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The following is a list of Field-Ops - the former EPF tasks - and their location.

List of Field-Ops[]

The "Character" row represents characters that appeared in the EPF Phone starting with Field Op #31. Game cells in orange represent games on their first appearance.

# Date Orders Room Where Game Character Completion message
1 June 15, 2010 Calling all agents!

We've Learned that Herbert has concealed a highly dangerous popcorn device "near a big letter S".

Work together to find it, then shut it down with your Spy Phone. Time is running out!
Town Stand near the "S" of the Night Club Circuit Match Characters first appeared with Field Op #31 Completion messages were introduced in Field Op #31
2 June 23, 2010 Calling all agents! Our security system is offline – a broken antenna has left us defenseless! Sensors show the antenna is up high, but disguised. Search the island, then use your phone to fix it! Ski Hill Stand next to the base of the pole Chip Maze
3 June 29, 2010 Calling all agents! We've detected an old PSA Spy Phone lost near a “large light bulb”. It must not be found by Herbert! Search the island for the phone, then destroy it by overloading its circuits. We're counting on you! Cave Mine Stand by the large light device Circuit Match
4 July 5, 2010 Calling all agents! Our surveillance network has had a major black out. We're not sure what, or who, is responsible. The broken network computer is disguised inside a couch. Search the island for it, then power it up! Lodge Attic Standing on the red couch Chip Maze
5 July 12, 2010 Calling all agents! We've uncovered evidence that someone is planning to ruin Music Jam. We must act immediately! A microphone has been set to overload and wreck! Forest Stand in the very center of the room, where a microphone was hidden Circuit Match
6 July 19, 2010 Calling all agents! Someone is using a computer to attack our system! The scanner is holding...for now. Search the island with other agents for the computer responsible, then shut it down. You must hurry! Recycling Plant Stand near the computer on the bottom-right desk Firewall
7 July 27, 2010 We've detected a malfunction with part of the Beacon's power system. The light could burn out any moment! The Beacon is vital to public safety. Work together to find the broken system, then power it up. Beacon Stand next to the light switch Chip Maze
8 August 3, 2010 We've detected a possible threat somewhere near the Dojo. The ninjas might be in danger! search the area together. Look for technology that ninjas don't normally use, then shut it down. Hurry! Dojo Courtyard Stand near the projector Circuit Match
9 August 11, 2010 Someone has been tampering with the island's coin supply. We must handle this situation quietly! Investigate the island's cash registers. Fix the one that sets off your Spy Phone. Good luck! Stadium Cash register in the snack stand Firewall
10 August 16, 2010 We have a situation: Someone has tampered with the steamer in the Coffee Shop. It's turned up to dangerous levels! Go there, and power up a new safety override for the steamer. Make sure all citizens are safe. You must Hurry! Coffee Shop Stand near the steamer Chip Maze
11 August 23, 2010 We've received information that a speaker somewhere has been rigged to cause “serious damage.” Search the Island together for it, then shut down. We can't take any changes! Lighthouse Stand near the speaker in the bottom-left corner Circuit Match
12 August 30, 2010 We've detected some strange readings from the Clock Tower... We need to make sure it's safe to use. Work together at the Snow Fort to power up a new security system. Make sure not to alert the public!  Snow Forts Below Clock Tower target Chip Maze
13 September 7, 2010 We're receiving a distress signal from a wrecked vehicle. Its technology could be used against us!

Work together to track it down, then shut down its computer. It could be anywhere... Good luck!
Hidden Lake Broken Aqua Grabber 3000 Firewall
14 September 14, 2010 We must find out who's been vandalizing the island. We suspect it may not be Herbert...We need a new radio scanner. Work together to install the first part, out at sea. Good luck!  Iceberg Stand on the top of the small hill Chip Maze
15 September 20, 2010 The scanner is only half done, but it's already been damaged. Someone is sabotaging us! Work together to find the broken part, and restart the system. It's disguised as a buoy. Beach Buoy 6 Firewall
16 September 27, 2010 The new scanner is almost done. Next week I'll have a new Field-Ops tool ready for you. Work together to install the last part. Look for a place to hide it. I suggest behind a curtain. Dance Lounge The curtain near the chair on the upper-left corner Chip Maze
17 October 4, 2010 The New Scanner is online! We can now locate and intercept radio signals. Great Work! Work together to find an enemy signal, and send it to me. I believe they may be underground. Cave Floating aids near the middle window Code Break
18 October 12, 2010 The signal we intercepted last week was strange. It was just a series of snapping noises. We have a hunch. Work Together to check all water vehicles for tampering. You must hurry! Dock Hydro Hopper boat Circuit Match
19 October 18, 2010 Whoever is sabotaging our investigation is very skilled. I'm working on new technology to aid us. However, we need more information. Work together to look for more enemy signals. Check near the ocean. Beach Right side of the bottom room area Code Break
20 October 26, 2010 The signal we found was just more snapping noises. We have no choice – we must prepare our new defense. Work together to power up the last part for next week. It's disguised as a telephone. Mine Puffle Rescue phone Chip Maze
21 November 2, 2010 Red alert! Our new defenses have detected an advanced computer bug. We're under attack! Work together to find the infected EPF computer, and fix it you must hurry! EPF Command Room Map next to System Defender The Navigator
22 November 8, 2010 We're still under attack! We've detected what may be a popcorn device – we must prevent another incident! The device has been hidden inside a barrel. Work together to search the island, then shut it down. Hidden Lake Barrel on upper-left corner Circuit Match
23 November 18, 2010 Our enemies are still attacking! They've infected systems in the Everyday Phoning Facility – we're locked out! Work together to find and repair the locked system. You'll need to breakthrough EPF security. Good luck! Everyday Phoning Facility The telephone Firewall
24 November 26, 2010 We're still on Red Alert! Enemy programs have damaged systems in the VR Hologram Quarters. Travel down to the VR HQ, and find the broken hologram panel. Work together to power it up.  VR Room Third block from the left on the bottom side of the front wall Chip Maze
25 December 1, 2010 The attacks on EPF have stopped. Our enemies have gone quiet – thanks to the effort of our agents.

