Below is a list of parties and events in 2013.

Party/event Logo Start date End date Free items Notes Characters Locations and the Special/Added Party Rooms
New Year's Day 2013NoneJanuary 1January 4NoneNoneNoneSnow Forts
Prehistoric Party 2013Prehistoric Party LogoJanuary 17January 31To see the list of free items, see the main article.Members are able to transform into Dinosaurs, and everyone can time travel.GaryTime Trekker, Snow Forts
Hollywood PartyLogo-hollywood-party-2013February 14February 28To see the list of free items, see the main article.NoneCadence, Gary, Sensei, and Aunt ArcticClub Penguin Island, Limo, Penguin High 3 Set, High Speed Getaway Set and Return of the Space Squid Set
Red Nose DayDisney Red Nose Day LogoFebruary 28March 21Red NoseNoneNoneCoffee Shop
Puffle Party 2013Puffle Party 2013 LogoMarch 21April 4To see the list of free items, see the main article.NonePHPuffle Hotel, Cloud Forest, Puffle Feeding Area, Puffle Play Zone
Operation: Hot SauceOPHSApril 5April 18Operation Hot Sauce BackgroundHerbert attacked the Pizza Parlor and stole the giant hot sauce bottle.NoneHerbert's Hot Sauce Lair, Pizza Parlor, Cove
Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013MarvelParty2013Logo blog1-1364492281April 25May 9To see the list of free items, see the main article.NoneAunt ArcticVillain HQ, Hero Carrier, Hero Lab
Card-Jitsu Party 2013CardJitsuSnowMay 23June 6To see the list of free items, see the main article.Card-Jitsu Snow is released.SenseiNinja Headquarters
Monsters University TakeoverMonstersUniversityTakeoverJune 27July 11JOX Hat, OK Hat, ROR Hat, PNK Hat, Scare Games TrophySecond promotional party in 2013.NoneClub Penguin Island, Campus Quad, Amphitheater, Scare Hall, OK Fraternity, ROR Fraternity, PNK Sorority, JOX Fraternity
Star Wars TakeoverSWT LogoJuly 25August 13To see the list of free items, see the main article.NoneHerbert P. BearMillennium Falcon, Tatooine (room), Sand Crawler, Lars Homestead, Desert, Mos Eisley, Cantina, Docking Bay, Throne Room, Meeting Room, Bridge, Elevators, Trash Compactor, Tractor Beam, Detention Block, Yavin 4 (room), Rebel Base
Teen Beach Movie Summer JamSurfs Up Teen Beach Movie LogoAugust 22September 4To see the list of free items, see the main article.NoneCadence, Brady, McKenzieBig Momma's, Big Momma's Backstage, Highway
Medieval Party 2013Medieval Parties logoSeptember 19October 3 Wizardly Hat, Gary's Potion Giveaway, Wizardly Jacket, Magical WandFinal Medieval Party in Club PenguinGary the Gadget GuyWizard School
Halloween Party 2013Halloween Parties logoOctober 17October 31Pumpkin Lid, Rookie's Halloween Giveaway, Wrapper HeadNoneRookieAll over the island
8th Anniversary Party8thAnniversaryParty-Logo-2013October 24October 318th Anniversary Hat, This Old Town Background, Aunt Arctic's Press GiveawayNoneAunt ArcticAt the Coffee Shop
Festival of LightsNoneNovember 1November 20NoneMinor event held to celebrate Festival of LightsNoneIceberg, Ski Hill and Beacon
Quest for the Gold PuffleGFTGPLogoNovember 14November 21Gold Puffle, PH's Golden Puffle GiveawayNonePHGold Mine
Operation: PuffleOPPuffleLogoNovember 21December 5To see the list of free items, see the main article.Second EPF Operation in 2013.Herbert P. Bear, PHWilderness
Holiday Party 2013Holidayparty2013December 19January 2, 2014To see the list of free items, see the main article.NoneRockhopperTrain Station

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  • 2013 saw the end of several classic events in Club Penguin in favor of new ones. The April Fools' Party, Adventure Parties, and Earth Day Party did not return despite being held every year since 2006, 2009, and 2010 respectively.
    • The Fair, which first debuted in 2007, also was not held in 2013. However, it returned in early 2014.
  • 2013 was the first year in which the new artwork style was incorporated into everything, from party interfaces to newspaper articles for parties, to room designs and free items.
    • The new artwork style was not incorporated into the magazine until issue #17, but issue #15 had puffles in the new art style, although the issue after (#16) did not have the new artwork style.
  • 2013 marked the second time in which three consecutive sponsored parties were held. In this order, the Monsters University Takeover, Star Wars Takeover and Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.
    • The first time this happened was in 2012 and the third time was in 2016.

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