This page is a list of glitches found on Club Penguin. Glitches or bugs are errors on Club Penguin that have appeared due to a programming or sprite's features on the rest of the game.

Clothing Glitches

Wearing Member Items

  1. Click a Member Penguin wearing member items.
  2. Body, face, neck, hand and feet items are loading.
  3. Close Member Penguin's player card.
  4. Click your penguin.
  5. You are wearing Member-only items!
This glitch can only be seen by you, and if you log out this glitch will disappear.

Flying Clothes

  1. First take all your clothes, wigs, etc. off
  2. Start dancing
  3. Put something on
  4. The clothes will be dancing by their self!

Red Flag in the Air/Water

Go to the Iceberg and head for the top. Once there dance and your flag should be sitting in air. Go to the edge of the Iceberg and dance, your flag should be sitting in the water.

Head Item Only And Dancing Glitch

  1. Put on any head item.
  2. Remove all other items (pin/background can stay).
  3. Dance
  4. The head item will be moving on its own and not with your penguin.

Yellow Giant Sunglasses Glitch

  1. Wear the Yellow Giant Sunglasses.
  2. Look at your playercard.
  3. You will be wearing The Starlight instead of the Yellow Giant Sunglasses.
  4. The inventory icon also appears as The Starlight instead of the Yellow Giant Sunglasses.

Puffle Glitches

Grey Puffle

  1. Go to your igloo.
    Grey puffle glitch

    The Glitch

  2. Click on any puffle.
  3. If you are lucky, for a split second your puffle will turn grey!

Note that this glitch is rare and may not work.

Double Puffle

  1. Click on the Puffle Tricks icon.
  2. Click on the dig command.
  3. Move to another place, then click on the small icons.
  4. Your puffle will have a twin brother!

NOTE: The glitch sometimes may not work.

Different Puffle

  1. Go to the Pet Shop.
  2. Adopt any Puffle.
  3. Before it asks you if you want to take it to your igloo or walk it, quickly press another puffle.
  4. If you go back to your igloo, click on the puffle you just adopted. It will show the puffle you pressed and will have no name. (To revert the puffle back to the one you adopted, log off then back on to see it has reverted.)

Double Puffle #2

  1. Go to the Cove (Bring your puffle any color!)
  2. Wait till your puffle digs on land (NOT WATER!)
  3. When your puffle starts to dig QUICKLY go to the water
  4. Now you have a twin Puffle!

Here’s a video by CPWORLD (Credits)

Club Penguin Double Puffle Glitch 2 Ways

Club Penguin Double Puffle Glitch 2 Ways

Undefined puffle name

  1. Walk with a puffle
  2. When it starts digging, remove it.
  3. If you are a non member and your puffle found a member-only item the message that your puffle found an item it will pop-up as Undefined instead of your puffles name.

Penguin Glitches

Invisible Penguin

This glitch will always work.

  1. First, go to the Cliff area on the Wilderness Expedition.
  2. Work the machine so that the barrel elevator appears.
  3. Click the barrel so that you are going to walk into it.
  4. Quickly open Penguin Mail.
  5. After a couple seconds, close Penguin Mail.
  6. You are now completely invisible! You can still move around. You can send talk messages, and they will seem to be coming from nowhere! You are invisible to every penguin in the room.
  7. Your penguin is visible again when you exit the room or log off.

Penguin Ghost

  1. First put on the ninja suit. (Cloud Wave Bracers Not required.)
  2. Then hold down T and throw snowballs counterclockwise around your body.
  3. Sometimes you will see your penguin without the suit!

Snowball Glitches

Snowball Glitch

  1. Go to the game Paint By Letters
  2. Press the T key
  3. Click on the book

Note: The game Paint By Letters has been deleted permanently.

Instrument Glitches

Hearing Instruments Without Playing Them

  1. Play an instrument in the Lighthouse.
  2. While you're playing it, read the Newspaper.
  3. Exit the Newspaper.
  4. You'll be hearing the instrument but you're not playing it.

Hearing Instruments Without Playing Them #2

  1. Play any instrument. (Lighthouse)
  2. Press "S" or do the "SIT" action
  3. Then You'll be hearing the instrument but nobody (or you) is playing it.

Walking/Paths Glitches

Walking Glitch

  1. First go to a corner of a big room, like the town.
  2. Click on the other corner of the room.
  3. Quickly, open and close the newspaper.
  4. Move your mouse around your penguin.
  5. Your penguin should spin while walking, just like Michael Jackson's moonwalking!

NOTE: This glitch can only be seen by your penguin.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Walk On Paths

  1. Go to the Mountain and click on one of the sled runs.
  2. While your penguin is walking there, pull out your map.
  3. When the background changes and the sled starts going downhill, click on the Town.
  4. When the Town is loading, rapidly press enter.
  5. Your penguin will go there as normal, to walk on the paths now, just hold down enter while walking into another room and you will just stand on the paths.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Dancing While Walking

  1. Put on any item that has a special dance.
  2. Go in to the Ghost lab where Gariwald VIII is.
  3. Enter the Ghostamatron and wait a little bit.
  4. Right after Gariwald VIII throws the switch dance.
  5. You can now dance and walk at the same time.

Walk on Paths 2

  1. In any room with a path out (town is really good), click on the path.
  2. Quickly, before you reach it, open your postcards.
  3. Keep it open until your penguin has reached the path (normally 10–15 seconds, do 20-30 to be sure)
  4. Close Penguin Mail.
  5. If you did it correctly, you will be on the path! You can dance, talk, or sit down! (If you move towards the main room, you'll have to do it again. If you move towards the next room, the one the path leads to, you will just enter the next room.)
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Walking On Walls

This requires zoom in from Internet Explorer 7-8.

  1. Go to any room on Club Penguin and walk to the right corner.
  2. Now use the zoom (on the far right corner) and zoom in till about a quarter of Club Penguin is white. When it’s white all you see are penguins’ names.
  3. Now, click anywhere in the white, then unzoom.
  4. Your penguin should be on the wall, you will either need to leave the room or rezoom to move.

Walk On Doors

  1. Walk towards a door.
  2. Before reaching the door, open Penguin Mail.
  3. Wait five seconds, then close Penguin Mail.
  4. Your penguin should be on top of a door which would normally bring you to another room, but it does not because of the glitch. Also, if you walk to another place on the door, it will teleport you to the connecting room. Walk off the door will not teleport you.