We must act. Work together to look for a new enemy signals. Search near the Ocean – It's our only clue.
Cove Near the rope in the water Code Break
26 December 8, 2010 The signal we decoded last week said, “Our plan is working! Get the parts from the booth!” We must investigate. Work Together to look for this “booth” and repair any damage you find. Plaza Ticket booth Chip Maze
27 December 15, 2010 We have a clue. After last week's Field-Operation, strange tire tracks were found leaving the scene. The hidden tracks led right to the Ski Village. Search there for more enemy signals. Ski Village Tour Guide Booth Code Break
28 December 23, 2010 We've decoded the message from last week: "They're onto us! Get what we need from the speakers - now!" There's something strangely familiar about all this...For now, find the speakers and fix any damage. Night Club The speaker of The Keeper of the Boiler Room The Navigator
29 December 30, 2010 The Aquagrabber's security systems just stopped an intruder from stealing its parts!

We must act quickly. Work together to make sure all other Aquagrabbers are secure.
Hidden Lake The broken Aqua Grabber 3000 Circuit Match
30 January 10, 2011 More parts have gone missing. A cart was stolen from the Mine, along with a set of inner tubes from the Docks.

We must be prepared. I'm working on a new Spy Phone feature. Help me finish it by upgrading the EPF antenna.
Ski Hill Stand next to the base of the pole Chip Maze
31 January 24, 2011 Agents - Ultimate Protobot has returned. But who rebuilt it? And where is it hiding? We need answers!

We must begin our search. Work together to scan the wilderness for enemy signals. Be on alert for emergencies.
Wilderness Behind a tree on the right of the first Wilderness room Code Break G, Tech Lead You Intercepted an enemy signal. Here is the decoded message: “I can't finish the UP10K without the final circuits, and the Elite Penguin Fools have them! Looks like it's up to ME. Never send a robot to do a GENIUS'S job”
32 February 4, 2011 Herbert's back - and he's claiming HE rebuilt Protobot. This is extremely serious.

They may be trying to invade systems other than ours. Check any citizen electronics for infection.
Night Club DJ3K headphones The Navigator Excellent work Agent! You fixed a computer system infected by Protobot. If my calculations are correct, Protobot has not yet been fully rebuilt. We still have time to stop Herbert from finishing it. Stay on alert. I'll have more information for you soon
33 February 16, 2011 Agents Help – Herbert claims he's hidden a device inside a box. Work together to search for the device, then deactivate it. Search every box you can find! Box Dimension Stand at the far left corner of the platform. Circuit Match Herbert P Bear, Esquire Mwa ha ha! Well done, Elitist Pompous Frauds! You managed to find and disarm Klutzy's alarm clock! Such heroes! Now if you'd be so kind to give me the circuits I need for Protobot, we can end this foolishness. I wait your surrender. Sincerely - Herbert
34 March 3, 2011 We have evidence that Herbert and Protobot are using citizen computers for their plans. We must act quietly. Work together to search citizen computers for unusual programs. I have a new tool ready for you to use. Recycling Plant Stand near the computer on the bottom-right desk Code Decrypt To: UP10K “Protobot! We've wasted enough time attacking the EPF's System Defender! Those fowl fools are better than I thought. We need a new plan. Send the Wheelbot to my lair, I need its design. Oh and stop calling me ‘polar bear'!
35 March 9, 2011 Red alert! Radar is picking up a large group of incoming mini-wheel bots. We're ready for them this time! Work together to find our new radar defense to take them out. Ski Village Towards the ski lodge Grid Command WHAT??! HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DESTROY ALL MY BOTS?! Do you have any idea how long it took to create all of them??? They don't just grow on trees! Mark my words – you will not be as lucky again!
36 March 14, 2011 Agent D has reported an unusual incident with a crab at the Stadium. We must investigate.

Work together to search the entire Stadium. If you run into any locks, your Spy Phones have a new Tool.
Ice Rink Inside the Sports booth Rhythm Lock (Inside of locker 377, you found a hidden note from Herbert!)

Protobot – I think those pesky penguins are on to us. They must have decrypted our messages! For now, only send messages with the crabs. We have to take down the EPF communication system!

