Below is a list of parties and events in 2005.

Party Logo Start date End date Free items Notes
Beta Test PartyBeta Test Party LogoSeptember 21, 3:00 PM (GMT and PST)5:00 PM (GMT and PST)Party HatFirst ever party in Club Penguin.
Halloween Party 2005NoneOctober 27October 31NoneFirst ever Halloween party in Club Penguin. First official party after the game's launch.
Server Testing 2005NoneDecember 5February 13, 2006Black Toque, Pink Toque, Blue Sunglasses, Red Sunglasses, Black Bowtie
Christmas Party 2005NoneDecember 22December 25Santa Hat, Christmas ScarfFirst ever Christmas party in Club Penguin.

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  • 2005 began the tradition of yearly Halloween and Christmas Parties. They would become the only two events to be held in Club Penguin every year until it closed in March 2017.
    • According to Screenhog from a video he posted on YouTube, it was never originally planned to have a party on Club Penguin every month. The idea wasn't born until after the massive success of the first three parties from 2005. Halloween and Christmas, on the other hand, were already planned to be annual events.

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