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The following page lists mascots and other characters from Club Penguin.

List of Mascots[]

Club Penguin Characters[]

Image Name Position Species
Character 1 88 Rockhopper Captain of the Migrator Penguin
Character 4 88 Gary the Gadget Guy EPF Agent, Former PSA Agent, Inventor, Tech Lead, Scientist, Technology Specialist Penguin
Character 2 88 Aunt Arctic Editor-in-chief of the Club Penguin Times, The Director of the Elite Penguin Force and the PSA Penguin
Character 9 88 Sensei Master of Card-Jitsu and the Elements Penguin
Character 3 88 Cadence DJ, singer, dancer Penguin
Character 16 88 Rookie Elite Penguin Force Agent, Famous Penguin, Comm Leader Penguin
Character 28 88 Puffle Handler EPF Agent, Mascot, Puffle Trainer Penguin
Character 5 88 Franky Singer/Keyboardist/Guitarist of the Club Penguin Band, former Pet Shop employee Penguin
Character 6 88 Petey K Accordionist/Guitarist/pianist of the Club Penguin Band Penguin
Character 7 88 G Billy Drummer/Flutist of the Club Penguin Band, Pianist of Lighthouse Penguin
Character 8 88 Stompin' Bob Bassist of the Club Penguin Band, Bouncer of the Lighthouse Penguin
Character 10 88 Herbert P. Bear Suspect-At-Large for the EPF, Criminal Mastermind Polar Bear
DotWikiIcon Dot EPF Agent, Stealth Lead, Disguise Designer Penguin
Character 36 88 Merry Walrus Host of the Merry Walrus Party Walrus
Character 35 88 Sam the Sasquatch Yeti of Club Penguin Yeti

Special Visitors[]

Image Name Position Species
Rocky in the Buddy List Rocky Singer Penguin
CeCe on the Buddy List CeCe Singer Penguin
Character 31 88 Brady Surfer Penguin
Character 32 88 McKenzie Surfer Penguin
Character 33 88 Kermit the Frog Entertainer Muppet

Semi-Famous Penguins[]

Penguins that are part of the storyline but not appear as an avatar around Club Penguin but some can be seen in games or pictures, etc.:

Image Name Position Species
Bambadee Thinking Bambadee Stowaway Penguin
JetPackGuy Jet Pack Guy EPF Agent and Tactical Lead Penguin
DancingPengMission3p2 Dancing Penguin Dancer Penguin
Roryinthenews Rory Construction Worker Penguin
Hydro hopper penguin mission 10 Hydro Hopper Penguin Hydro Hopper Maintainer Penguin
Gift Shop clerk Gift Shop Clerk Clerk Penguin
Pizza chief Pizza Chef Chef Penguin
Jet pack surfer Jet Pack Surfer Surfer Penguin
Orange ingame Sport Shop Clerk Assistant Penguin
DSDJ DJ Penguin DJ Penguin
101daysforest 101 Days of Fun characters Unknown Penguin
OOTCS Coffee Shop Barista Barista Penguin
DSgiftshopowner Gift Shop Manager Manager of the Gift Shop Penguin
Joe High quality Joe Comic Book Writer Penguin
BlazerX Blazer X Snowboarder Penguin
X-Treme Keyboard Drum Tuba X-Treme Penguin Inventor, Daredevil Penguin
Dj maxx close up DJ Maxx DJ Penguin
Tommy Tommy Snowball thrower Penguin


Many penguins consider Moderators and their test accounts famous:

Main article: List of Club Penguin Staff Members

Other Famous Penguins[]

Book Penguins[]

These penguins appear only in books, almost like Semi-Famous Penguins:

Image Name Position Species
Smulley1 Smulley Unknown Penguin
RodgerRodgerZR RodgerRodger Story Character Penguin
Bambadee Thinking Bambadee Stowaway Penguin
Penguin1486 Ghosts Unknown Ghost
Scrooge christmas Scrooge Former Owner of the Pizza Parlor Penguin
Suneeroo Suneroo Unknown Penguin
DanielD DanielD Boiler room worker Penguin

Elite Puffles[]

Image Name Position Species
Black PuffleFlare2 Flare Elite Puffle Puffle
Flit Flit Elite Puffle Puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Blast Blast Elite Puffle Puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Bouncer Bouncer Elite Puffle Puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Loop Loop Elite Puffle Puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Pop Pop Elite Puffle Puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Chirp Chirp Elite Puffle Puffle
WHITEpuff Chill Elite Puffle Puffle
Lucky in the Club Penguin Magazine Lucky Elite Puffle Puffle
Gulp Elite Puffle Gulp Elite Puffle Puffle

Famous Creatures (excluding Penguins)[]

Image Name Position Species
YarrSmiling Yarr Rockhopper's Puffle Puffle
Lolz Lolz Cadence's Puffle Puffle
Pete cutout Pete PH's Puffle Puffle
Keeper of the Boiler Room Keeper of the Boiler Room Keeper of the Boiler Room Puffle
Keeper of Stage Psa Mission Keeper of the Stage Keeper of the stage Puffle
Great puffle circus ringmaster Great Puffle Circus Ringmaster Ringmaster Puffle
WHITEpuff Elite Puffles Elite Puffle Puffle
Black PuffleFlare2 Flare Elite Puffle Puffle
Herbert Pose Herbert P. Bear Suspect at large for the EPF Polar Bear
Klutzy-the-crab4 Klutzy Sidekick of Herbert P. Bear Crab
Klepto the Crab Klepto Recurring boss of Puffle Launch Crab
Fluffy3 Fluffy the Puffle Bernie's Puffle Puffle
Destructo Destructo Lime Green penguin's puffle Puffle
Ed McCool the Red Puffle Ed McCool Unknown Puffle
Webnark phototz Webnark Unknown Monster
Glaboooook Glabook Unknown Monster
DubstepPuffle Dubstep Unknown Puffle

Evil Characters[]

Image Name Position Species
Herbert Pose Herbert P. Bear Suspect at large for the EPF Polar Bear
Klutzy-the-crab4 Klutzy Herbert P. Bear's sidekick Crab
Wheel Bot Test Bots Villain Robot
UltimateProtobotFuturePartySprites Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 Villain Robot
Medieval Party 2012 Ye Knight's Quest 2 dragon room Ye Knight's Quest 2 Robot Dragon Villain Robot
HydraArtWork2012 Ye Knight's Quest 3 Hydra Bot Villain Machine
Scorn battle sprite Scorn the Dragon King Villain Dragon
Post1 Destructobot Villain Robot
News 20130417 UpcomingEvents Robot Robot Villains Villain Robot
Tusk on My Penguin Main Menu Tusk Leader of Snow Minions, Master of Snow Walrus
Scrap 2013 Scrap Villain Snowman
Tank Tank Villain Snowman
Sly 2013 Sly Villain Snowman
Constantinemuppets Constantine Criminal Mastermind Muppet
Skip infobox image Skip Bellhop for the Puffle Hotel Ghost