37 March 21, 2011 Red Alert! Protobot is jamming our entire communication network. We need to get it back online ASAP. Your Spy Phones have a new tool. Find the source of Protobot's signal, and give it a taste of its own medicine. Mine Shack Behind the Herbert snow statue Tumblers G, Tech Lead Good work Agent! You jammed Protobot's signal, and restored EPF communications. It will take a few days for me to work out all the bugs, but we'll be back online in no time. Be ready though – Protobot may try this strategy again.
38 March 28, 2011 Herbert and Protobot seem to gone quiet again. Now is the time for us to gather intelligence. Let's turn our attention to the crabs. Work together to look for signals where crabs can be found. Underground Pool Stand next to the middle window Code Break Rookie, Comm Lead Hey fellow Elite Agent, good work finding this signal! Here's what it said: "Click click clickety! O_O Click ka-click. =P" I'm 36% sure that this is from a crab. I'm going to try translating it. Wish me luck!
39 April 5, 2011 Rookie is working on the crab translations, so let's investigate for more secret messages. Work together to search the Island for clues. Check anything with a lock – like chests, suitcases or lockers. Lodge Attic The briefcase next to the ladder Tumblers Herbert P Bear, Esquire (You discovered a letter from Herbert.) "Protobot! Those cursed agents are still a step ahead of us. Be more careful where you're hiding your messages. Don't do ANYTHING until we have a plan. Let's wait until the next noisy celebration to strike!"
40 April 15, 2011 The newspaper has announced an Earth Day Party coming on April 21. That's when we expect Herbert and Protobot to strike! We suspect they're discussing the announcement now. Work Together to scan remote areas for scrambled radio signals. Iceberg Left most corner Protobot, 10,000 (You intercepted a radio signal from Protobot.)

Attention Herbert: A new party has been announced. Code named: 'Earth Day'. Purpose: Celebrate the environment.

Proposal: Target natural areas during event. Operation: Total Devastation.

41 April 20, 2011 Alert: incoming enemy! One of the Test Bots is headed toward the Dock. Move in and defend the trees. I've prepared a new remote-controlled snowball radar system for your Spy Phones. Dock Tallest rock by the central tree Radar Strike Wheel-Bot Error! Error! Critical damage detected.

Sending emergency signal. Operation: Total Devastation failed. Shutting down in 3 - 2 - 1 BZZZZZZZZZK

42 April 28, 2011 Attention - this is only a drill. Agent D has prepared a special Stealth training exercise. She has hidden a micro-computer in an everyday object. Search the island for it, but try to remain undetected. Coffee Shop Potted tree Code Decrypt Dot, Stealth Lead Great work agent! Not only did you find the micro-computer, but you cracked its password and stayed undercover. Excellent stealth skills!

Question: do you have a favourite class? Think on it. G will explain more about classes this week.

43 May 2, 2011 I have received an unusual coded computer file from an unknown source. I need your help to decode it. Work together at an EPF computer terminal to crack the file. Be cautious - it could be a trap. EPF Command Room Computer displaying a map Firewall Herbert P Bear, Esquire (To: Gerald the Gadget Guy.) I evah a lasoporp rof uoy.

ehT tobotorP sah nrow tuo sti emoclew. I thgim redisnoc a pihsrentrap ot laed htiw ti. peeK ti neewteb su, dna tel em wonk rouy noisiced. (when decoded, reads "I have a proposal for you. The Protobot has worn out its welcome. I might consider a partnership to deal with it. Keep it between us, and let me know your decision.")

44 May 9, 2011 Herbert has transmitted us Protobot's and the Test Bots' current location - in the woods north of the Cove. Move into position, and take them offline. Use tactical H2O cannons, which are only dangerous to robots. Cove Beneath the cliff; to the right of the red tube Grid Command Protobot, 10,000 BZZZZZZZZK - ERROR. SEVERE WATER DAMAGE DETECTED.


45 May 16, 2011 Herbert has informed us he may strike during the Medieval Party. We have no clues for what he's planning. Do a full security sweep of the island. Make sure citizens are safe and watch out for anything suspicious. Underground Pool Bottom right of the pool Circuit Match Herbert P Bear, Esquire (You found a tracking device hidden in the gold. There's a message attached to it.)

Klutzy! Hide this tracking device in the room we talked about. This is step one in our plan. Make sure to hide it somewhere those Ear Picking Fools won't find it!

46 May 25, 2011 We still have not discovered Herbert's plan, and time is running out. The Medieval Party ends this week. Search the island one last time. Look for suspicious signals, devices, ANYTHING that might give us a clue. Ski Village Outside the Everyday Phoning Facility Code Break Hello Agent. Surprised to hear from me? It's been a while since we've spoken face to face.

Wondering what I'm up to? I'm sure you are. But you'll just have to wait a little longer.

47 June 27, 2011 There are many important machines around the island. We must be ready to protect and fix them at a moment's notice. For this training-op, I've hidden a device in one machine that will damage it. Work together to find the device and disable it. Cave Mine The Snowball Powered Generator 3000 Circuit Match Jet Pack Guy, Tactical Lead Good work. Excellent skills. Remember: Tactical agents have great precision and aim, but need to count on other classes. Look to Stealth agents for strategies, Tech agents for digital defences, and Comm agents for fast thinking.
48 August 25, 2011 Operation: Hibernation has begun. Your mission: enter Herbert's lair, disable his security, and install equipment to keep him in hibernation. Start by reaching the cave and powering up the comm tower inside. This will allow us to remain in contact. Good luck. Ice Cave Comm tower Chip Maze G, Tech Lead Excellent work agent - you successfully powered up the comm tower.

You must now infiltrate Herbert's lair, and deactivate his security system. Stay alert, I'll contact you soon.

49 September 29, 2011 With Herbert contained, we can focus on your training. This assignment will test your Tech skills... and our security. Find the Club Penguin Times Archives and test our security systems by trying to break in. Boiler Room Green filing cabinet Firewall Amazing work, Agent! You have great deduction and computer skills.

As a Tech agent, you always have an edge in computer defenses. But always look to your squad to protect you. Did you know we have agents on the Club Penguin Times' staff? Interesting, yes?

