This is a list of all the Music in Club Penguin.

Music List

Notice: All the songs named Unknown are called this because Club Penguin hasn't given them a name. The columns marked as Unknown are songs whose information is not currently available.

ID #1-99

ID #100-199

ID #200-299

ID #300-399

ID #400-499

ID #500-599

ID #600-699

ID #700-799

ID #800-899

ID #900-999



  • Bean Counters had its music changed. Both the original and the new music were down as 101. The old music was deleted and can only be found in archived files.
  • The Winter Luau music was placed as room music due to the fact that Club Penguin didn't have this system at that time.
    • The same music was played again on Cove during the Puffle Party 2014, but with embedded background sounds.
  • Extra Anchovies is a remix of the Pizzatron 3000 Music.
  • The Shore is a remix of the Festival of Flight main theme.
  • The Ultimate Jam 3 music is a quieter version of the Fashion Show music.
  • Strangely, the new Pizza Parlor and Gift Shop music are listed as party music.
  • Smoothie Smash Game music does not have an ID because it is in another SWF file that is not in the other Music SWFs.
  • Folk Guitar is the music on the game Ice Fishing being played backwards.
  • Cove Aftermath is a rock version of the EPF Command Room music.
  • Christmas Rock (400), Beach Mix (401) and Hard Rock (402) have all been deleted from the SWF's and replaced with new music from the Card-Jitsu Party 2013.
  • Music #466 is the Star Wars Theme, but with a Dance Club style beat.
  • Although Music #505 is listed as used for the Halloween Party 2013, it was not used at all. Same with Music #501.
  • Music #510 seems to be a play back of the song "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance"
  • Although Music #581 is regular room music, it is categorized as party music.
  • After 2015 all game music was embedded into the game files, making the music IDs unused.

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