Old Walking On Walls

  1. Go to the Mountain and click on one of the sled runs.
  2. While your penguin is walking there, pull out your map.
  3. When the background changes and the sled starts going downhill, click on the Town.
  4. When the Town is loading, rapidly press W.
  5. Your penguin will walk up to the top left corner of the screen. You can travel to other locations afterward, most of which you can just press W again in to walk into the sky.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Walk the Lighthouse Walls

You can walk the walls at the Lighthouse. You first go behind the fish cooler, then click on the door, then quickly click on one of the pictures at the top of the stairs.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Game Glitches

On Your EPF Spyphone While Playing An Arcade Game

  1. First of all, you need to be an EPF Agent.
  2. Next, go to the Dance Lounge.
  3. Click on your EPF Spy Phone and click on Elite Gear.
  4. Move your mouse around. You should notice the labels Bits and Bolts, Thin Ice and Astro Barrier. Click on any of the labels.
  5. The screen will eventually say, "Would you like to play (Arcade Game)?" Click Yes.
  6. If you know where the Arcade Game buttons are, click the Play button. You should be playing whilst on your EPF Spy Phone!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Aqua Grabber Bubbles

  1. Play Aqua Grabber.
  2. Find one of places where you can get air underwater.
  3. Slam against the wall next to it while going up at the same time.
  4. You should find your ship still using bubbles to move while in the air.

Throw A Snowball In Sled Racing

  1. Go to the ski hill.
  2. Click play to any sled racing course.
  3. Click the snowball button.
  4. When someone joins your sled race you should have the throw snowball icon in your game!
  5. To get rid of your snowball icon click somewhere to throw it when you’re playing.
  6. (Club Penguin fixed this part) when you throw the snowball in sled racing it sometimes shows up when you finish the game after your back at the ski hill!

Switching Sled Racers

Go to a sled race, then while you're waiting, press Penguin Mail and exit. Try to join another sled race, you can't. When enough people get on the sled race you're waiting for, the players will switch to two people.

Igloo Glitches

Box In House

Just as you step on to the platform for the Jet Pack Adventure game, go to your igloo. When your house is loaded, you will have the box asking if you want to play the game. This also works with other games, such as Hydro Hopper.

WARNING: This glitch was fixed. If attempted by any penguin, Club Penguin will remove you from the server (not ban you).

No Name Glitch

  1. Go in your igloo
  2. Place a Portal Box where you want
  3. Click on the portal box and QUICKLY press on the measuring tape and your penguin will be in the Box Dimension with no name.

NOTE: This works in every room once you have done the glitch, to stop the glitch you need to either play a game, log off or open and close the measuring tape again.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Edit Someone Else's Igloo

First, go to your igloo, click on edit, and use your buddy list to go to another igloo, you should be able to move their furniture around. This does not appear on other player's screens, only on the person who is changing their buddy's igloo.

This can also be done by opening you spyphone teleporting anywhere and clicking on the edit feature however Club Penguin removes you from the server.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed. If attempted by any penguin, Club a Penguin will remove you from the server (not ban you).

Newspaper Glitches

Talk With The Newspaper

  1. Open the newspaper
  2. Click on We Need You
  3. Click on any of the options
  4. Leave it blank and submit it
  5. Go to the front page
  6. Press enter and you can talk!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Be with The Newspaper

  1. Open the newspaper
  2. Close it
  3. If you are lucky you will still be holding the newspaper which will disappear if you walk.

Friend Glitches

Have A Friend In Your Ignore List

  1. Ask someone to be your buddy.
  2. Before they add you put them on your ignore list.
  3. If they add you, check your ignore list.
  4. There should be a happy face or a logged off face.
  • NOTE: Don’t use this glitch because of the new friend list.

Screen Glitches

Gray Screen

This Is Rare But It Happened To Some People.

  1. Go to any server and click the map.
  2. If it does not load for 5 seconds, close it out.
  3. Open it up again.
  4. The screen should be gray, and you can't walk, talk, or do anything
  5. Press F5 and redo the game.

Coin Glitches

Old Coin Glitch

  1. Go to the Coffee Shop.
  2. Walk to the Java Bag, but 1 second before the "Do you want to play Bean Counters?" box pop ups, go to your igloo.
  3. If you made it right, that box will show in the igloo. Click "Yes".
  4. Try to play as good as you can.
  5. If you lose, click "Ok" and the "X" multiple times. If you won, keep left clicking "Ok".
  6. When you think you've won enough coins, refresh the page and log in.
  7. Have fun with your coins!
WARNING: This glitch was fixed. If attempted by any penguin, Club Penguin will remove you from the server (not ban you).

Coins Earned Improperly Shown Glitch

Club Penguin—Coins Earned Improperly Showing Glitch—Part 1—Benny75527

The Coins Earned Improperly Shown glitch.

In this glitch, after finding an object from Puffle Digging, the coin icon says you obtained 0 or 5 coins but it is false. The sign that says how much coins you got did not say 0 or 5 coins. It says what you really got.

Tour Glitches

Mysteriously Undefined Tour

Wear a Tour Guide hat and do a tour in an igloo. The tour will say "undefined".

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Newer Version

Now, if you give a tour of an igloo, it gives the description of the room you were just in, as seen here.

Talking Glitches

The Green Commander

Just say something that begins with green commander i.e. 'green commander just ate ten pizzas', your text will jump around if you walk around. This also used to work with "I Saw A Monster In A Box" And "I Saw A Monster Eat ______", along with "I Drink Nothing But ______" and "Someone Clear Out the Snow Forts".

WARNING: These messages have been known to cause epileptic seizures in vulnerable individuals as well as damage some computers. Club Penguin has actually been sued at least once by parents whose children had an epileptic seizure. This glitch has now thankfully been removed.

No Talking Glitch

There was a bug in the game which caused penguins to not talk. Instead they had to use the Ultimate Safe Chat messages.

Frozen Takeover Glitches

Early Access To Ice Palace

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Sign in with a penguin that was not used since the takeover started. If not, sign up with a new penguin.
  3. Log into any server.
  4. Enjoy!

NOTE: Elsa will not perform until it officially opens. Also, if you try with a penguin used after the takeover started, a message will say "The Ice Palace Will Open In ###Days" and will take you to Snow Forts.

Others (Have Not Finished Beyond This Point)

Sled on Bunny Hill With 4 People

Go to the Mountain, go on Ridge Run, you need to press yes twice, if you do it right, the box will still be there, if not, you didn't press it twice, immediately head of to the Bunny Hill area, go there, say yes to playing it, and when the 3 other spaces are taken, you are playing it with 4 other penguins, note that since other penguins are on the ridge run, you can't have 4 penguins viewing the bunny hill track at once, if you want to do it with other tracks (2 Penguins on Ridge Run etc.) just follow the instructions still but remember that the amount of penguins depend on which track first chosen (Express/Bunny Hill =2 Penguins, Ridge Run = 4 Penguins, Penguin Run= 3 Penguins)

Giant Bracelet


Giant Bracelet


Giant Key.