50 October 4, 2011 We need to keep our communication network secure. The best I can think of is to try breaking in ourselves. Locate our main signal transmitter, hidden in a large 'machine'. See if you can break through EPF security. Snow Forts Clock Tower Code Decrypt Rookie, Comm Lead You did it! Good work! I can't believe you got through, I guess we'll have to check if our network security is weak! Or maybe you're just too good for the job?

Remember - Comm Agents are great communicators. Hey wait! That must be what 'comm' stands for!

51 October 2014, 2011 Herbert remains safely in custody, so training can continue. This week, Dot has arranged a Stealth task. She has thrown a micro-transmitter into the water. Work together to find its signal and then crack its code. Hidden Lake Left waterfall Code Break Dot, Stealth Lead Agent, that was perfect! Very subtle and focused!

These skills will come in handy for undercover Stealth agents. And for supporting your squad. Remember Tech agents, Comm agents and Tactical agents bring their own strengths to the force.

52 October 20, 2011 During Halloween, Club Penguin always experiences strange weather. This can cause problems in our security equipment. Check all EPF electronics and computers to make sure they're secure. We must be certain Herbert's security won't fail. EPF Command Room By System Defender The Navigator G, Tech Lead Excellent work agent. I hadn't detected those security bugs before now - who knows what trouble they could have caused!All EPF security should be ready now for any unusual Halloween events. Enjoy the party!
53 October 27, 2011 Happy Halloween agents! As the island is still secure, Jet Pack Guy has arranged a special Field-Op. He has hidden a device inside of a pumpkin that looks like its wearing shades. Find the device, and shut it down. Night Club Bottom left speaker Circuit Match Jet Pack Guy, Tactical Lead Nice work agent! Looks like you were easily up to that challenge.

Things are pretty quiet with Herbert in hibernation. I wonder what the future holds for the EPF. Anyways, enjoy the party. Jet Pack Guy out.

54 November 3, 2011 There's a new game called Pufflescape in the Pet Shop this week. It lets puffles explore underground in ice caverns. We need to make sure those caverns are safe. Go to the Underground, and fire up the defense grid. Destroy any hazards. Mine To the left of Puffle Rescue Grid Command G, Tech Lead Excellent work Agent! According to my calculations, we've removed all possible hazards from the ice caverns.

Pufflescape should now be safe for everyone. Feel free to drop into the Pet Shop to play - I think I'm going to give it a try myself!

55 November 9, 2011 Pufflescape has attracted large numbers of puffles. We should keep a close eye on what they discover. Go to the Pet Shop, and power up a surveillance device. Hide it inside a field of electrical current. Pet Shop Plasma Ball Chip Maze Excellent work Agent! Hiding the device inside the plasma-ball was a great idea. Now we can keep a closer eye on the puffles playing Pufflescape, and see what they discover in the caves.
56 November 17, 2011 Sensei has sent us a message - we're likely to see massive changes to the island during the Card-Jitsu Party. We need to stress-test our equipment. Find the coldest water you can, and run the Passcode Decrypter. Cove In the water Passcode Decrypt Well done Agent! According to my calculations, the Spy Phone should be functional in temperatures as low as 200 degrees Kelvin. We'll need to do a stress-test soon for hot temperatures. I wonder where I can get some lava...
57 November 24, 2011 Due to the Card-Jitsu Party, there is an abundance of lava around the island. This is a great opportunity! I want to stress-test our gear for heat resistance. Find some extra hot lava, and use one of your Spy Phone tools. Dock Central lava pool Firewall Excellent work Agent! According to the data you collected, your Spy Phone should be functional in temperatures as high as 3000 degrees Kelvin.

This is very valuable data. I must speak with Sensei about acquiring more lava in the future.

58 December 2, 2011 With the Card-Jitsu Party still on, I think this is a great opportunity to test a theory of mine. Sneak into the Fire Dojo, find a hidden signal, and decode it. We have Sensei's permission to do so. Fire Dojo Next to the leftmost pot of fire. Code Decrypt Dot, Stealth Lead Great work, Agent! If you're reading this message, you managed to sneak into the Fire Dojo and decode it.

I've always wondered who would be better at stealth - a ninja, or a stealth agent. Maybe I should learn Card-Jitsu to find out.

59 December 8, 2011 Coins For Change is coming, and the Director wants maximum security on the island. Start by upgrading security in the Lighthouse. Find a place to hide a new scanner, and power it up. Lighthouse Buoy #8 Chip Maze The Director Well done Agent. As you know, Coins For Change is possibly the island's most important event. And I have taken a personal interest in making sure it's secure.

Thank you for your assistance. Will you be joining in to help change the world together?

60 December 15, 2011 The Ice Rink is back this week. And we've got work to do. We must ensure the ice isn't TOO strong. Head over to the Stadium, and find a way to test its strength. Stadium Bottom center of the rink Rhythm Lock G, Tech Lead Well done Agent! Using your Spy Phone's lock-pick to tap the ice was the perfect way to test its strength.

Quite some time ago, Herbert used the ice to build a giant magnifying glass. So ever since, we've made sure to keep an eye on it. Thanks again.

61 December 22, 2011 The security system in Herbert's cell is on alert. Clearly it's not working properly. Please check the video feed in the Command Room, and disable the alarm for now. We'll turn it back on after the holidays. EPF Command Room The large TV The Navigator Well done Agent. I think you'll agree that there's no security risk in Klutzy visiting Herbert during the holidays.

As members of the EPF, we must protect the island at any cost, from any danger. But we aren't scrooges. Happy holidays, Agent.

