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{{Party by year}}
{{Party by year}}
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[[Category:Archived Pages]]
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This is a list of the parties that occurred in 2009. This and 2013 have the most number of parties in one year. Key:

Membership Badge Toolbar = Free item that only members could obtain during the party.

PartyStart DateEnd DateFree ItemsNotes
Dance-A-Thon (members only) January 15January 18
Boombox Membership Badge Toolbar
Only dance-a-thon party in Club Penguin.
Winter Fiesta 2009January 22January 25Mini SombreroLast Winter Fiesta in Club Penguin.
Puffle Party 2009February 20February 25Puffle BandanaFirst Puffle Party in Club Penguin.
St. Patrick's Day Party 2009March 13March 17Shamrock Hat
Accordion Membership Badge Toolbar
Supposedly the last St. Patrick's Day party in Club Penguin.
Penguin Play Awards 2009March 20April 9Penguin Play Award Membership Badge Toolbar
First penguin play awards in Club Penguin.
Snow Sculpture Showcase 2009March 20 (originally going to be February, but delayed)April 9None
April Fools' Party 2009April 1April 6Blue Propeller Cap
Easter Egg Hunt 2009April 10April 12Pink Bunny Ears
Medieval Party 2009May 8May 17Wizard Hat
Golden Knight's Armor Membership Badge Toolbar
Golden ShieldMembership Badge Toolbar
Golden Knight's HelmetMembership Badge Toolbar
Adventure Party 2009June 12June 16Safari Hat
Adventure Party Background
Tropical Bird Membership Badge Toolbar
First Adventure Party in Club Penguin.
Music Jam 2009July 17July 26Green Headphones
Boombox Membership Badge Toolbar
Festival of FlightAugust 14August 20Green Propeller Cap
Jet Pack Membership Badge Toolbar
Only Festival of Flight on Club Penguin.
The Fair 2009September 4September 14Stripey Hat
Cosmic Star Hat
Feathered Tiara
Cotton Candy Pin
Fair Beacon Background
Circus Tent Membership Badge Toolbar
Ring Master Hat Membership Badge Toolbar
Ring Master Outfit Membership Badge Toolbar
Teddy Bear Membership Badge Toolbar
Carnival Background Membership Badge Toolbar
Curly Mustache Membership Badge Toolbar
Snack Stand Membership Badge Toolbar
The items listed in the free items required tickets to obtain.
4th Anniversary PartyOctober 24October 264th Year Party Hat
Halloween Party 2009October 27November 1Pumpkin Antennae
Jack O’ Lanterns Background
Pumpkin Head Membership Badge Toolbar
Silly Scarecrow Suit Membership Badge Toolbar
Celebration of FireNovember 23November 27None
Winter Party 2009November 27November 29Blue Pompom Toque
Yeti Costume Membership Badge Toolbar
The only winter party in Club Penguin.
Holiday Party 2009December 18December 29Santa Hat
Coins for Change Background
Santa Suit Membership Badge Toolbar


  • The Penguin Play Awards was the first event to ever be two weeks long.
  • The Club Penguin Team changed the name "Fall Fair" to "The Fair" in 2009 due to the fact that many penguins living in the southern hemisphere were having spring at that time.
  • The Club Penguin Team changed the name "Christmas Party" to "Holiday Party" in 2009 due to many penguins having different holidays and traditions besides just Christmas.
  • This, and 2013 are the years with the most parties, having 18 parties in both years.

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