This page lists all clothing that can be obtained in the Nintendo DS video game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.

Although item types (such as head, face, etc) are listed on this page, the game does not sort items this way like in online Club Penguin, and instead all items are grouped together in the Suitcase (clothing inventory). However, as usual, items of the same type cannot be worn at the same time.

Unlike the clothing items in Club Penguin: Game Day!, items obtained in this game could not be transferred to online Club Penguin. However, the EPF Certificate, while not an item within this game, could have been transferred to online Club Penguin either by using a code packaged with the game, or by transferring coins.


These items are obtained for free as part of the story, and are not optional, unlike other items. Some are also required to be worn during certain sections of the game to progress. Item names in italics are conjectural.

During the mission Double Trouble, only one of two sets of items can be obtained. Replaying the mission allows for the other set to be obtained.

Image Item Type Location
Funny-Face Glasses
Funny Glasses[note 1] Face Item From one of The Snowball Crew members after retrieving their hat during The Mystery Unfolds
Pro Board Hand Item From sick red team member after giving him soup during Rookie on the Rocks
(required to be worn while challenging Blazer X and later while going down the Test Run in the same mission, and again in Robots on the Run)
Black Sunglasses clothing icon ID 101
Secret Agent Sunglasses[note 1] Face Item From the Director after completing Rookie on the Rocks
Gary's Old Glasses Face Item From the Sport Shop clerk after showing him a folder about Gary during Looking For Clues
(required to be worn to open Gadget Room during mission)
Fancy Hat Head Item In Costume Trunk after saving the play at the Stage during Double Trouble, if "fancy suit" option is picked
(required to be worn to enter Night Club during mission)
Fancy Bowtie Neck Item
Fancy Tuxedo Body Item
Fancy Wig Head Item In Costume Trunk after saving the play at the Stage during Double Trouble, if "fancy dress" option is picked
(required to be worn to enter Night Club during mission)
Fancy Necklace Neck Item
Fancy Dress Body Item
Puffle Trainer Hat Head Item Inside a box revealed while training with Chirp during Flying High Pitched

Side missions

These items are obtained as rewards for completing optional side missions during free play mode. The other five side missions each reward 50 coins instead of items.

Image Item Type Location
Safety Vest clothing icon ID 770
Safety Vest Body Item Complete A Wrench in the Works
Space Helmet Head Item Complete Alien Conspiracy
Hard Hat clothing icon ID 403
Hard Hat Head Item Complete Penguin at Work
Viking Helmet Head Item Complete Sweet Friend of Mines
Divers Helmet clothing icon ID 457
Divers Helmet Head Item Complete Drifting Away


These items are only available during certain seasonal events, which occur depending on the time set on the DS clock. They can be obtained during these events by interacting with crates at specific locations.

Image Item Type Location Time available
Court Jester Hat icon
Court Jester Hat Head Item Near a river in The Wilderness, only accessible during the mission Rookie On The Rocks April 1-7
Sombrero Head Item At the Outback Pond June 20-30
Fish Costume clothing icon ID 763
Fish Costume Body Item In the Lodge Attic October 25-31
Ice Skates Feet Item At the Iceberg December 14-25


These items can be bought from the catalog, accessible in free play mode from the catalog by the counter both in the Gift Shop and Sport Shop. It cannot be accessed during missions. The catalog can also be accessed after finishing a minigame, if played through the main menu rather than during free play mode. All cost coins.

Page 1

The items that are on the first page depend on the time set on the DS clock.


March 21 to June 21:
Image Item Type Cost
Blue Ball Cap
Blue Ball Cap Head Item 200 coins
Striped Rugby Shirt
Rugby Shirt Body Item 400 coins
Brown Shoes Feet Item 400 coins
Floppy Hat
Floppy Hat Head Item 300 coins
Daisy Zippered Hoodie
Daisy Hoodie Body Item 500 coins


June 21 to September 21:
Image Item Type Cost
Dive Mask Head Item[note 2] 200 coins
Pink Swimsuit
Pink Swimsuit Body Item 250 coins
Flippers Feet Item 200 coins
Life Jacket clothing icon ID 215
Life Jacket Body Item 330 coins
Red Shorts Icon
Red Shorts Body Item 250 coins
Brown Sandals Feet Item 200 coins


September 21 to December 21:
Image Item Type Cost
Gold Watch Hand Item 170 coins
Red turtleneck
Pink Sweater Body Item 440 coins
Pink Duffle Coat
Pink Coat Body Item 625 coins


December 21 to March 21:
Image Item Type Cost
Black Toque
Black Toque Head Item 75 coins
Orange Snowsuit icon
Snowsuit Body Item 600 coins
Blue Earmuffs clothing icon ID 483
Blue Earmuffs Head Item 250 coins
Pink Snowsuit
Pink Snowsuit Body Item 600 coins

Page 2

Unlike in the online game, colors do not stay in the Suitcase once bought, and are replaced each time the player buys a new one.