62 December 29, 2011 The island is still secure, so we're allowing agents to help out with the New Year's celebrations.

I've loaded fireworks into the EPF defense cannons. Find a good spot and launch them. Let's start 2012 with a bang!

Ski Hill By the fireworks display Grid Command Well done Agent! I know that using the defense cannons for fireworks is a bit strange, but it's also good training.

Thank you for all your hard work this year. You have proven to be an exceptional agent, and I am proud to work with you. Happy New Year!

63 January 5, 2012 Since Herbert's capture, we've been monitoring all crab activity around the island. And things have been strangely quiet. We need to scan the ocean for any unusual signals. Do a sweep of the shore, and report back. Beach To the right of the Lighthouse Code Break Well done Agent! It looks like you intercepted a strange signal. It's very weak, but we should be able to translate it. There's no cause for concern yet, but stay on alert. I've got a feeling we need to be ready.
64 January 11, 2012 Rookie needs help preparing for the Expedition Event. We're assisting him, to keep an eye on things.

Work together to power up the Recycletron 3000. Be stealthy, and do not alert the public.

Recycling Plant Recycletron 3000 Chip Maze Rookie, Comm Lead Yaaay! Thanks Agent, I really appreciate your help. Now I can use the Recycletron to help prepare for the Expedition!

I bet you're wondering what I need the Recycletron 3000 for. Well it's a surprise! Thanks again!

65 January 18, 2012 The signal we intercepted a few weeks ago is very strange. I believe it says, "Don't stand still," over and over. We should do one last sweep of the island. Look for signals near the water. I have a bad feeling... Cove To the far right, in the water Code Break Hey Agent! Good job catching the signal! It definitely sounds like crab clicking to me, so I should be able to translate it. It DOES sound kinda funny though... Like the clicks are slower and louder. I wonder if crabs have accents?
66 January 25, 2012 RED ALERT! The island is tipping, and many areas are flooding. Suspect #1 is missing. Focus on protecting citizens. Start by making sure all flood bubble shields are at full power. Lighthouse Microphone Chip Maze G, Tech Lead Well done! That bubble shield is at full power now. I installed those after the last time the island nearly sank.

This is a terrible mess. But we can't worry about Herbert right now though. Focus on protecting citizens. Stay sharp.

67 February 2, 2012 Herbert has escaped his hibernation cell. We must begin a new investigation to find out what happened. Start with the security footage. The feed was badly damaged. Go to the main screen and see if you can fix it. EPF Command Room Large TV The Navigator Good work Agent! You fixed the security feed for Herbert's hibernation cell. That's odd... the computer says the footage is missing. It seems that when the island tipped, the camera was shut off. Keep that a secret for now. I'll have more orders soon.
68 February 8, 2012 We need to determine if Herbert's escape was an accident, or part of an elaborate plan. And who helped him. Herbert likely woke up hungry. Search for any evidence of large food orders. We may find a clue. Pizza Parlor Counter Password Decrypt Well done! According to the info you found, there was a VERY large pizza order made the day Herbert escaped. 100 pizzas. Hmm... That's weird. 50 pizzas are veggie pizzas, but the rest are seafood. Herbert would never eat a seafood pizza...
69 February 15, 2012 Our Herbert investigation continues. We need to figure out if the island tipping was a mistake, or sabotage. There WAS something strange about all those anvils. Go to the Recycletron, and see if you can find any evidence. Recycling Plant Right desk Firewall Dot, Stealth Lead Well done. It looks like you found info on Rookie's original anvil order. Hmm... looks like someone tripled the number of anvils AFTER Rookie ordered them. The island tipping may not have been an accident...
70 February 24, 2012 Rockhopper needs a crew to travel to remote islands. This is the perfect opportunity to increase the EPF's security network. Disguise yourself as a pirate, and sail to Shipwreck Island. Set up an EPF radio antenna in the new beacon. Shipwreck Island Beacon Chip Maze G, Tech Lead Well done Agent! Your signal is coming in loud and clear. The EPF can now monitor activity on Shipwreck Island. There is still no sign of Herbert anywhere. We still have no clues where he is, or what he may be planning. Our investigation continues.
71 March 1, 2012 I'm picking up an error in the upgrades I installed in the Migrator. It only shows up when the ship leaves Club Penguin. This error could cause major problems. Go to theMigrator, and scan for it. You must fix it before you reach the trading post. Migrator Steering Wheel The Navigator Well done Agent! You found the error and fixed it. Left unchecked, it could have been disastrous for the Migrator. I was certain the ship upgrades were working perfectly when I installed them. I must examine them more closely.
72 March 8, 2012 The Herbert investigation has hit a dead end. We have no idea where Herbert is. So we're going to try something different. Go to the EPF antenna on top of the Ski Hill, and broadcast a message. Lock onto Herbert's phone, and ask if he is all right. Ski Hill Central Signpost Code Break Herbert P Bear, Esquire Greetings. You've reached the voice mail of Herbert P. Bear, Esquire. I can't come to the phone right now. I'm a busy super genius, you know. Leave a message after the beep... if you dare! MWA HA HA! BEEEEEEEEP!
73 March 15, 2012 The Puffle Party is here, and Agent PH has requested help to ensure things go smoothly. We are happy to help. Work together to check all the party gadgets around the island. Fix any errors you may find. Arcade To the left of the "kitchen" area The Navigator G, Tech Lead Well done Agent! Those errors in the Arcade Food Maker 3000 caused every cup of coffee to be made with jelly beans. Thanks for looking after this. Enjoy the party and keep an eye out for trouble.
74 March 23, 2012 Dot has a plan. We are going to plant some EPF technology out the open, and see if Herbert steals it. There's a broken Aqua Grabber somewhere Underground. Find it and power up its computer core. Let's see if it goes missing. Hidden Lake Broken Aqua Grabber Chip Maze Dot, Stealth Lead Well done Agent. Since we've got all of Herbert's known bases under control, he'll be looking to steal technology. If this doesn't work, we'll keep leaving more and more technology in the open. It's risky, but it might just work.
75 March 29, 2012 Here are your orders: 3 fish dish pizzas, 1 veggie pizza, 4 squid pizzas, 1 cheese pizza and 5 dessert pizzas with extra jelly beans. April Fool's! Just find me a giant candy cane. Seriously - that's no joke. Candy Dimension By the candy cane at the top of the chocolate waterfall Grid Command Rookie, Comm Lead Whoa! What the? How did I get in here? It looks like I'm stuck in someone's Spy Phone. Cool! Whoever this is, please don't hang up yet! I'm looking for a portal out... Okay, I found one! Happy April Fool's!
76 April 5, 2012 We are continuing Dot's plan to lure Herbert with EPF technology—this time with a big difference. We're NOT working undercover. Find an unplugged machine and upload a secret message onto it. Wear your uniform and draw attention. We WANT you to be noticed. Arcade Unplugged Arcade Machine Firewall Dot, Stealth Lead Well done! It must have been a bit strange trying to be noticed, instead of working undercover. You did extremely well. Hopefully Herbert saw the commotion. If he tries to break into the machine we'll spot him. I'll be watching carefully.
77 April 12, 2012 We've tried twice to lure Herbert out of hiding, using EPF secrets and technology. This week, we're going to try something drastic. Here are your orders. Find a computer outside of our headquarters. Break into EPF security, and leave the computer unattended. Recycling Plant Bottom-right Computer Password Decrypt G, Tech Lead Well done Agent! Breaking through EPF security is no easy matter, but I'm not surprised you had the skill to do so. Don't worry about a security breach I'll be watching that computer closely. If anyone tries to access EPF files, I'll shut it down.
78 April 19, 2012 One year ago, the Earth Day event was nearly attacked by an evil robot named Protobot. Thanks to Herbert, we stopped him. Herbert isn't likely to attack, but we need to expect the unexpected. Provide security and scan for signals. Just in case. Snow Forts By the ladder at the top of the tree house Code Break Well done, Agent. You've picked up an unusual signal... The message is blank, but it's definitely encrypted. Why would someone send a blank message? This is very strange. Stay on alert—this may be an important clue.
79 April 26, 2012 We've received an unusual report that several barrels of cream soda have gone missing from the Pizza Parlor. How odd. This isn't our normal jurisdiction, but I want you to investigate. Search for any clues, and report back. Pizza Parlor Behind the counter Rhythm Lock Rookie, Comm Lead (You find a note from Rookie, though it looks strange...)

