Below is a list of all of the igloos in Club Penguin.

Cells in red mark Igloo Locations
Igloo ID Cost
Basic Igloo1Free/1500 coins
Candy Igloo21500 coins
Deluxe Blue Igloo34000 coins
Big Candy Igloo44000 coins
Secret Stone Igloo51500 coins (originally 5000)
Snow Igloo61000 coins
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo7 (old) 8 (new)5000 coins
Deluxe Snow Igloo93000 coins
Bamboo Hut103200 coins
Log Cabin114100 coins
Gym124800 coins
Split Level Igloo134600 coins
Candy Split Level Igloo144600 coins
Snowglobe153700 coins
Ice Castle162400 coins (originally 5100)
Split Level Snow Igloo174600 coins
Fish Bowl182400 coins
Tent192700 coins
Jack O' Lantern202700 coins
Backyard Igloo214200 coins
Pink Ice Palace222400 coins (originally 4900)
Ship Igloo234300 coins
Dojo Igloo241300 coins (originally 5000)
Gingerbread House252100 coins
Restaurant Igloo264800 coins
Tree House Igloo274500 coins
Theatre Igloo284600 coins
Circus Tent29700 tickets
3000 coins
Snowy Backyard Igloo303500 coins
Cave Igloo311500 coins
Green Clover Igloo322050 coins
Grey Ice Castle332400 coins (originally 4500)
Cozy Cottage Igloo352500 coins
Estate Igloo362500 coins
In Half Igloo372300 coins
Shadowy Keep382400 coins
Dragon's Lair393000 coins
Mermaid Cove403030 coins
Whale's Mouth412700 coins
Trick-or-Treat Igloo422000 coins
Deluxe Gingerbread House43Free
Default Location45Free
Beach Location462800 coins
Forest Location472700 coins
Mountain Location482700 coins
Shipwreck Igloo49900 coins
Wildlife Den50900 coins
Medieval Manor511200 coins
Warehouse52950 coins
Pineapple Igloo53Unlockable
Creepy Cavern541500 coins
Frost Bite Palace55Free/2000 coins
Fresh Baked Gingerbread House562500 coins
Penthouse574000 coins
VIP Penthouse584500 coins
Age Of Dinosaurs59Free
Puffle Tree Fort60Unlockable
Secret Base611600 coins
Imperial Base Igloo621000 coins
Beach Party Igloo631500 coins
Gymnasium Igloo64Unlockable
Magical Hideout651500 coins
Eerie Castle662000 coins
Train Station Igloo671100 coins
Sweet Swirl Igloo68Free
Main Event Igloo691000 coins
CP Airliner701200 coins
Puffle Tree House711500 coins
Distant Planet Location721800 coins
Space Dome Igloo732000 coins
Soccer Pitch Location741800 coins
Tour Bus Igloo751800 coins
Ice Palace Igloo76Free
Sharks Gym771500 coins
Schoolhouse Igloo78Free
Ghostly Cavern Igloo791800 coins
Undersea Location801800 coins
Merry Walrus Iceberg Location81Unavailable
Ezra's Hideout821800 coins
Starship Igloo83Free
Talent Show Stage841500 coins
Red Puffle Tree House851000 coins
Orange Puffle Tree House861000 coins
Yellow Puffle Tree House871000 coins
Green Puffle Tree House881000 coins
Blue Puffle Tree House891000 coins
Purple Puffle Tree House901000 coins
Black Puffle Tree House911000 coins
White Puffle Tree House921000 coins
Brown Puffle Tree House931000 coins
Pink Puffle Tree House941000 coins
Gold Puffle Tree House951000 coins
Rainbow Puffle Tree House961000 coins
Spring Palace97Free
Stage Igloo981500 coins
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