The following is a list of Field-Ops- the former EPF tasks- and their location.

List of Field-Ops

The "Mascots" row represent characters that appeared in the EPF Phone, after finishing certain Field-ops. Game cells in orange represent games on their first appearance.

# Date Room Orders Where Game Mascot Completion Message
1 June 15, 2010 Town Calling all Agents! We’ve Learned that Herbert has concealed a highly dangerous Popcorn Device “near a Big letter S”. Work together to find it, then shut it down with your Spy Phone. Time is running out! Stand near the "S" of the Night Club Circuit Match Completion Messages were introduced in Field Op #31
2 June 23, 2010 Ski Hill Calling All Agents! Our Security system is offline – a broken antenna has left us defenseless! Sensors show the antenna is up high, but disguised. Search the Island, then use your phone to fix it! Stand next to the base of the pole Chip Maze
3 June 29, 2010 Cave Mine Calling all Agents! We’ve detected an old PSA Spy Phone lost near a “large light bulb”. It must not be found by Herbert! Search the Island for the Phone, then destroy it by overloading its circuits. We’re counting on you! Stand by the large light device Circuit Match
4 July 05, 2010 Lodge Attic Calling all Agents! Our Surveillance network has had a major black out. We’re not sure what, or who, is responsible. The broken network computer is disguised inside a couch. Search the Island for it, then power it up! Standing on the red couch Chip Maze
5 July 12, 2010 Forest Calling all Agents! We’ve uncovered evidence that someone is planning to ruin Music Jam. We must act Immediately! A microphone has been set to overload and wreck! Stand in the very center of the room, where a microphone was hidden Circuit Match
6 July 19, 2010 Recycling Plant Calling all Agents! Someone is using a computer to attack our system! The Scanner is holding…for now. Search the Island with other Agents for the computer responsible, then shut it down. You must hurry! Stand near the computer on the bottom-right desk Firewall
7 July 27, 2010 Beacon We've detected a malfunction with part of the Beacon’s power system. The light could burn out any moment! The Beacon is vital to public Safety. Work Together to find the Broken system, then power it up. Stand next to the light switch Chip Maze
8 August 03, 2010 Dojo Courtyard We’ve detected a Possible threat somewhere near the Dojo. The Ninjas might be in Danger! search the area together. Look for technology that Ninjas don’t normally use, then shut it down. Hurry!  Stand near the projector Circuit Match
9 August 11, 2010 Stadium Someone has been tampering with the Island’s coin supply. We must handle this situation quietly! Investigate the Island’s cash registers. Fix the one that sets off your Spy Phone. Good Luck!   Cash register in the snack stand Firewall
10 August 16, 2010 Coffee Shop We have a situation: Someone has tampered with the steamer in the Coffee Shop. It’s turned up to dangerous levels! Go there, and power up a new safety override for the steamer. Make sure all citizens are safe. You must Hurry! Stand near the steamer Chip Maze
11 August 23, 2010 Lighthouse We’ve received information that a speaker somewhere has been rigged to cause “serious damage.” Search the Island together for it, then shut down. We can’t take any changes! Stand near the speaker in the bottom-left corner Circuit Match
12 August 30, 2010 Snow Forts We’ve detected some strange readings from the Clock Tower…We need to make sure it’s safe to use. Work Together at the Snow Fort to power up a new security system. Make sure not to alert the public!  Below Clock Tower target Chip Maze
13 September 07, 2010 Hidden Lake We’re receiving a distress signal from a wrecked vehicle. Its technology could be used against us! Work Together to track it down, then shut down it’s computer. It could be anywhere…Good Luck! Broken Aqua Grabber 3000 Firewall
14 September 14, 2010 Iceberg We must find out who's been vandalizing the Island. We suspect it may not be Herbert…We need a new radio scanner. Work Together to install the first part, out at sea. Good Luck!  Stand on the top of the small hill Chip Maze
15 September 20, 2010 Beach The scanner is only half done, but it's already been damaged. Someone is sabotaging us! Work together to find the broken part, and restart the system. It's disguised as a buoy. Buoy 6 Firewall
16 September 27, 2010 Dance Lounge The new scanner is almost done. Next week I’ll have a new Field-Ops tool ready for you. Work Together to install the last part. Look for a place to hide it. I suggest behind a curtain. The curtain near the chair on the upper-left corner Chip Maze
17 October 4, 2010 Cave The New Scanner is online! We can now locate and intercept radio signals. Great Work! Work together to find an enemy signal, and send it to me. I believe they may be underground. Floating aids near the middle window Code Break
