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Herbert P. Bear has made inventions to cause disruption in Club Penguin, most created or stolen to aid in his selfish intentions and schemes. Most of the machinery he makes or steals is usually used in an effort to become warm and/or create havoc. Examples of his inventions are the Mechanical Woodchopper (which he built for the purpose of cutting down the Ski Lodge [which Herbert believed would disrupt parties] and to collect wood to create a large bonfire, also intending to use the woodchopper to eventually cut down other buildings [so he could replenish the wood supply for his bonfire, likely along with further disrupting parties]) and the Earthquake Driller (which he built to steal the Boiler inside the Boiler Room, and in result him being warm and the island along with its population being without a source of heat and electricity).

In Club Penguin Magazine Issue #11 the Herbert profile contained a list called 'Herbert's Top 5 Dastardly Devices!', which consisted of various notable inventions that he had previously created (before the events of Operation: Blackout).


Inventions in Italic mark inventions that have not appeared in-game.

Name Purpose Image Destruction Notes
Electromagnet 3000 Hide the coins in the Clothes Shop Vault. Electromagnet 3000 at Gift Shop Rooftop The Secret Agent used a paperclip to cause the electrical circuit inside the power supply that was connected to the magnet to overload, so it would deactivate the magnet. The power supply was destroyed, but not the Electromagnet 3000 itself. Herbert retrieved the destroyed power supply for unknown reasons later on. Herbert stole blueprints from Gary to make this.
Cage Lift Trap penguins that entered Herbert's Base, such as the Secret Agent. Mission 6 Cage Lift Not destroyed. It can only be turned by water flowing through the lift's gear teeth.
Mechanical Woodchopper Cut down the Ski Lodge and other building in Club Penguin for firewood. Woodchopper klutzy The Secret Agent put it in reverse whilst distracting Herbert with a seaweed pizza. It reversed into Herbert and ended up cracking the Frozen Lake. As a result, Herbert, Klutzy and the Mechanical Woodchopper fell in the lake, with Klutzy lifting himself and Herbert out of the lake. The Mechanical Woodchopper's submergence into the lake had presumably destroyed it. Made using "stolen P.S.A. technology". Featured in the 'Herbert's Top 5 Dastardly Devices!' list.
Earthquake Driller Wreak havoc by causing the Earthquake along with creating holes leading around the entire Island. Herbert planned that the holes as a result would distract, confuse and keep the P.S.A. and the Secret Agent busy doing damage control so he could steal the Boiler. Earthquake Driller for Jes's Mum Not destroyed. It was most likely swept away along with Herbert by the partial Island submergence accidentally caused by Rookie at the start of the Underwater Expedition. It used the Prime Gear of the Clock Tower stolen by Herbert before P.S.A. Mission 7, but the Prime Gear was retrieved by the Secret Agent from the machine in P.S.A. Mission 8. Featured in the 'Herbert's Top 5 Dastardly Devices!' list. Seen in-game during The Great Snow Race, Cave Maze and Operation: Tri-umph.
Popcorn Bomb Destroy the HQ. Popcorn Time bomb Detonated. One of Herbert's few inventions that actually succeeded. Featured in the 'Herbert's Top 5 Dastardly Devices!' list.
Mega-Magnifying Glass Heat and melt the Club Penguin Island. MegaMagnifying Glass Destroyed by its own beam after Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and the agent reflected the light to the glass using blocks of ice. A giant magnifying glass used to redirect a beam of light to the Club Penguin Island. Its lens were made of the ice found on the Ice Rink floor. It was seen during the last two missions of Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge.
Hydra Bot Destroy the EPF Command Room. Hydra Bot Full Destroyed using Cauldron 3000, snowballs, and the Laser Shield 3000. An upgraded version of the stolen Hydra from Ye Knight's Quest 3.
Cream Soda Sticky Bomb of Doom "The time has come to put an end to penguin party nonsense once and for all." Quote from Herbert Biginvention Detonated after a White Puffle pressed the button on its detonation remote. Seen in Puffle Trouble. It never left Herbert's Mountain Lab. It was also seen in My Awesome Life - The Herbert Story. Featured in the 'Herbert's Top 5 Dastardly Devices!' list.
Pied Piper Machine Hypnotize puffles in order to attract them to a conveyor belt that led to the interior of the machine. While they are inside, the machine pipes static electricity from their fur to power its electro cannon (not to be confused with the Solar Laser). Herbert intended to use the cannon to destroy the Everyday Phoning Facility. Pied Piper Machine Deactivated by Gary. Seen in the Club Penguin Magazine. Featured in the 'Herbert's Top 5 Dastardly Devices!' list.
Solar Laser Destroy the Everyday Phoning Facility, harness energy from the sun and cause Operation: Blackout. Rooms Herbert HQ laser panel Final Security Terminal bypassed by the EPF Agent using Icejam, causing it to self-destruct. It was connected to the final Security Terminal. After being destroyed by the EPF Agent, it was reused by Herbert to create the Hot Sauce 3000.
Hot Sauce 3000 Bomb Club Penguin Island, turning it into a tropical paradise and as a result heat the island. Reverse Laser Recycled Destroyed when the EPF Agent fooled Klutzy into flooding Herbert's Hot Sauce Lair. To function as intended, the bomb required a lot of hot sauce, causing Herbert to steal the giant hot sauce bottle connected to the oven at the Pizza Parlor.
Brain Box Mind control Puffles to dig up coins for Herbert, for the purpose of activating his coin-operated heating machine. Puffle-hypno-hat Not destroyed. Heavily hinted to be either modified or adapted from the "Puffle Transmogrifier", a failed invention by Gary.
Snow Globe of Silence Trap penguins so they would not make noise. Snow Globe of Silence Not destroyed. Herbert impersonated the Merry Walrus and stole his sleigh to drop 'presents' around the island and trap penguin in the globe so he could have silence.
????? Power lasers to destroy rooms on Club Penguin Island, shrink penguins and remove color from rooms on the island. Doom Machine Deactivated by the EPF Agent. After stealing the meteorite power source from the UFO during Operation: Crustacean, Herbert used it to power the lasers that the contraption was connected to.

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