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Below is a list of parties and events in 2010.

Party Logo Start date End date Free items Notes Characters Locations and the Special/Added Party Rooms
New Year's Day 2010 None January 1 January 4 None None None Ski Hill, Iceberg
Cave Expedition None January 21 January 28 Miners Helmet, Amethyst Pin, Coral Reef Background First expedition in Club Penguin. None Mine
Puffle Party 2010 Puffle-party February 18 February 25 Puffle Hat, Puffle Jacket None None Puffle Show
Penguin Play Awards 2010 Penguinplayawards March 18 March 29 Press Hat, Penguin Play Award, Video Camera This was the final Penguin Play Awards. Aunt Arctic Backstage
April Fools' Party 2010 April Fools' Parties logo March 31 April 4 Red Propeller Cap, King Jester Hat None None A Silly Place
Earth Day 2010 None April 21 April 27 Straw Gardening Hat, Recycle Pin This was the first Earth Day Party. None Mine Shack
Medieval Party 2010 Medieval Parties logo May 7 May 16 Wizard Hat, Staff and Shield, Iron Helmet, Iron Armor, Noble Horse, Dragon's Gold, Toothbrush Pin None None Treetop Fort, Ye Knight's Quest 2
Popcorn Explosion None May 18 May 27 Miners Helmet This event led to the closing of the Sport Shop, HQ, destruction of the PSA, and rise of the EPF. None Ski Village, Sport Shop, HQ
Island Adventure Party 2010 Island Adventure Party Logo June 18 June 28 Treasure Cove Background, Pirate Bandanna, Miners Helmet, Marooned Outfit Renamed from 'Adventure Party' from the previous year. Rockhopper Tree Forts, Ships
Music Jam 2010 Music Jam 09 Logo July 8 July 19 Blue Headphones, Music Jam Shirt, Boombox None Cadence, Penguin Band Music Maker 3000, Casa Fiesta
Mountain Expedition MountainExpeditionLogo August 12 August 19 Chilly Trek Hat, Red Flag, Top Of The Mountain Background None None Supply Camp, Ice Race Cavern, Base Camp, Mountain, Ice Cave, Mountain Top
The Fair 2010 The fair 2010 logo September 3 September 13 None None Rockhopper Great Puffle Circus Entrance, Great Puffle Circus
Stadium Games None September 24 December 20 Miners Helmet None None Stadium
5th Anniversary Party 5th Anniversary Party Logo October 23 October 25 5th Year Party Hat None None Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room
Halloween Party 2010 Halloween Parties logo October 28 November 4 Purple Bat Wings, Candy Forest Path Background, Ghost Costume, Storm Lantern, Pile O' Candy None Gary the Gadget Guy Secret Laboratory, Haunted House, Haunted House Entrance, Dark Swamp, Dark Chamber
Sensei's Water Scavenger Hunt None November 16 November 24 Water Tank Background, Bucket Hat Event was led up to by a month of rain from The Great Storm of 2010. Card-Jitsu Water officially launched. Sensei Dojo Courtyard, Water Dojo
Holiday Party 2010 Holiday Party 2010 Logo December 16 December 27 Reindeer Antlers, Santa's Present Bag, Globe Hat, Holiday Toque None Rockhopper Santa's Sled, ???

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  • 2010 held the record for least amount of newly introduced parties at the time with only 4, beating out 2008. It was surpassed in 2016.
  • 2010 ended the annual Winter Fiesta and St. Patrick's Day Parties, events that had been held every year since 2007 and 2006 respectively.
  • This was the only year to not have an Easter Egg Hunt until it was permanently cancelled in 2013.