penguins, but sometimes the mascot was in a member-only room.

Penguin Band

The stamps of the Penguin Band were released with the original 107 stamps on July 26, 2010, but had a different look and name. They were updated on June 12, 2011. They were available during Music Jam 2011 and Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam.


  • The difficulty of character stamps was probably based on how many appearances the mascot appears in a Club Penguin year and how easy it was for a penguin to meet him or her.
  • There were no "easy character stamps".
  • If you met PH, the notification that you earned her stamp showed her stamp as easy, but in the stamp book, it was hard.
  • The ID number for character stamps range from 7 to 466.
  • The only medium mascot stamp was from Rockhopper.

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