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|<code>NATLPARK</code>||[[Park Ranger Hat]]
|<code>NATLPARK</code>||[[Park Ranger Hat]]
|<code>BEFROZEN</code>||[[Snowflake Costume]]
|<code>BEFROZEN</code>||[[Snowflake Costume]]
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!colspan="2" style="font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold;"|Last updated: 05/01/2014

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The Club Penguin team releases a free code every once in a while. They sometimes release more than one. This list includes all of them:

D23EXP11Green Crosshatched Hoodie
MMCODE11500 coins
MMCODE12Red Rocker T-Shirt
MMCODE132,500 coins
DECNLR10500 coins
JUNNLR11500 coins
JULNLR11500 coins
TOGETHER500 coins
BIGWHITE500 coins
SHRIMP64500 coins
J6YELLOW500 coins
HADDOCK7500 coins
ARCTIC20500 coins
HPHONES1Headphones (Puffle Hat)
UFOANZUGCeladon Alien Costume
UFOMASKECeladon Alien Mask
EPFAGENTStealth Tracker
LOVESNOW500 coins
3CARAMEL500 coins
JAZZJAKE500 coins
DARKSTAR500 coins
74YELLOW500 coins
JAPANTEA500 coins
EPFRULES500 coins
REDBEARS500 coins
DRILLOFF500 coins
PINKDOJO1000 coins
KEYBOARD1000 coins
DRUMROLL1000 coins
DJUBILEEKing's Crown
DSKYRIDEBlue Tracksuit
EQUIPE10500 coins
CANDYKAI500 coins
KLUTZY15500 coins
SILVER14500 coins
REDPLAZA500 coins
VERMELHO500 coins
DESLIGAR500 coins
FANTASMAGhost Costume
PRESENTEBunch of Balloons
MARTILLO500 coins
ELTOMATE500 coins
GARYIGLU500 coins
UNPIRATAGray Pirate Coat
17PUFFLE500 coins
SUSHICHA500 coins
SURPRISEThe Tree Topper
AMARELO6500 coins
ARTICO20500 coins
BATERIA1500 coins
COFFEE12500 coins
FRIGHTEN500 coins
GAMBAS64500 coins
GRANAZUL500 coins
KLUTZY15500 coins
NUESTROS500 coins
PURPLE16500 coins
REDBOOK3500 coins
ROSADOJO500 coins
TECLADOS500 coins
THEWALLS500 coins
TOMATO22500 coins
11SPIDER500 coins
34GUITAR500 coins
GOLDSTAR500 coins
24PRUNES500 coins
VINNIE24500 coins
GUITARRA500 coins
ESPONJAS500 coins
CUPCAKES500 coins
KINDNESS500 coins
PINTAR13500 coins
ACABADO9500 coins
DOLPHIN2500 coins
PLANET21500 coins
J2CARROT500 coins
ESKLUTZY500 coins
PIZZERIA500 coins
LESNIEVE500 coins
HAPPYCNYPurple Dragon Costume and Purple Dragon Feet
HEARTIES500 coins
9JETPACK500 coins
TUBERIDE5000 coins
ALTAVOZ4500 coins
CADENCEC500 coins
FOOTBAL1500 coins
TREEBASE500 coins
LOLZ2331500 coins
PUMPKIN1Glowing Pumpkin Head
MASQUE01Mask of Justice and 500 coins
DISNEYMUPercy Costume (Code expired)
REDSCARF500 coins
NOWHERE7500 coins
PERCIVAL500 coins
BARONFELTIE Fighter Pilot Costume (Originally this code was STARWARS and it unlocked nothing)
ORANGE20500 coins
ORGULHO55 Year Celebration Hat
GHOSTTOTGhost Costume
BIRTHDAYBunch of Balloons
SCIENCE8500 coins
CALCETIN500 coins
CUEVALEI500 coins
EINSTEIN500 coins
REDHYPER500 coins
REINDEER500 coins
BANDAGE4500 coins
8CAPTURE500 coins
WESCREAM500 coins
BOBBILLY500 coins
DRILLERS500 coins
74NVERDE500 coins
2110ROJO500 coins
AGENTETE500 coins
SEGUNDOS500 coins
FUNSANTA500 coins
CHIMNEY8500 coins
DRILLERS500 coins
MONSTRUO500 coins
ROJOGARY500 coins
CIENCIA8500 coins
DESIERTA500 coins
42CUATRO500 coins
BLANCO53500 coins
BAFTATHX100 coins
POPCORN7500 coins
TANKBLUE500 coins
CANDYPOP500 coins
XMASPRES500 coins
HOLIDAY1The Hornament Hat
TANKAZUL500 coins
GOLOSINA500 coins
MONTANA7500 coins
TRINEOS6500 coins
REGALOS8500 coins
PAPANOEL500 coins
R3YES014Presents (ID 656)
PURPLE10500 coins
FIREDOWN500 coins
TWOCLAWS500 coins
BEARS418Bears Pond (x10), Mossy Log (x10)
CADEAUCPFrench 5th Year Party Hat
MYTICKET500 coins
BENNYBOB500 coins
INTERNET500 coins
DISN2014Blue Blend Hoodie (Code is now expired!)
RACEFLAGCheckered Flag
SKATES11500 coins
4VOLCANO500 coins
DIGITNOW500 coins
BEARCUBSBear Costume
COINPACK1000 coins
PUFFLES1Blue Border Collie Hat
NATLPARKPark Ranger Hat
BEFROZENSnowflake Costume
Last updated: 05/01/2014
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