Dear Pizza Chefs: I am taking these barrels of cream soda. I'm very... thirsty. Yes that's it. Also, stop putting fish on your pizzas. Seaweed is tastier. Signed- Rookie R. Penguin Esquire.

80 May 2, 2012 Last week, we investigated reports of cream soda missing from the Pizza Parlor. A note was left, signed by Rookie, but was not written by him. These may be the clues we've been waiting for, but we need more. Go to the Ski Hill, connect to the EPF antenna, and look for any unusual signals. Ski Hill Central Signpost Code Break Dot, Stealth Lead Well done Agent! You've definitely found an unusual signal–the only thing I'm picking up is a strange beeping sound. Actually, the beeps are kind of catchy. They sound a bit like music. I wonder what they mean...
81 May 10, 2012 Hear me, protectors of Club Penguin! A powerful enemy is rising, and we must prepare for it! Search the island for mushrooms, and use your technology to give them power. This will help my research. Beach Mushroom at the bottom left of the room Chip Maze Director Agent - you have done well. Though "giving power" to mushrooms is unusual, I trust G. EPF radar is definitely picking up something. Be ready - Club Penguin may be in danger.
82 May 17, 2012 Hear me, Secret Knights! The Dragon King has conquered the land, and even now seeks to rain fire upon us! Your weapons cannot defeat him. But they CAN defeat his fireballs! Climb Dragon Peak, take aim, and vanquish them! Ski Hill Gold cavern near the gate to the bridge Grid Command G, Tech Lead Well done, Secret Knight! Your aim was true, and you vanquished the Dragon King's attacks! Now we must unite the kingdoms, and stand against him together! Are you with us? Onwards!
83 May 24, 2012 Splendiferous, Secret Knights. The Dragon King is defeated. Now we must seal him away! Go to his statue on Dragon Peak, and use thy tools to power the seal. Onward! Near the broken Scorn statue Chip Maze Director Well done, Agent. Your actions have been exceptional, given the... circumstances. I expect the island to return to normal now. Stay sharp, and watch out for threats.
84 May 30, 2012 Red Alert! There's a large Meteor incoming, and it's set to strike soon at the Docks. Secure the Docks, warn citizens, then radio back. There may be interference from the Meteor. Dock Lower right tree Code Break G, Tech Lead Well done Agent. The Meteor is not very large, so damage should be minimal, as long as it doesn't hit anything. Keep the Docks secure. I need to look into an alarming report of a broken machine in the wilderness.
85 June 7, 2012 RED ALERT! The Ultimate Protobot 10000 has resurfaced, due to the Meteor's power. All agents report!

