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The following page lists characters from Stage plays.

List of characters

Play Character Role
Space Adventure Captain Snow The captain of the SS Astro Barrier
Ensign The first officer of the SS Astro Barrier
Tin Can 3000 ("Robot") The robot of the spaceship
Zip ("Alien") A resident of Planet X
The Twelfth Fish Countess The Countess, who loves counting and wants to find the 12 rarest fish and count them one by one, but has trouble finding the 12th fish
Bard Bard and Jester join the Countess and help her find the fish
Fish The 12th fish in the Countess's quest
Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Squidzoid A giant monster who attempts to eat the entire city
Melmonst Another monster. Represented by a set piece rather than an actor.
Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy The heroes of the play, who save the city from the monsters
Witness and Reporter Give the audience information whenever something happens
Team Blue's Rally Debut Happy Judge and Grumpy Judge The judges in the play. Give information about the roles of the characters. The two judges differ in enthusiasm
Cheerleader Presents the mascots
Audience Takes part in the play. The mascots' role is to excite the audience
Peppy, Tate the Migrator and Zeus the Moose The mascots in the play. Form the "Team Blue Crew", and try to excite the audience and judges
Quest for the Golden Puffle Yukon and Alaska Explorers. Try to find the rare Golden Puffle sculpture in a pyramid
Boris A mummy
King Ra-Ra A pharaoh
The Penguins that Time Forgot Chester A penguin who goes back in time to the prehistoric era, and his time machine breaks
Critteroo, Kek and Tiki Prehistoric penguins who speak a nonsensical language
Team Blue Rally 2 Zeus the Moose The mascot of Team Blue
Jupiter The mascot of Team Red
Bella A cheerleader
Jeff the Ref The referee in the dodgeball game
Team Red, Team Blue The viewers
Ruby and the Ruby Jacques Hammer A private detective
Ruby The owner of the stolen ruby. Hires Hammer to find it
Tenor One of the suspects. Appears to like playing hopscotch
Dom A doorman
Space Adventure Planet Y Captain Snow The captain of the SS Astro Barrier
Ensign The first officer of the SS Astro Barrier
Tin Can 3000 The robot of the spaceship
Zip Part of the crew, was recruited on Planet X
Quip and Qua ("the Q's") Residents of Planet Y. The rivals of Captain Snow, and the creators of Tin Can 3000
Fairy Fables Twee A fairy, the narrator of the play
Prince Redhood Went to visit the princess. Brought some croissants with him
Big Bad Wool A giant hungry sheep. Loves croissants
Grumpunzel The princess in the castle
Team Blue vs. Team Red Jeff the Ref The referee in the dodgeball championship game
Zeus the Moose, Tate the Migrator Mascots of Team Blue
Scarlet The head of Team Red
Eric the Red Another member of Team Red
The Haunting of the Viking Opera Hector the Director The director. Takes an active part through the entire play
Helga An opera singer
The Glowing Ghost A ghost (supposedly). Interrupts Helga's singing
Inspector Bailey An inspector. Tries to stop the ghost
Underwater Adventure Fiesel and Daisy Divers. Search for Penglantis, the lost underwater city, from their submarine
Toby the Lobster A lobster parking attendant. Refuses to lead Fiesel and Daisy to the city, but shows them a hidden treasure
Wise Fish Tells Fiesel and Daisy how to get to the city
Bubbles A mermaid who lives in the city
Flippers A merman who lives in the city and loves telling jokes
Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed Norman Swarm A penguin who got shrunk by a laser. Searches for the Garden Gnome, who can help him get back to his normal size
Bonnie The Moth, Gladys the Spider, Toni the Snail and Fuzz the Bee The garden creatures. Help Norman find the Garden Gnome
Bernard the Garden Gnome Helps Norman to get back to his normal size
Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Monkey King Loves adventures and finding treasures. Tries to find a treasure in a palace
Funny Pig Tells Monkey how to cross the river and get to the treasure
Guardian Dog The guardian of the palace. Only allows entrance of those who have found the Feather Pin, Gold Feather Pin, or Enchanted Feather Pin
Phoenix Queen Lives in the palace. Gives Monkey and Pig a rare background as a reward
Battle of the Ancient Shadows Ancient Dragon Believes dragons used to rule the island and argues with Sage Fish
Sage Fish Believes fish used to rule the island and argues with Ancient Dragon
Snow Monkey A fan of Ancient Dragon and Sage Fish who has them do battle
Night of The Living Sled (Live) Rad Scientist The creator of the Living Sled
Living Sled A living sled who chases penguins
Scared Penguin and Frightened Penguin Chased by the Living Sled
A Humbug Holiday Humbug An unkind and grumpy penguin
Ghost of Yesterday Reminds Humbug that he left his socks in the dryer
Ghost of Today Tells Humbug about a holiday fruit cake sale
Ghost of Tomorrow Steals Humbug's fruit cake
The Vikings That Time Forgot Chester After going back to the prehistoric era, Chester manages to fix his time machine, but instead of going back home, he reaches a different time
Critteroo and Tiki Prehistoric penguins. Join Chester in his time travel journey
Vick An opera singer. Plays the role of a viking king
Helga Another opera singer. She is also a time traveler
My Awesome Life - The Herbert Story Herbert P. Bear The narrator and the main character in the play. Tells his story
Huckle and Jekyll Penguins in the audience who complain about the play

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