Below is a list of parties and events in 2012.

Party/event Logo Start date End date Free items Notes Characters Locations and the Special/Added Party Rooms
New Year's Day 2012NoneDecember 27January 5NoneNoneNoneIceberg and Ski Hill
Underwater ExpeditionUnderwaterExpeditionLogoJanuary 26January 31Heavy Hat, Submarine Suit, and Cleaned Up Dock BackgroundNoneRookieThe Deep, Maze Rooms
Fashion ShowFashion Show Logo 2012February 2February 14NoneOnly Fashion Show in Club Penguin.CadenceGift Shop
Rockhopper's QuestRockhopper's Quest logoFebruary 24March 6Crew Cap, Life Vest, Viking Lord Armor, Viking Lord HelmetNoneRockhopperMigrator, Shipwreck Island, Dinosaur Island and Swashbuckler Trading Post
Puffle Party 2012Puffle Party 2012 NEW LOGOMarch 15March 27Polka Dot Puffle Hat, Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat, First Prize Puffle BackgroundNonePuffle HandlerPuffle Show and Puffle Play Zone
April Fools' Party 2012April Fools' Parties logoMarch 29April 3Blue Propeller Cap, Purple Propeller Cap, Box Shoes, Box Hat and Box CostumeFinal April Fools' party.RookieDimensions
Easter Egg Hunt 2012NoneApril 5April 10Yellow Bunny EarsFinal Easter Egg Hunt.NoneNone
Earth Day 2012EarthDayApril 19April 24Safari HelmetFinal Earth Day party.Aunt ArcticTown, Snow Forts, Plaza
Medieval Party 2012Medieval Parties logoMay 17May 30Noble Helmet, Skyward Staff, Crown of the Dragon King Pin, Battle CapeNoneGary the Gadget GuySky Kingdom, Mountain of Misery
Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party LogoJune 14July 4Aunt Arctic Giveaway, Press Conference Background, Money Bag, Mug Shot Background, Miners HelmetNoneAunt ArcticHero HQ, Villain Lair, Downtown Showdown
Make Your Mark: Ultimate JamUltimate Jam logoJuly 19August 1To see the list of free items, see the main articleNoneRocky, CeCe, Cadence and Penguin BandEverywhere
Adventure Party: Temple of FruitTempleOfFruitLogoAugust 23September 5To see the list of free items, see the main articleNoneRockhopperEverywhere
Smoothie Smash Grand OpeningCoffee Shop 2012 grand openingAugust 30September 5NoneRelease of the Smoothie Smash mini gameRockhopperCoffee Shop
The Fair 2012The fair 2010 logoSeptember 20October 4Step Right Up Background, Rookie's GiveawayNoneRookieEverywhere
Halloween Party 2012Halloween Parties logoOctober 18November 1Ghost Costume, Ghost Goggles, Ghostamatron Background, Ghost Catcher UniformNoneGary the Gadget GuyEverywhere
7th Anniversary Party7th Birthday BannerOctober 23October 257th Anniversary HatNoneGary the Gadget GuyCoffee Shop
Operation: BlackoutOperation Blackout Login Logo 2012November 15December 4Grappling Hook, Plasma Laser, Deflection Vest, Smoke Goggles, Klutzy Costume, Anti Lava Boots, Herbert CostumeNoneHerbert P. Bear, RookieEverywhere, Paradise, Tunnel, Underground Resistance, Lock Down, Sector 1 and 2, Herbert HQ
Holiday Party 2012Holiday Party 2012 logoDecember 20January 4, 2013To see the list of free items, see the main articleNoneRockhopperEverywhere

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