First things first – we must ensure all EPF tech remains secure. Check all computers for Protobot infections!

EPF Command Room Computer to the right of the System Defender monitor Navigator Excellent work Agent. If those infections hadn't been neutralized, Protobot may have launched a full out attack. His threat said he is working on a robot of immense force. Be ready - we might be in for an intense battle.
86 June 14, 2012 RED ALERT! Club Penguin is under attack! Super Heroes are barely holding the Destructobot at bay. We need to disrupt its central computer. Sneak into the Super Villain Lair, and break into their mainframe. Villain Lair near the chair at the left of the room Firewall Protobot, 10,000 **AGENT ACCESS DETECTED - CONNECTION TERMINATED**

Attention EPF agent. You are no match for my advanced technology. Surrender now, or be destroyed.

87 June 22, 2012 We've detected a swarm of Doom Drones heading Downtown! The police don't stand a chance!

All agents - report to the Snow Forts. Get a lock on those Doom Drones, and take them down!

Snow Forts In the broken car Grid Command G, Tech Lead Nice work Agent! That'll slow down Protobot's plans... for now.

Stay on alert. Your first priority is to protect citizens. More orders soon.

88 June 28, 2012 As long as the Meteor is supplying Protobot with power, he is unstoppable. We must destroy the Meteor. Secure the Meteor from Super Villains, then use your Spy Phone to install a power drainer on the Meteor. Dock The meteor Chip Maze Well done Agent! The power drain device is online, and the Meteor is becoming unstable. Until it's finished, we must be vigilant. Help the police catch criminals, stop Super Villains, and protect the island.
89 July 5, 2012 Destructobot is defeated, and the island is saved, but we must continue our search for Protobot. Start an island-wide scan for any unusual signals. Even without the Meteor he may still be functional. Dock Lower Right Trees Code Break Protobot, 10,000 BZZZZZZK! ERROR! ERROR! SYSTEM FAILURE! INITIATING BACK UP! OPERATION TRANSPORTATION!
90 July 12, 2012 When the Meteor faded away last week, we believe Protobot may have tried to save himself into another computer. Check all electronics on the island for Protobot Infection. Focus your search on computers. Cave Mine The Snowball Powered Generator 3000 The Navigator BZZZZZZK! SYSTEM ERROR.


91 July 19, 2012 We've been tracking Protobot, as his computer virus moves from system to system. He's tricky, but not enough to escape us. We think he's moved into some of the music equipment around the island. Search for his signal, and delete him! Lighthouse Sound booth Code Break BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZK! SYSTEM ERROR.



92 July 26, 2012 We haven't detected another Protobot infection this week. Either he's hiding, or he's defeated. We're not taking any chances. Log into the EPF mainfame, and search for anything suspicious. EPF Command Room Computer to the right of the System Defender monitor Grid Command G, Tech Lead Well done Agent! Those fragments you destroyed were programming seeds left by Protobot. With any luck, that will be the last of him. Stay sharp though, and don't let your guard down.
93 August 2, 2012 Greetings Agents. I have an unusual assignment for you today - I need your help in decoding some data. Go to the computer terminal and try to unscramble the code there. I'm conducting an experiment... Code Decrypt Fascinating! Excellent work Agent, you unscrambled that data much quicker than I anticipated. The data is actually part of a scan I'm doing on the energy collected from the Meteor. More info soon.
94 August 9, 2012 Our security sensors are picking up strange energy readings from somewhere close to the EPF. Something powerful is getting close. Sweep this side of the island, and try to scan for the energy source. Beacon By the telescope Code Break Excellent work agent! You've pinpointed the source of the strange energy I detected... it's coming from the Migrator. I'll contact Rockhopper immediately. Whatever it is, it might not be dangerous, but we're not taking any chances.
95 August 16, 2012 Attention agents. While we wait for Rockhopper to arrive, I have an important experiment I need help with.

Go to the light generator in the Mine Cave, and divert power back to the EPF.

Cave Mine Snowball Powered Generator 3000 Circuit Match Well done Agent! I appreciate the help - the experiments I'm working on require an immense amount of power.

I've been studying the effect of the Meteor's energy on chronological phenomena, in other words, we may make some amazing discoveries 'in time'.

96 August 23, 2012 Alert! The strange totem Rockhopper brought has transformed into a volcano-like creature known as BIG BIG KAHUNA. We need to secure the area. Go to the top of the volcano, and scan the environment. Make sure civilians are safe. Volcano Mouth In front of the central lava pool Code Break Well done Agent! According to the information you've sent me, BIG BIG KAHUNA isn't actually a volcano. It's not filled with lava, it's filled with fruit juice. Work with other agents to feed BIG BIG KAHUNA fruit. That may be our only option.
97 August 30, 2012 Good work Agents! It looks like the creature, code name BIG BIG KAHUNA, has settled and is no longer dangerous.

We need more data before we continue. Go to the volcano mouth, and test the rocks with your Spy Phone. Don't anger the volcano.

Rhythm Lock Excellent work Agent! According to your seismic examination of the sample, I can confirm that BIG BIG KAHUNA's mass is diminishing.

In other words - the volcano is shrinking again! It should be back to normal size in a week. Club Penguin is saved!