Image Item Type Cost
Blue inventory
All colors from Blue to Lime Green Colors 20 coins each
Apron Neck Item[note 2] 100 coins

Page 3

Image Item Type Cost
Pearl Necklace clothing icon ID 181
Pearls Neck Item 550 coins
Pink Purse
Pink Purse Hand Item 300 coins
Sun Dress Body Item 500 coins
Top Hat clothing icon ID 423
Top Hat Head Item 350 coins
Blue Duffle Coat clothing icon ID 219
Blue Coat Body Item 625 coins
Dress Shoes Feet Item 420 coins

Page 4

Image Item Type Cost
Russian Hat clothing icon ID 419
Russian Hat Head Item 600 coins
Jean Jacket Icon 251
Jean Jacket Body Item 450 coins
Hiking Boots Feet Item 325 coins
Yellow Scarf clothing icon ID 172
Scarf Neck Item 150 coins
Pink Earmuffs Head Item 250 coins
Pink Hoodie clothing icon ID 222
Pink Hoodie Body Item 400 coins
Hockey Stick
Hockey Stick Hand Item 260 coins

Page 5

Image Item Type Cost
Pink Toque
Pink Toque Head Item 75 coins
Green Suede Jacket clothing icon ID 232
Suede Jacket Body Item 700 coins
Parka Body Item 500 coins

Page 6

Image Item Type Cost
Fishing Rod Hand Item 200 coins
Blue Lei
Lei Neck Item 100 coins
Diva Sunglasses
Diva Sunglasses Face Item 225 coins
Grass Skirt clothing icon ID 212
Grass Skirt Body Item 200 coins
Pink Flower Sandals icon
Pink Sandals Feet Item 160 coins

Page 7

Image Item Type Cost
Poncho clothing icon ID 236
Poncho Body Item 350 coins
412 icon
Tiara Head Item 200 coins
Princess Costume
Princess Costume Body Item 550 coins

Page 8

Image Item Type Cost
The Sunstriker
Sunstriker Wig Head Item 550 coins
Black Guitar Hand Item 975 coins
Black Sneakers Feet Item 250 coins
Dazzle Dress clothing icon ID 842
Dazzle Dress Body Item 600 coins

Page 9

Image Item Type Cost
Yellow Raincoat
Rain Coat Body Item 450 coins
Pendant Necklace clothing icon ID 182
Pendant Neck Item 110 coins
Purple Dress Icon
Purple Dress Body Item 400 coins

Page 10

Image Item Type Cost
Clothing Icon 113
Black Eyeglasses Face Item 225 coins
Red Backpack
Backpack Neck Item 410 coins
Red Track Jacket clothing icon ID 4004
Track Jacket Body Item 550 coins
Headphones clothing icon ID 481
Headphones Head Item 350 coins
Black Hoodie Body Item 400 coins

Page 11

Image Item Type Cost
3D Glasses Face Item 225 coins
Bunny Slippers clothing icon ID 366
Bunny Slippers Feet Item 450 coins
Santa Hat Head Item 100 coins
Long Johns
Long Johns Body Item 350 coins

Page 12

Image Item Type Cost
Black Sunglasses clothing icon ID 101
Black Sunglasses[note 1] Face Item 200 coins
Bow Tie Neck Item 50 coins
Black Suit Body Item 650 coins
Funny-Face Glasses
Funny Glasses[note 1] Face Item 50 coins
NV Goggles Face Item 1000 coins
Black Tie clothing icon ID 176
Black Tie Neck Item 125 coins

Page 13

Image Item Type Cost
Gray Fedora
Fedora Head Item 300 coins
Detective's Coat
Light Trench Coat Body Item 550 coins
Glacier Suit clothing icon ID 4000
Glacier Suit Body Item 600 coins

Page 14

Image Item Type Cost
Tweed Hat clothing icon ID 1006
Tweed Hat Head Item 350 coins
Tweed Coat icon
Tweed Coat Body Item 650 coins
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass Head Item 200 coins
Dark Trench Coat Body Item 550 coins


These items are obtained by completing certain tasks. The Elite Puffle Training Diploma is obtained as part of the story, the rest are optional and are obtained by reaching certain scores in mini-games (or in the case of Ice Fishing, finishing the game). With the exception of Ice Fishing, obtaining a gold medal also causes the player to obtain the corresponding silver medal if they did not already have it, although only the gold medal will be displayed in the pop-up after the mini-game ends.

Awards are displayed in the second inventory space in the Suitcase, and cannot be worn.

Image Item Location
Golden Mullet Medal Catching the Mullet in Ice Fishing
Golden Chest Medal Catching the chest in Ice Fishing
Rail Kahuna Gold Medal Getting a score of at least 150 (1500 in-game) in Cart Surfer
Rail Kahuna Silver Medal Getting a score of at least 100 (1000 in-game) in Cart Surfer
Night Club Fever Gold Medal Getting a score of at least 120 in Dance Challenge
Night Club Fever Silver Medal Getting a score of at least 100 in Dance Challenge
Rocket Ace Gold Medal Getting a score of 150 (maximum possible) in Jetpack Adventure
Rocket Ace Gold Medal Getting a score of at least 130 in Jetpack Adventure
King of the Mountain Gold Medal Getting a score of at least 100 (1000 in-game) in Snowboarding
King of the Mountain Silver Medal Getting a score of at least 50 (500 in-game) in Snowboarding
Snow Trekker Lightning Medal Getting a score of 260 (maximum possible) in Snow Trekker
Snow Trekker Rocket Medal Getting a score of at least 200 in Snow Trekker
Elite Puffle Training Diploma Complete the final elite puffle test during Flying High Pitched


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 If the player obtains this item during a mission first, it will not be available for purchase in the catalog afterwards. However, if the player buys this item from the catalog first, they will still receive it from the mission regardless.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This item's clothing category differs from online Club Penguin.


  • It costs 26200 coins to buy every item in the game. However, if the player obtains the Black Sunglasses and Funny Glasses for free from missions, this is reduced to 25950 coins.
  • The catalog features penguins wearing several items that cannot be bought. These include the Snow Shovel, Fishing Hat, The Suprema Diva, Microphone, and Stardust Slippers.
  • The back of the box for the American and European versions of the game show a penguin wearing the Blue Cape, Red Electric Guitar, and Orange Sneakers, which are not available in the final game.[1]
    • The trailer for the game also displays the Blue Cape in the Suitcase.[2]


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