Go to the upstairs room of the Coffee Shop. Then, go the farthest away from the stairs as you can. Next click on the stairs, then, as fast as you can, click on the Captain Rockhopper Book (The blue one) and go to the last page. Click on the bracelet, but don't click yes or no or x, and wait. You will return to the downstairs of the coffee shop and there will be a giant bracelet! The only way to get rid of it is to log out. This is also possible with Rockhopper's Key.

Old Nubbing

Nubbing is a famous Glitch in Club Penguin. It was discovered long ago, and is still popular to do. Here are the instructions for it:

  1. Go to Club Penguin Full Screen Mode.
  2. Move your penguin to the room of your choice.
  3. Then, press the F11 key on your keyboard.
  4. Underneath the Toolbar, click on the white space directly under it. If it is done successfully, your penguin should move under the toolbar and stand there, with only the top of it exposed. This is what is known as nubbing.

This glitch does not work on Macintosh computers due to the F11 key being a volume key.

Old Getting Rid Of Friend Requests

  1. Get a friend request (DON'T OPEN IT!)
  2. Go in a long room.
  3. Pick an entrance to go in, and go as far as you can from it.
  4. Start walking to the entrance and while walking to the entrance, open up the friend request.
  5. Make sure it is NOT someone you want to add, but don't press No.
  6. Once you left the room, the friend request is gone!

You can repeat doing this.

Bypass Ultimate Safe Chat

  1. Go into an Ultimate Safe Chat server.
  2. Click on the ? in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Uncheck Ultimate Safe Chat.
  4. Go into another room and talk.
  • Note: No one else can see you talking unless they do this as well.

Please note that this wasn't a glitch

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Blank Chat

  1. Click in the chat bar.
  2. Press the spacebar and then enter
  3. You will get a blank chat bubble!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Lighthouse Glitch

  1. Go to Ski Lodge.
  2. Throw a bunch of snowballs in one place.
  3. Go to those snowballs.
  4. You should be in the lighthouse.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Double Penguin/Mixing Graphics Glitch

  1. Go onto Club Penguin on a slow computer.
  2. Log onto a server and go into any room.
  3. Use zoom and zoom as much as you want, in or out.
  4. For a few seconds you will see your old penguin's size!
  5. Now walk around a bit and you'll see the graphics getting mixed with the graphics of the old screens zoom amount!

Buddy glitch

  1. Send a buddy request to someone you want
  2. If they answer yes accidentally, then log off quick
  3. They delete you, but you still have them on your list!

Making a Cake and a Pizza at the Same Time

  1. First put on your pizza chef hat and cake baker.
  2. Dance.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed. Even if you use just the cake baker, you will not order the cake.

Unknown Quitter

  1. Play Treasure Hunt
  2. Quit the game.
  3. The other player's screen will say "id:id_quit_game undefined"
  4. This would also work for you if the other person quit.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Dancing Glitches

There were once an almost limitless series of dancing glitches where you could put on any piece of clothing, then exit out of the player editor, then reopen the editor and put on a new piece of clothing without taking off the other clothes and then dance and you would do both dances at once.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Missing Background

Started on the 14th October 2010. Penguins found that the haunted mansion background wasn't in their inventory. When they went to the gift shop to buy it back the message said: "Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins?..." and they didn't receive the background back. The Club Penguin Team were immediately alerted and have fixed this glitch.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Purple Hoodie Wave

  1. Put on a Purple Hoodie.
  2. Wave.
  3. You will wave, but the hoodie won't!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Igloo Contest Glitch

Starting on 14 October 2010. When Penguins went to their igloo and clicked the enter contest button it would say Enter the Holiday Igloo Contest December 18–20.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Stage Glitch

If you go into the stage starting March 18, 2011 you will probably notice that the stage is on Squidzoid vs Shadowguy and gamma girl but you can notice that the Prehistoric music is playing.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Unlimited furniture

You just need to check and put at least 5 same items then you will have -10 or less Then, you can use as much of that item as you want.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Orange Sensei

First you need to have any postcards that teleport you to the Dojo. Then, join Sled Racing and open Penguin Mail in the postcard. When the music starts playing click "Go There" and you will be in the Dojo. Go to Sensei and challenge him. When you're playing he's orange. He also does not do any cards, and he is marked as "undefined".

Invisible snowball

During the Island Adventure Party 2011, if you threw a snowball it would not show.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

White screen and walk on walls

  1. Go to ski village
  2. Quickly go to dock then town

You will see the town white and you can walk on walls!

  1. This glitch returned at the stage during the play The Vikings That Time Forgot

(NOTE: other players and you can see this)

Club Penguin Whiteness glitch

Club Penguin Whiteness glitch

The glitch

Inventory Glitch

When you use the Opera web browser, all the items in your inventory will be gone.

Tactical-Pizza Glitch

If you stay with the Chef Hat and Pizza Apron for a while and then changed into Range Finder, H2O Pack, Tactical Gear and Tactical Boots and used the Tactical Dance move, the Chef Hat and Pizza Apron would suddenly appear and do it is dance move while the penguin did the Tactical dance move.

Finish PSA Mission 6 quicker

  1. Go to Mission Question For a Crab (PSA Mission)
  2. When the part falling down from the ski hill with the crab, quickly click the map and go to Ski Village before your map gets lost.
  3. After that you in Ski Village back! But not only that, You're skipped from the wilderness and next task is buy a seaweed pizza and give to Herbert and switch the machine with the crab on it!

Making Other Penguins Items Disappear

This glitch was found in 2006. But it was fixed in late 2010. This glitch is used for penguins who make videos. The use this glitch and they tell that they stole the target's clothes. How to do the glitch-

  • Open your target's inventory and close it. Before you close it look all the items he's wearing.
  • Open your player card and wear any item which your target is wearing. Then keep the player card down.
  • Open your target's player card and you can click on things and remove them.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

White Stage Bug

This glitch was found in 2012 on February with the play of The Vikings that Time Forgot

  • picture coming soon*

Sliding Glitch

  1. Go to the Town
  2. Do the Walk on Paths
  3. Walk to the middle
  4. When your penguin is walking, put on an item.

Your Penguin Should Slide!

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Whistle Glitch

  1. Turn your volume down(ONLY if it’s high)
  2. Wear the whistle. Other items can stay.
  3. Hold the W key.
  4. You will hear something like a huge group of whistles whistling at the same time.

This also works with the bells and both together.

Easter Egg Hunt 2012 Glitch

When you click on the egg in the hidden lake, all the words on the blue scavenger hunt page are replaced by the repeating letter "n". The glitch causes you to refresh the page, as you cannot click the "x".

