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Below is a list of parties and events in 2007.

Party Logo Start date End date Free items Notes
New Year's Day 2007 None
January 1
None First New Year's Day Celebration.
Winter Fiesta 2007 Winter Fiesta 2007 logo.png January 19 January 22 Pair of Maracas First winter fiesta in Club Penguin.
Festival of Snow 2007 Festival of Snow 2007 logo.png February 9 February 16 Ice Crown, Snowflake T-Shirt First Festival of Snow party in Club Penguin.
St. Patrick's Day Party 2007
St. Patrick's Day Party 2007 logo.png
March 16 March 19 Shamrock Hat None
April Fools' Party 2007 None March 30 April 2 Blue Propeller Cap, Funny-Face Glasses None
Easter Egg Hunt 2007 Easter Egg Hunt 2007 logo.png April 6 April 9 Blue Bunny Ears None
Pirate Party 2007 None April 27 May 4 Sailor Hat First pirate themed party in Club Penguin.
Cove Opening Party None May 25 May 29 Whistle, Life Ring None
Summer Kickoff Party None June 8 June 18 Ice Cream Apron, Green Duck, Blue Lei, Flower Headdress, Green Sunglasses None
Water Party 2007 Water Party 07 Logo.png July 13 July 23 Blue Water Wings, Umbrella Hat First water party in Club Penguin.
Camp Penguin Camp Penguin Coming August.png August 24 August 27 Marshmallow Stick Only camp penguin party in Club Penguin.
Fall Fair 2007 Fallfair07logo.png September 21 October 1 None First Fall Fair in Club Penguin.
2nd Anniversary Party None
October 24
2nd Year Party Hat None
Halloween Party 2007 Halloween07Logo.png October 26 October 30 Pumpkin Basket, Halloween Scarf None
Surprise Party Surprise Party banner.png November 23 November 26 Bandana First and only surprise party in Club Penguin, where players were able to vote for the party's theme.
Christmas Party 2007 None December 21 December 31 Santa Hat, Reindeer Antlers, Christmas Scarf, Bell None

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  • On August 1, 2007, Club Penguin was bought by the Walt Disney company.
  • Rockhopper made 8 visits to Club Penguin Island in 2007, the most of any year.
  • Excluding the Cove Opening, the Festival of Snow and Camp Penguin would be the only new events introduced in 2007 that would not return the next year. A Festival of Snow event would return in 2015, but Camp Penguin never returned.