Below is a list of parties and events in 2011.

Party/event Logo Start date End date Free items Notes Characters The Party Rooms
New Year's Day 2011None
January 1
NoneNoneNoneIceberg and Ski Hill
Wilderness Expedition 2011Wilderness Expedition LogoJanuary 18January 31Expedition Hat, Brown Puffle House, Brown PuffleNoneNoneGlade, Wilderness (room), Cliff, Shore, Bay and Brown Puffle Cave
Puffle Party 2011Puffle-partyFebruary 18February 28Blue Puffle Hat, Striped Puffle JacketNoneCadenceNight Club Rooftop, Puffle Feeding Area and Puffle Show
Pet Shop RebuildNoneMarch 1March 8NoneRenovating the Pet ShopNonePet Shop
April Fools' Party 2011April Fools' Parties logoMarch 25April 9Purple Propeller Cap, Delivery Hat, Delivery Outfit, Box CostumeNoneRookieDesert Dimension, Stair Dimension, Space Dimension, Candy Dimension, Doodle Dimension, A Silly Place, Cream Soda Dimension and Strange Dimension
Easter Egg Hunt 2011NoneApril 20April 28Safari Park BackgroundEgg hunt returned after not being held the previous year.NoneNone
Earth Day 2011NoneApril 21April 30Outback Exploring Hat, Safari Park BackgroundNoneRockhopperNone
Medieval Party 2011Medieval Parties logoMay 20May 29Purple Wizard HatNoneNoneYe Knight's Quest (And Princesses too!), Ye Knight's Quest 2, Ye Knights Quest 3 and Tree Forts
Battle of DoomNoneMay 31June 7EPF Badge Pin, Hydra HeadsNoneHerbert P. Bear, Klutzy and Gary the Gadget GuyEPF Rooftop
Music Jam 2011Music Jam 09 LogoJune 16July 5Music Swirl Tee, Boombox, Music Jam CapNoneCadence, and the Penguin BandNight Club Rooftop, Casa Fiesta, Music Maker 3000 and Backstage
Island Adventure Party 2011Island Adventure Party LogoJuly 21July 31Puffle Bandana, Commander Coat, The ContinentalNoneRockhopperShips and Treetop Fort
Great Snow RaceThe Great Snow Race LogoAugust 25August 30Infrared Tracker, Expedition Key Pin, AC 3000 Pin, Alpine HelmetOnly Great Snow Race in Club Penguin.Herbert and KlutzySupply Camp, Ice Race Cavern, Base Camp, Mountain (Mountain Expedition), Ice Cave, Laser Mazes, Classified Area and Mountain Top
Server Testing 2011NoneAugust 25September 9NoneTo test new servers and a new featureNoneNone
The Fair 2011The fair 2010 logoSeptember 22October 4NoneNoneRockhopperGreat Puffle Circus Entrance and Great Puffle Circus
Halloween Party 2011Halloween Parties logoOctober 20November 1Ghost Costume, Swamp Monster, LanternNoneGaryDark Chamber, Haunted House, Secret Laboratory
6th Anniversary PartyNoneOctober 23October 286th Anniversary HatNoneAunt ArcticNone
Card-Jitsu Party 2011Card-Jitsu Party 2011 logoNovember 24December 6Fire Headband, Water Headband, Water Training Plates, Fire Training PlatesFirst Card-Jitsu Party in Club Penguin.SenseiWater Dojo, Fire Dojo, Ninja Hideout, Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Headquarters, and others
Holiday Party 2011Holiday Party 2010 LogoDecember 15December 28To see the list of free items, see the main articleNoneAunt Arctic RockhopperMagic Sleigh Ride (Santa's Sleigh) & Bakery
New Year's Day 2012NoneDecember 27January 5NoneNoneNoneIceberg and Ski Hill

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  • Although Penguin Play Awards did not return in 2011, series 13 of the Treasure Book had clothes inspired by the event.
  • If you exclude the small Pet Shop rebuild event, 2011 ties with 2010 for the second least amount of newly introduced parties in a year.

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