Headphones (Puffle Hat) Glitch (Members Only)

This glitch still happens today.

  1. Get a Black Puffle, only if you don't have one.
  2. You have the Headphones (Puffle Hat), right?
  3. Go to your player card.
  4. You will see the headphones tilted like it is original image.

May Catalog Glitch (Members Only)

  1. Log on a Spanish server
  2. Click Edit igloo and click the catalog
  3. You have the May 2012 Catalog before it’s released
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Walk Above Pizza Parlor Door Glitch

  1. Go to the Pizza Parlor.
  2. Go to the bottom of the room as soon as you walk in.
  3. Click above the Pizza Parlor door.
  4. Just when ground turns into door, open up Penguin Mail.
  5. If done correctly, you will now be standing on top of the door.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Optical Illusion

  1. Go to your igloo.
  2. Take all items and put them in storage.
  3. Get a puffle poster.
  4. Put it as close as you can to the floor.
  5. Do this with many posters.
  6. Walk up to one. You will be on top of it. This will result in looking like you are on the walls.

No Action Glitch

  1. Put on the Crimson suit.
  2. Dance.
  3. You will do a normal dance!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Map Glitch

  1. Go to your map.
  2. Hold any of the places until you get to the x.
  3. When you click the x, the name of the place will still be there!

This also works with the features on other peoples Player Cards and for the stamps feature.

Card-Jitsu Mat Glitch

  1. Go to the Dojo, Fire Dojo, or Water Dojo.
  2. Go to any of the mats.
  3. Click yes and QUICKLY click the x before your penguin waddles.
  4. You will still be there, but not only that. Now penguins will be fooled if they want to challenge you because they will go right to you and if you click the door or other mats it won't go away. The only way to undo this glitch is to go somewhere else with your map or teleport.

Kick Someone Off The Server Without Banning them

  1. Go to Card-jitsu.
  2. When someone goes to you, click the x before you do the pose.
  3. You still do the pose, but your off the mat.
  4. You won't play, but you turn into a penguin with no clothes and no name.
  5. Go outside to go back to normal.
  6. This left the opponents Card-Jitsu screen loading forever and can't exit out so they have to refresh the page and if it is not full, they can come back to the server they were just on or choose a different server.

Dance With the Newspaper

  1. Click on your friends list.
  2. Click on any of your friends and drag it far away.
  3. Click on the newspaper.
  4. Click on send mail on that penguin
  5. Send any of the mail.
  6. Everything will be gone and if you press d or use the dance action, you will be dancing with the newspaper!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Card-Jitsu Water

  1. Play Card-Jitsu Water
  2. Ask to play a game
  3. Quit when someone comes
  4. Your penguin will not be seen
  5. Click anywhere and you will walk but your penguin will have no name and clothes
  6. Click on your playercard and you will see it load forever

Old Blue

There is a way to be the old blue color but not as an item. There used to be two glitches that caused you to be Old Blue. One was where if you get a puffle from your igloo (pet shop if you have not bought a puffle), sit down, and remove the puffle from your hand (from clicking it at the playercard), then you will be the old blue color, but if you move, it will disappear instantly. The second glitch to occur to get it is if you wore the Green Hoodie and danced, your Penguin would turn Old Blue which caused many players to ask how they turned to the color. There is currently a glitch where if you wear nothing but the Orange MP3000, you will turn Old Blue. The only other way to get Old Blue is by cheating on Club Penguin. Please note you will get banned for cheating.

Old Blue - Green Hoodie

  1. Put on the Green Hoodie
  2. Dance
  3. Your color would change to Old Blue!
WARNING: This glitch is now fixed.

Old Blue - Orange MP3000

  1. Put on the Orange MP3000 and nothing else.
  2. If you change rooms, you will be Old Blue. You will remain Old Blue until you remove the Orange MP3000, or until the bug is fixed. However, you are not Old Blue on your player card. There is also a glitch where you wave rapidly and uncontrollably while you are wearing nothing but the Orange MP3000 and are Old Blue.
WARNING: This glitch is now fixed.

Old Blue - Halloween Transformations

During the Halloween Party 2013 there was an Old Blue glitch where if you click on someone who has transformed, then click on your profile, you will appear on your profile as Old Blue.

Old Blue - Card-Jitsu

  1. Go to the Fire Dojo or Water Dojo
  2. Play on a four player mat (not three or two)
  3. Wait until everyone joins the game
  4. When the four players bow, they will be Old Blue

Old Blue - Puffle walk

  1. First, you have to go to your igloo and walk with your puffle.
  2. Then you have to go to any room.
  3. Make your penguin sit, then wave.
  4. Take off your puffle. You will become old blue.

Note that you will turn into your previous color after moving again.

Old Blue - Water Dojo

  1. Go to the Water Dojo and sit on the 4 player-game mat.
  2. When there will be 4 players, all of your clothes will go off and you will see the penguins getting ready for the battle wearing the belt color they are. While doing that, they'll be Old Blue.

Old Blue - Puffle Party 2012

  1. Transform into a Puffle and transform back into a penguin.
  2. You could be Old Blue instantly, but if you change your outfit or move, you would be normal again.

Old Blue - Thunder Blade

  1. Wear nothing but the Thunder Blade.
  2. Put on shoes and take them off.
  3. If you wave, you will turn Old Blue with a Grey Card-Jitsu Belt.
  4. The Thunder Blade will be hovering where you were, shooting up a beam of light.

Old Blue - Ghost Catcher Uniform

  1. Wear the Ghost Catcher Uniform
  2. Take it off.
  3. You will be Old Blue, until you move.
WARNING: This glitch is now fixed.

Thunder Blade Master

  1. Put on the Thunder Blade.
  2. Put on any shoe type item.
  3. Take off the shoes.
  4. Wave.
  5. When you wave, you will be Old Blue, wearing a Grey Belt; then you will bow down like you are about to play Card-Jitsu.


WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Old Blue- Nautical Necklace

  1. Put on the Nautical Necklace.
  2. You should be old blue now.

Old Blue Ghost Catcher Uniform

  1. Put on the Ghost Catcher Uniform
  2. Wave/Sit/Dance/Throw a snowball (Optional: Do this extra step if you want to stay old blue without changing which direction your penguin is facing)
  3. Take it off
  4. If you don't move, you are old blue. Other penguins see it too.
WARNING: This glitch is now fixed.

Old Blue Duplicate

Old blue duplicate

Some moves with the old blue color and the duplicate.

  1. Wear the earring (it is a bait item -> you need to cheat)
  2. Move with your penguin

Your penguin is duplicated and he takes snowball and rotating it at the same time is an old blue.