98 September 6, 2012 Rockhopper has set sail from Club Penguin once again, and he's taken the BIG BIG KAHUNA totem. Let's make sure he has a safe trip, Go to the Beacon, and use the long-range snowblasters to get rid of any small icebergs nearby. Beacon By the telescope Grid Command Well done Agent! According to EPF scanners, it should be smooth sailing for Rockhopper from here to Rockhopper Island. Let's hope he remembers to put the BIG BIG KAHUNA totem back where he found it.
99 September 13, 2012 With the Fair in town, we'll need to increase island security. There will be large crowds, so we don't want an incident. Head to the Forest, and power up a security scanner. That's where the Great Puffle Circus will be. And so shall we. Forest Where the entrance to the Great Puffle Circus would be Chip Maze Excellent work Agent. With all the craziness of the last few moths, let's hope the Fair comes and goes without any disasters. The last thing we need is a forty foot, magical clown monster attacking the island.
100 September 20, 2012 Agents - right now Rookie is helping with the Fair, so let's help him make sure things run smoothly. The Fair games should all be fine, but check the neon signs, and make sure they're functioning safely. Ski Hill By the 'Sled Run' sign Oh my. Well done Agent - that sign was set up incorrectly. Left unchecked, it may have caused an electrical outage for the whole island. Keep an eye out for other hazards. Also - there's no need to tell Rookie we're helping out. He's doing a great job.
101 September 27, 2012 Our security cameras just overheard a cow talking about a malfunctioning fish grill. We should check it out. Check each of the fish dog carts, and fish burger stands, and make sure the grills are working safely. Stadium The Fish Dogs stand Circuit Match Well done Agent. It appears that someone filled that fish grill up with cotton candy, and the cleaning system was overloaded. Thankfully you found it before any major damage was done. Enjoy the rest of the Fair!
102 October 3, 2012 A very long time ago, my Great Uncle Gariwald VIII went missing. He vanished without a trace on Halloween. I want to solve this mystery. Start by looking for his lost notes - they should be in a filing cabinet somewhere. Boiler Room Newspaper Cabinet Rhythm Lock Eureka! You found my Great Uncle Gariwald's lost laboratory notes. Well done! Hmm... Before he disappeared, it looks like he was investigating paranormal ectoplasmic activity. In other words... ghosts.
103 October 11, 2012 Gariwald's notes show he was working on some sort of ectoplasmic transmutation process, similar to my Monster Maker. Such experiments would have left evidence. Go to the Forest, where his mansion was, and see if you pick up any unusual signals. Forest Rock at the upper area of the room Code Decrypt Well done Agent! It seems like you've picked up a strange transmission originating from an ectoplasmic source.

Oh my. That's strange. The transmission sounds like a message. It says: We are coming...

104 October 18, 2012 Alert! Ghosts are running rampant on the island, and they seem to be originating from the haunted mansion in the Forest. Search the mansion for the source of these apparitions, and shut it down! Ghost Lab Computers at the left side of the room Circuit Match Great Scott! Wait Agent - don't pull anymore wires! That machine belongs to my great uncle Gariwald... and you found him! Leave the machine online - I need to speak with him first.
105 October 25, 2012 It seems there are many different kinds of ghosts on the island. Some are good. Some are of great concern. We need to assist the ghost catching squads. Search the mansion for any affected technology, and de-haunt it. Mansion Attic Telescope Navigator Well done Agent! It looks like you found some ghosts up to no good in my great uncle's telescope. Hopefully once all of the bad ghosts are contained, things will go back to normal.
106 November 1, 2012 The Halloween ghosts caused widespread security breaches all over the island. We must restore our defenses. Scan the EPF mainframe, and check to make sure the system is secure. Report anything unusual. EPF Command Room Computer to the right of the System Defender monitor Firewall What's this? According to your scan, someone accessed top secret EPF files during the Halloween Party. It seems they went through blueprints for my inventions... Stay on alert.
107 November 8, 2012 Attention Agents - I need your help! Someone is inside my lab, and I think they're --  *BZZZZZKT* \-connection lost\- This Field Op could not be accepted or completed.


  • There have been 9 Field Ops located in temporary party rooms.
  • It was discovered in Field Ops #2, #30, #72, and #80 that the ski pole from the Ski Hill is an EPF antenna in disguise.
  • It was discovered in Field Op #4 that the red couch from the Lodge Attic is actually an EPF network computer in charge of the Surveillance network in disguise.
  • In Field Ops #13 and #29, it was revealed that Aqua Grabber Subs release a distress signal and activate 'security systems' to prevent intruders from stealing their parts.
  • In Field Op #15, it was revealed that Buoy #6 functions as part of a radio scanner.
  • In Field Op #20, it was revealed that the Puffle Rescue phone is actually another part of the radio scanner.
  • In Field Op #49, it was revealed that the Club Penguin Times Archives are protected by EPF technology.
    • This field op also revealed that the EPF has agents on the Club Penguin Times staff. This may be alluding to Aunt Arctic, both editor-in-chief of the newspaper and Director of the EPF/PSA.
  • In Field Op #50, it was revealed that, alongside keeping all the clocks on the island on time, the Clock Tower also contains the main signal communicator for the EPF's communication network.
  • Field Op #58 was located at the Fire Dojo, meaning only agents who were Ninjas/had the Amulet could complete it.
  • In Field Op #70, it was revealed that the beacon on Shipwreck Island contains an EPF radio antenna, allowing for surveillance on the island from Club Penguin.
  • In Field Op #75, Rookie gets stuck in a dimension inside the player's EPF Phone.
  • Field Ops #79 and #80 discreetly reference Puffle Trouble and the Cream Soda Sticky Bomb of Doom.
  • Field Op #96 revealed that the Big Big Kahuna was actually filled with fruit juice, rather than lava.

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