Rooms were places in Club Penguin. There were a variety of rooms, each with different designs and features. Most rooms were connected to each other and could be walked to, or accessed through the map or EPF Phone.

All rooms in Club Penguin could hold up to 80 players at once, with the exception of the Town, which could hold 120.


These rooms were the regular rooms in Club Penguin.

Hidden rooms

These rooms did not appear directly on the map, or were only accessed by special means.


These rooms appeared on Rockhopper's ship The Migrator, and were only accessible when Rockhopper was visiting.

Party rooms

These were rooms that only appeared during parties.

Prehistoric rooms

These rooms are prehistoric versions of existing rooms, all of which have only appeared during the three Prehistoric Parties.

Future Rooms

These rooms are futuristic versions of existing rooms from an alternate time, all of which have only appeared during the Future Party.

Game rooms

These rooms only appeared during games, and were not accessible during normal gameplay.

Mission rooms

These rooms only appeared in PSA or EPF missions.


These were various other dimensions that could have been visited from the Box Dimension at some April Fools' Parties.

Former rooms

These rooms were removed from Club Penguin after a period of time.

Cancelled rooms

These rooms were only found in a .swf or in The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin and can not be found anymore.


  • It was possible to login directly into a particular room, using query strings.
  • All of the rooms were updated from bitmap to vector in 2006-2007, to "allow Club Penguin to become wide screen". Previously, (while viewing the .swf files) those with wider screens would see the room .swf as being blurry, depending on how big their screen resolution was.[1]


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