Old Blue - Gold Letterman Jacket

Club Penguin Old Blue Glitch January 2014

Club Penguin Old Blue Glitch January 2014

Club Penguin Old Blue Glitch Gold Letterman Jacket

If you wear the Gold Letterman Jacket and you do the special dance, your penguin will turn Old Blue for a second.

Holo DJ Old Blue


Glitch seen

If you dance with the Holo DJ Suit and The Holo Headphones, your penguin will turn old blue

Screenshot 17-0

Here is the Glitch.

Bad Bear Skateboard

  1. Wear the Bad Bear Skateboard
  2. You should be old blue now.

Dark Black

Glitches that turn your penguin Dark Black.

  • If your penguin becomes dark black, and you try to change color, it would stay dark black.
  • Shortly after the decorations for the Holiday Party 2011 were taken down, all penguins were turned dark black. This has been fixed.
  • Rockhopper can turn Dark Black, however this does not mean he has the color.
  • In Card-Jitsu, there is a glitch where your opponent becomes Dark Black.
  • The color can be obtained for a few seconds by wearing some items (not all work) and changing from color to color really fast, if you don't move, you can be dark black for a limited period of time.

Card-Jitsu Room Glitch

  1. Go to a Card-Jitsu mat
  2. When it is doing the animation (when the game is about to start) quickly open the map and go to any room
  3. Once the game has ended or you quit the game, even if you press OK (if it ended) or Yes (if you quit) it would stay in the game with one picture and you will have to refresh.

Ninja Hideout

If your friend is in the dojo and you search for them in CP, then it would say "**dojohidesolo_find**".

How to add Billybob and Happy77 without meeting them

Add Happy Glich

A timeline of the glitch.

  1. First you must search for adding buddies on the buddy list
  2. Then look for a letter like this one ý,Ö, or %
  3. Then write bill then put ý,Ö, or % so you write billýbob, bilybobÖ, or billybob% then you could add him
  4. And do the same thing with Happy77

Field-Ops Glitch

This only happens sometimes

  • Accept a Field-Op
  • Complete them
  • In the screen you will be see all Club Penguin mascots

Cart Surfer Glitch

If you play Cart Surfer sometimes when you turn a bend, your penguin turns yellow and have a black puffle for about 1 second

Infinite Smoothie Glitch

When playing Smoothie Smash and you finish or exit, the music plays an infinite loop until logging off.

Herbert HQ Glitch

  1. Make sure you have completed all the missions.
  2. Go on top of the Central Lock Down, go to the VERY right corner.
  3. Go to the Herbert HQ VERY quickly, before it loads, quickly click the 4th green light on the bottom.
  4. You're at the right of the Herbert HQ before it is released!

TIP: You can also try to use this glitch on Sector 2

Connection glitch

  • This is rare but has happened. As soon as the Operation: Blackout video has begun, QUICKLY press exit but hold the button. Very rarely it will say that the connection was lost, but the video will keep on playing.

Room glitch

  • You need Club Penguin to be lagging for this. Go to the folder at the top right corner of you screen during Operation: Blackout. Then select any sign that says go there. But if you close the folder, you will be transported much later than usual. This glitch works the best when you have just logged into Club Penguin

Items not showing up in Inventory

  • This has happened to some people.
    • This is a known issue in Opera: No items will appear in your inventory if you try to play in that browser.

How to type numbers

  • Log in your account
  • Click on any server that has standard safe chat
  • While the server is loading press enter and type any number
  • When it’s done loading you will see the numbers you typed in the chat bar

Idle Glitch

  • Zoom in the Game.
  • Leave your Penguin for 10–20 minutes.
  • Now it will say "been Idle for more than 10 minutes" instead of "Your Penguin has

been Idle for more than 10 minutes"!

Been Idle Glitch

Proof of the Idle Glitch.

Note: This glitch rarely works.

Plaza text

  1. Play PSA Mission 6
  2. If you did the Finish Mission 6 faster, talk to Herbert.
  3. If you're quick enough, click the map.
  4. The plaza would be saying Herbert's line!

It is not confirmed if this is really a glitch.

Gray Puffle in PSA Mission

  1. Play Mission 6.
  2. If you are lucky, a gray puffle and a gray circle will appear for a split second.

Missing Pin

  • On January 4, 2013, when the Holiday Party ended, the Holiday Cookies Pin went missing from the Cave although the pin was supposed to be there until January 9.
Warning: This glitch is now fixed.

Infinite Coin Glitch

  • On January 17, 2013, When you played Dino Dig you might end up get infinite coins (or more!).


  1. Wear an item that does a dance. (Hard hat, tour guide hat, etc.)
  2. Press D
  3. Without stopping, Turn into a Dinosaur. (Any dinosaur you want.)
  4. Turn back into a penguin.
  • This is a glitch only members can do, The Prehistoric Party may be the only party that people can do it at.
Warning: This glitch is now fixed after the party ended.




  1. Turn into a Pteradon
  2. Go to any room
  3. Walk on wall.
  4. Click on the wall and transform quickly into a penguin and you will be on the wall.


Warning: This glitch is now fixed after the party ended.

Jetpack Adventure Crash Land Forest

When you crash land to the Forest in the game, it will load you to the Ski Hill when you finish your game.

Invisible Penguin Glitch


Aunt Arctic standing next to a penguin that is doing the Invisible Penguin Glitch.

If your penguin stays still for a few minutes in a crowded room during the Hollywood Party, all of your penguin, except your name, will disappear. You will continue to stay that way unless you teleport out of the room or leave the server.
Warning: This glitch is now fixed after the party ended.

Hollywood Trailer Glitch

If you open the Superstar catalog for the Hollywood party while the trailer is parked in the room and close it, the green glowing lights that come from the trailer will still be appear in that room, even when it has left.

Warning: This glitch is now fixed after the party ended.

Rainbow Username Glitch

Rainbow Username Glitch

This glitch occurred across all servers on March 7, 2013. During this glitch, all usernames turned colorful. This glitch was only known to work on the Google Chrome web browser. This glitch was later fixed on March 14, 2013, meaning that is now black.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Summon your friend Glitch

  1. Go to your igloo
  2. Select any of your friends, including mascots and CP Team
  3. When their player card appears, click "Edit your Igloo" and choose another igloo.
  4. The penguin who you've chosen will appear there.
Buddy glitch
Others cannot see this glitch!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Make a Friend Appear in the Arcade

  1. Go to the Arcade
  2. Open up a friend
  3. Play Astro-Barrier
  4. Lose
  5. Your friend is now in the Arcade!
Others cannot see this glitch!