18 October 12, 2010 Dock The signal we intercepted last week was strange. It was just a series of snapping noises. We have a hunch. Work Together to check all water vehicles for tampering. You must hurry! Hydro Hopper boat Circuit Match
19 October 18, 2010 Beach Whoever is sabotaging our investigation is very skilled. I’m working on new technology to aid us. However, we need more information. Work Together to look for more enemy signals. Check near the ocean. Right side of the bottom room area Code Break
20 October 26, 2010 Mine The signal we found was just more snapping noises. We have no choice – we must prepare our new defense. Work Together to power up the last part for next week. It’s disguised as a telephone. Puffle Rescue phone Chip Maze
21 November 02, 2010 EPF Command Room Red Alert! Our new defenses have detected an advanced computer Bug. We’re under Attack! Work Together to find the infected EPF computer, and fix it you must Hurry! Map next to System Defender The Navigator
22 November 08, 2010 Hidden Lake We’re still under attack! We’ve detected what may be a popcorn device – we must prevent another incident! The device has been hidden inside a barrel. Work Together to search the island, then shut it down. Barrel on upper-left corner Circuit Match
23 November 18, 2010 Everyday Phoning Facility Our enemies are still attacking! They’ve infected systems in the Everyday Phoning Facility – we’re locked out! Work Together to find and repair the locked system. You’ll need to breakthrough EPF security. Good luck! The telephone Firewall
24 November 26, 2010 VR Room We're still on Red Alert! Enemy programs have damaged systems in the VR Hologram Quarters. Travel down to the VR HQ, and find the broken hologram panel. Work together to power it up.  Third block from the left on the bottom side of the front wall Chip Maze
25 December 01, 2010 Cove The Attacks on EPF have stopped. Our enemies have gone quiet – thanks to the effort of our agents. We must act. Work Together to look for a new enemy signals. Search near the Ocean – It’s our only clue. Near the rope in the water Code Break
26 December 08, 2010 Plaza The signal we decoded last week said, “Our plan is working! Get the parts from the booth!” We must investigate. Work Together to look for this “booth” and repair any damage you find. Ticket booth Chip Maze
27 December 15, 2010 Ski Village We have a clue. After last week’s Field-Operation, strange tire tracks were found leaving the scene. The hidden tracks led right to the Ski Village. Search there for more enemy signals. Tour Guide Booth Code Break
28 December 23, 2010 Night Club We've decoded the message from last week: "They're onto us! Get what we need from the speakers - now!" There's something strangely familiar about all this...For now, find the speakers and fix any damage. The speaker of The Keeper of the Boiler Room The Navigator
29 December 30, 2010 Hidden Lake The Aquagrabber’s security systems just stopped an intruder from stealing its parts! We must act quickly. Work Together to make sure all other Aquagrabbers are secure. The broen Aqua Grabber Circuit Match
30 January 10, 2011 Ski Hill More parts have gone missing. A cart was stolen from the Mine, along with a set of inner tubes from the Docks. We must be prepared. I’m working on a New Spy Phone Feature. Help me finish it by upgrading the EPF antenna. Stand next to the base of the pole Chip Maze
31 January 24, 2011 Wilderness Agents – Ultimate Protobot has returned. But who rebuilt it? And where is it hiding? We need Answers! We must begin our search. Work Together to scan the wilderness for enemy signals. Be on alert for emergencies. Behind a tree on the right of the first Wilderness room Code Break G,

Tech Lead

You Intercepted an enemy signal. Here is the decoded message: “I can’t finish the UP10K without the final circuits, and the Elite Penguin Fools have them! Looks like it’s up to ME. Never send a robot to do a GENIUS’S job”
32 February 04, 2011 Night Club Herbert’s back – and he’s claiming HE rebuilt Protobot. This is extremely serious. They may be trying to invade systems other than ours. Check any citizen electronics for infection. DJ3K headphones The Navigator Excellent work Agent! You fixed a computer system infected by Protobot. If my calculations are correct, Protobot has not yet been fully rebuilt. We still have time to stop Herbert from finishing it. Stay on alert. I’ll have more information for you soon

Lore learned

  • As discovered on Field Ops #2 & #30, the ski pole from the Ski Hill is an EPF antenna in disguise.
  • As discovered on Field Ops #4, the red couch from the Lodge Attic is actually an EPF network computer in charge of the Surveillance network in disguise.

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