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Below is a list of parties and events in 2009.

Party Logo Start date End date Free items Notes Characters Locations and the Special/Added
New Year's Day 2009 None
January 1
None None None Ski Hill, Iceberg
Dance-A-Thon None January 15 January 18 Boombox Only dance-a-thon party in Club Penguin. First appearance of Cadence. Cadence Night Club Rooftop
Winter Fiesta 2009 Winter Fiesta 2009 logo January 22 January 25 Mini Sombrero Final Winter Fiesta in Club Penguin. None Everywhere
Puffle Party 2009 Puffle-party February 20 February 25 Puffle Bandana First Puffle Party in Club Penguin. None Puffle Feeding Area
St. Patrick's Day Party 2009 Stpatrickslogo09 March 13 March 17 Shamrock Hat, Accordion Final St. Patrick's Day party in Club Penguin. None Leprechaun House
Penguin Play Awards 2009 Penguinplayawards March 20 April 9 Penguin Play Award First penguin play awards in Club Penguin. Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Gary, Penguin Band Backstage
Snow Sculpture Showcase None March 20 April 9 None Similar to the Festival of Snow 2007. None Everywhere
April Fools' Party 2009 April Fools' Parties logo April 1 April 6 Blue Propeller Cap None None Box Store
Easter Egg Hunt 2009 None April 10 April 12 Pink Bunny Ears None None None
Medieval Party 2009 Medieval Parties logo May 8 May 17 Wizard Hat, Golden Knight's Armor, Golden Shield, Golden Knight's Helmet None None Treetop Fort, Ye Knight's Quest
Adventure Party Adventure Party 2009 logo June 12 June 16 Green Safari Hat, Adventure Party Background, Tropical Bird First Adventure Party in Club Penguin. None Tree Forts
Music Jam 2009 Music Jam 09 Logo July 17 July 26 Green Headphones, Boombox None Cadence, Penguin Band Back Stage, Music Maker 3000
Festival of Flight FF Party August 14 August 20 Green Propeller Cap, Jet Pack Only Festival of Flight in Club Penguin. Gary Hot Air Balloon Ride, Tallest Mountain
The Fair 2009 The fair 2010 logo September 4 September 14 None None Rockhopper Great Puffle Circus Entrance, Great Puffle Circus
4th Anniversary Party 4 party October 24 October 26 4th Year Party Hat None None Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room
Halloween Party 2009 Halloween Parties logo October 27 November 1 Pumpkin Antennae, Jack O’ Lanterns Background, Pumpkin Head, Silly Scarecrow Suit None Gary Secret Laboratory, Haunted House
Fire Dojo opening None November 23 November 27 None None Sensei Dojo, Ninja Hideout
Winter Party None November 27 November 30 Blue Pompom Toque, Yeti Costume The only winter party in Club Penguin. None Ski Village, Yeti Cave, The Great Snow Maze
Holiday Party 2009 Holiday Party 2010 Logo December 18 December 29 Santa Hat, Coins for Change Background, Santa Suit None Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic Santa's Sled

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  • The Club Penguin Team changed the name "Fall Fair" to "The Fair" in 2009 due to the fact that many players living in the southern hemisphere were having spring at that time (September).
    • They also changed the name "Christmas Party" to "Holiday Party" in 2009 due to many players having different holidays and traditions besides Christmas.
  • 2009 and 2014 tie with the second most parties and events, with 19 total.