No Navigation Glitch

The glitch found one day before Puffle Party 2013 started. In this glitch sometimes when you log in you can't see the EPF Phone the map the names and you can click the Player cards

Χωρίς τίτλο
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Playing without Puffles Glitch

In this glitch, you can still get the puffle-care points even if you send your puffles home.

How to perform:

  1. Go to the Puffle Hotel
  2. Access any feature in which you can do things with your puffles. (Exercise, sleep etc.)
  3. After a few seconds, click your Player Card and click on you're puffle, so it will go to your igloo.
  4. Do not move from feature where you are and you can still get points.

White paint glitch (Puffle Party 2013)

Due to Club Penguin have not updated the Rooms if you go to the Lighthouse and you wear the Arctic White Color then stand here that a Yellow puffle paints it will paint you Blue.

Στιγμιότυπο από 2013-03-21 15-23-48
WARNING: This glitch is fixed after the party ended.

No location online buddy glitch

The glitch was found in Puffle Party 2013

When a friend is online a message show up without saying Room location then a message shows up again and it says Room location.

Turn a Brown Puffle into a Rainbow Puffle a second

Rainbow puffle glitch
  1. Get a brown puffle
  2. Make him happy
  3. Go to puffle play zone.
  4. Scroll over the brown puffle and it will show a quick rainbow puffle.
Warning: This glitch is now fixed after the party ended.

Unclickable Penguin

  1. Put on an item with a special dance
  2. Dance
  3. You cannot open your player card by clicking your penguin

Unavailable Brainwave Gloves

If you try to purchase the Brainwave Gloves on April 28, 2013, the first day it is to be available, there will be a glitch that says that the item is unavailable.

WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Contest Glitch

  1. Go to your igloo
  2. If it does not load quickly, you might see a contest sign
  3. Click it and it will show the last contest

NOTE: this may not work

Non-dancing puffle

Play glitch pufflehotel

The glitch that happened to an Orange Puffle.

  1. Go to your igloo
  2. Take any puffle for a walk
  3. Use the map
  4. Go to the plaza
  5. Go to the puffle hotel
  6. Use the elevator to go to the salon
  7. Go to a 'Play' station
  8. Dance while puffle is playing
  9. Your puffle stopped playing and it will stay like that, not dancing!

Puffle hat showing

Glitch Hat puffle

The glitch. It is kinda weird.

  1. Go to the puffle hotel
  2. Use the elevator to go to the salon
  3. Go to a 'Play' thing
  4. Press "D" on the keyboard(Makes your penguin dance)
  5. Your puffle's hat will show while it is playing!

Art Costume glitch

On the Monsters University Catalog, this costume was marked with D that means it can do special dance But when you wear this and dance, it does the normal dance.

WARNING: This glitch is now fixed after the party ended.

Not able to leave igloo or not glitch

  1. Go play a game that does not take up the whole screen (Find Four, Mancala, etc.)
  2. While playing, click on your igloo button
  3. A message will pop up, Please leave your game before exiting the room.
  4. You won't be able to go to other rooms, you can only go to igloos.
  5. The only way to stop this is log off

Friend Glitch

  1. Log on when a friend is online.
  2. Go on a server.
  3. While the screen is loading, a message should pop up at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on it and the Buddy List should come up.
  5. Double click on a friend's player card.
  6. When the screen finishes loading, your friend should be there.

This glitch only works sometimes.

The friend glitch

The glitch

Buddy Glitch

When you click on a friend in your buddy list, it would say that the penguin is a member, even if they're not.

Half-folded cards and winning with two cards

Sometimes in Card-Jitsu, your opponent's card will reveal, but will look skinny and weird when it goes up to the area where your cards are scored. Sometimes the opponent's card does not reveal at all, but is still scored.


The glitch of winning with 2 cards.

Example: Opponent plays a snow 6, you play a water 11. Your opponent's snow card does not turn over, but he still scores it and throws a snowball at your penguin. Thus, your opponent can "win with two cards".

Sled Glitch

  • Put any sled on your penguin
  • Join a Game.
  • In the last few seconds, click your penguin and quickly take off your sled
  • You have your sled that you took off in the race!

Arctic White Penguin in Herbert's Playercard

  1. If you have met Herbert P. Bear, open your Buddy List.
  2. Click on his Player Card
  3. His Player Card should now have an Arctic White Penguin instead of his real playercard look!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Box Costume

  1. Take off all of your items, put on the Box Costume and any item that touches your name on the player card (like the Viking Helmet).
  2. Transform into a transformation.
  3. Click on the item that touches your name.
  4. Transform back into a penguin
  5. If done correctly, your penguin will not be wearing any clothes on the sprite, but on the playercard you will be wearing the Box Costume.
  6. If you dance your penguin will do the Box Costume dance but instead of going into a box your penguin will go into an invisible box and disappear(your penguin will not leave the room it will just disappear like when you use the Cloud Wave Bracers.

Lightsaber Glitch


The Lightsaber Glitch

  1. Take out any Lightsaber
  2. Press 'D' as if doing a Lightsaber Duel
  3. Press anywhere on the walls in the Star Wars Takeover or Club Penguin
  4. You should now be on that wall (you will be unable to move unless you press 'D' again and click on the ground).
WARNING: This glitch is now fixed after the party ended.

See the old Everyday Phoning Facility

  1. Go to the Book Room.
  2. Click the 2009-2010 Yearbook.
  3. Open the book, and click June.
  4. On the Everyday Phoning Facility picture, click E, P, and F.
  5. Click the Spy Phone the red penguin is holding on the other EPF picture.
  6. A message should pop up, click it and you should be in the Old Everyday Phoning Facility! Enjoy!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Nautical Necklace Glitch

  1. Put on your Nautical Necklace.
  2. Wave and your necklace should shift to the right side. (To the left of your penguin.)

The glitch

Invisible Puffle Glitch

  1. Feed your puffle 2 apples.
  2. After your puffle is done eating they will disappear(their name will still be there just not the puffle).
  3. To return your puffle to normal exit out of the Puffle Care Screen click on your puffle again.

Floating Amulet

  1. Put on your Snow Ninja suit with your Amulet
  2. Dance
  3. When your penguin starts to make the snow storm around him, you will see the amulet floating above him, like if your penguin is standing.
    Floatin Amulet

    The floating amulet

Puffle Won't Walk Glitch

Sometimes, Puffles won't come when you walk them.

Moderator Glitch

You can add Tour Guide and Businesmoose.

Gary Playercard Glitch

Sometimes, when you meet Gary at the Medieval Party 2013, he will have the Prehistoric Party playercard instead of his new Medieval Party 2013 playercard.
Gary Glitch

Rookie Playercard Glitch

When you open up Rookie's playercard on the Buddy List, it shows just a Dark Green Penguin.

Nonmembers in Members only rooms

On the Holiday Party 2013 if you join a train, then if the driver goes into a member only room, nonmembers in the train are there too.

WARNING: This glitch was fixed after the party ended

Hydro hopper glitch

During the holiday party 2013,clicking games on the map and picking hydro hopper will get the arrow to be higher than the game. This also happened at the Muppets World Tour.

WARNING: This glitch was fixed after the party ended, it may return in another holiday party

Prehistoric Party 2014 Map Glitch

When you go to the past at the Prehistoric Party 2014, then return to the present, for a split second you can see a '9' on the map.


The map glitch.

Music in your Backyard Glitch


  1. Walk a Puffle that is in your backyard.
  2. Go to a room that has music.
  3. Go to your playercard and take off the Puffle.
  4. Go to your backyard.
  5. The room that you went to that had music will have the music playing in your backyard!
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Get into the old Everyday Phoning Facility (method two)

  1. First, you need the old Spy Phone.
  2. Click on it
  3. Click on 'Go There!'
  4. You will now be in the old Everyday Phoning Facility.

Also, you may notice that in the 'Join EPF' message, the logo of EPF now reads ППП

Having Trouble Connecting


Having trouble connecting in the server list

You have a Having trouble connecting message in the server list.

  1. Start logging in, and hold enter
  2. When holding enter, go slowly down with your finger until you hold shift
  3. Hold it until you hold only shift
  4. After you get on the server list you can normally interact with the server list, but in 5 seconds you get the having trouble connecting message

This glitch was tested in Google Chrome and it may or may not work in different browsers.

Ghostamatron Background Glitch


In the My Penguin app if you wear the Ghostamatron Background it will be glitched.

Stamp Glitches

888,888,888 Coins

  1. Play Any game that you can get Stamps in. Get any score.
  2. Click 'How to earn Stamps'.
  3. Exit 'How to earn Stamps'.
  4. Look at how many coins you've earn. It should say 888,888,888 coins, and that you now have 888,888,888 coins!
  5. Exit how many coins you earn, and check how many coins you actually have. You'll have how many you used to have, plus whatever you really earned in the game.
WARNING: This glitch is fixed.

Puffle Rescue Empty Stamps

There was a glitch where Puffle Rescue had stamps. There was no icons and when clicked the stamps wouldn't load up. They were most likely released too early and then removed by the team.

Stamp Book images

  1. Go to your Stamp Book
  2. Go very fast through the Stamp Book and stop on the Puffle Rescue page. Note that this only works for people who haven't got the second photo in Puffle Rescue.
  3. The second Thin Ice picture will be there! If you got it, at least.

This works with other pages as well, like empty Game Day section with PSA missions.

Ninja Meeting

Sometimes, when you become a ninja and go into the Ninja Hideout, you'll get the Ninja Meeting stamp instantly when there is nobody there.

Stamp Percentages

After a user finishes playing a minigame, it is indicated right afterwards that they have one more stamp in the minigame than what the user actually had in the minigame. If the user has earned all stamps, it would say that they've earned over 100% of the total stamps.
If the player has yet to earn all the stamps in that game, they would only receive double coins if the sum of stamps that they currently have and stamps that are shown in this glitch are equal to the total number of stamps in that game.

Unplugged Arcade Machine Glitch

At The Fair 2014, when you go into the Unplugged Arcade Machine and put on one of the action items and press dance you will see a 3d penguin behind you to the dance as if it were not in the arcade machine

If you press "D" an even number of times in succession your penguin will always dance in such a way that its eyes, beak and top of head will move with different timing than the rest of your penguin's body.

Gray Penguin Sprites and Buddy List Icons (The Fair 2014)

Upon entering rooms during The Fair 2014 (especially the Virtual World), a penguin sprite will turn gray. No one but the user can see their penguin as gray (an example of both the gray sprite and one of the dancing bugs).

Duplicate as gray penguin in the arcade machine

  1. Go to the arcade machine
  2. if you have luck you duplicate as gray pixel penguin
    Duplicate ad Gray penguin and you dont pixel in the pixel game

    The duplicate glitch.

Your puffle finds items without you moving

  1. Go to your igloo with the gold puffle
  2. Edit your igloo
  3. Wait and your puffle will find items/coins

Note: This glitch is rare and maybe it won't work.

Get into the stage in the Muppet's World Tour without it opening

  1. Click your spy phone and then click Teleport
  2. Click the stage button and while it is teleporting, quickly, open your Newspaper
  3. When you've been teleported to the stage, click the X button on the newspaper and you'll find yourself in the Stage.

You can see a tutorial for doing this here.

This glitch could only be used until March 28th 2014 when the stage opened to the public. Players could still do it after March 12, however, it wasn't considered a glitch anymore. Players can't do it after April 1st, because the Muppet's World Tour has ended.

Secret Missions undefined

Club Penguin—Missions Undefined Glitch—Benny75527

When a mission starts, occasionally the screen would appear inside a frame containing a crosshair, and a speech bubble saying "undefined" appearing on the upper-left of the screen.

Negative Coins

Club Penguin—Negative Coins—Benny75527

Very/extremely rarely, one might get a negative value of coins after playing a minigame without going over the limit of the maximum amount of coins one can have (1000000). According to the Club Penguin Support Team, this does not make you lose coins - but only displays it as negative.

Double Dig (Puffle Party 2014)

Screenshot 2xgf

During the Puffle Party 2014, if you do any puffle trick, followed by digging and then followed by the dig on command trick, it would show two puffles, one doing the dig on command the other doing another dig.

An Alone Puffle

Sometimes at the puffle hotel, your puffle might stay at the last spa place you went and appear to be alone. It eventually catches up to owner. It comes back to owner's side once the owner leaves room.

Floating New Player Red Baseball Hat (Club Penguin App)

In the Club Penguin App, the red baseball hat floats above a penguin’s head when wearing it. This also happens with the Cop Cap.

Ice Hockey Puck Glitch

The hockey puck in the Ice Rink is supposed to bounce off the walls of the rink and stay inside of the rink, but occasionally, it will get outside rink walls (example).

Adopting A Puffle That Has No Name!

  1. Go to the pet shop
  2. Adopt a puffle
  3. When it asks to name your puffle press the spacebar key
  4. Press 'adopt' and you will adopt a puffle without a name!

Card-Jitsu Mat Glitch

  1. Go to the Dojo.
  2. Go to an empty Card-Jitsu Mat.
  3. Click on any clickable item (door, Sensei, different mat).
  4. When somebody goes to that Card-Jitsu Mat, you will play with them.

Puffle Roundup Glitch

  1. Go to the puffle park with a puffle.
  2. Go to the tire swing.
  3. While your puffle is swinging, quickly go to Puffle Roundup, click yes; then, click x.
  4. It will now show the Soccer Shoot-Off Game.

The glitched has been patched when party has ended.

Empty-Full Servers Glitch

If this glitch occurs, all the servers in Club Penguin are shown as empty, yet if one tries to enter any of them, one is unable to and gets the error message stating that the server is full.

2 puffles at the same time

  1. Walk any of your puffles.
  2. Pull up the EPF Phone and call Flare.
  3. You will now have 2 puffles at the same time!
This glitch happens because all the puffles are not classified as hand items anymore except for Flare.

Newspaper Loading Glitch

  1. Go to any path.
  2. Click the newspaper icon the frame before the screen turns blue.

If done correctly, the newspaper will show before the screen shows the place you're in.

To correctly do this glitch, you have good timing. Otherwise, the newspaper won't show as usual.

Puffle Action Cancelling

  1. Go to Puffle Park
  2. Go to any station.
  3. As soon as the puffle does the action (sleep, eat, get sprayed by the fire hydrant), move away. The puffle will follow you as normal. After a few seconds, the box that shows that the puffle's status has gone up shows even though the full animation was never played through.
This glitch won't work on the tire swing, slide, or glider. Also, this glitch can work on the Puffle Hotel.

Infinite Status Raise

  1. Go to the Puffle Hotel and go to the second floor.
  2. Do the Puffle Action Cancelling glitch by running back and forth on both treadmills. Be sure to do this for a long time.
  3. Go somewhere else.
Sitting at Snow Forts

A photo of the glitch. This is in the Snow Forts and there isn't a spot where the puffle's status bar will raise in this place.

If done correctly, your puffle will infinitely keeping raising it's status bar.

This glitch has minor effects to it. However, they aren't game breaking. The first effect is that the chime that plays will play every 10 seconds. The second effect is your puffle will freeze when the status bar is raised. The puffle will come back to you after the status bar is gone.

SoundStudio music

  1. Make anything to fill up all your tracks in SoundStudio.
  2. Click record and click any of the loops. (one shots won't work)
  3. It will take you back to the Music Menu and say all your tracks are full.
  4. You will hear the loop you just clicked playing on the menu.
Screenshot 2014-08-03 at 4.40.40 PM

Full tracks on Music Menu

Puffles (Hand Item)

  1. Find an item adder which allows the download of a puffle.
  2. Proceed to add the puffle.
  3. Go to your hand items.
  4. Look for a Bait/Unreleased Item
  5. Click on it.
  6. Like when walking Flare and another puffle, once you click the "downloaded puffle" whilst walking another "real" puffle, you will walk both puffles simultaneously.
    Screenshot 2014-08-03 at 5.02.55 PM

    The X is the puffle hand item

White Screen glitch

Screenshot 2014-08-03 at 8.11.21 PM

Penguin in room with glitch.

  1. Click your chat bar and don't type anything.
  2. Go outside and do something for more than ten mins.
  3. Come back and go somewhere on the map.
  4. You will see a white screen for your room and you won't see your penguin. You will see the name. You won’t see any other penguins either.

Mascot-Friend Buddy List Glitch

In this glitch, the name of one of one's user friends that is on one's Buddy List appears as the name of one of one's mascot friends that is on one's Buddy List (including non-existent ones such as Protobot that can be added via JavaScript) rather than the friend's actual name. This glitch can occasionally happen involving every mascot. If one clicks a mascot's icon on one's Buddy List and then clicks the icon of one of one's user friends, the user friend's name might appear as the mascot's name sometimes; this is the glitch. However, this glitch is spontaneous and is difficult to intentionally recreate.

Postcard Glitch

  1. Go to the Map.
  2. Click on Games.
  3. Click on any games.
  4. Open your postcard.
  5. You will see an arrow!

Invisible Penguin Glitch (2)

In this glitch, when another user enters a room, occasionally, all of the user's penguin that one sees, except for the user's penguin's name, appears invisible to another user/some users but not to (an)other user(s). However, a user's penguin cannot appear invisible to its user in this glitch. This glitch seems to more likely happen if the user just stands by the entrance to a room and another user enters in the same location and has a puffle.

Giant Penguins

In the Club Penguin App, when you enter the Mall, your penguin (and others) seem to be giant sized.

Skate on surfboard

In the School & Skate Party if you click on the Skatepark on the map while holding a surfboard, you will begin skating on it.

Empty Bubble Glitch


During the Merry Walrus Party, if you did the smiles emote, it would show a blank bubble.

Infinite Duel glitch


When you fight the Inquisitor and press S and W repeatedly, you would be stuck in an infinite duel animation. If you put on some clothes, the clothes would appear to float in midair.

Invisible Jackhammer

When you are on the Club Penguin app, put on a hard hat and dance. Next, quickly wave and you have an invisible jackhammer!

Different igloo list

Sometimes when you click on igloos on the map, the name "Penguin1234" will be displayed instead of your penguin name and the igloo list will be loading forever, the only way to come out is to log out. This very rarely happens with the settings option.

Asterisk Name

  1. Very rarely, option names are inside many asterisks (the name when you hover over the option). Example: ***report***

Ski Lift Chair Glitch


In the Ski Village, you can see one chair not moving while the other is.

Newspaper Glitch

Sometimes when you read the newspaper, after you exit your penguin will still appear to be reading it to both you, and the other players. The only way to stop it is by moving or moving to another room.

Old Blue Skateboard Glitch

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.40.46 PM

If your penguin has no items, change it's color (purple usually works); then click on any of the skateboards. You would then temporarily turn old blue for your entire login time. When you log back in you will no longer be old blue, unless if you do the glitch again.

  1. Change the color. Purple usually works well.
  2. Click on any of the Skateboards.
  3. You'll turn Old Blue!

This glitch is patched.

July 2015 Igloo Catalog Cover Bug


Days after the July 2015 Igloo Catalog was released, the date was changed to August 2015, the title to Furniture & Igloo Catalog and part of the text Furniture & Igloo was removed in the cover page.

Skating without a skate

  1. Put on a new skateboard from the Snow and Sports catalog.
  2. Start to skate in the ramp.
  3. When you are skating, open your playercard and take off the skateboard.
  4. Now you are skating without a skate! (You can put any item while you are skating too)

Already Logged In

  1. Go to the Dojo and play Card-Jitsu Snow
  2. When selecting a ninja, disable your internet connection and quickly enable it again
  3. You will see a message stating that you are already logged in

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