This page lists a List of Tour Guide Messages. Tour guide messages are messages that tour guides can say, when wearing the Tour Guide Hat.


Town Center

Room Tour Guide
Town Center Welcome to the Town Center! This is often the first place you visit. If Club Penguin is having a party... this room is usually well decorated for it.
Coffee Shop Here we have our Coffee Shop. You can grab a hot cup of java... unload beans in Bean Counters... or have a delicious fruit smoothie. Making smoothies is fun, but messy!
Book Room These are the CP Times offices. Here you can peruse the library... check out the striking wall art... and pass the time with Mancala... while you wait for news to roll in!
Dance Club Welcome to The Dance Club. This is THE place for dance parties. That Green Puffle on the speaker is called the keeper... He was gone for a short while recently... So it is good to have him back.
Arcade This is the second floor of the Dance Club. It is called the Lounge. It is a great place to rest after dancing. Also, fun arcade games are found here.
Clothes Shop This is the Clothes Shop. You can buy clothes from the monthly catalog. Colors and backgrounds can be bought as well. Use coins you have earned from playing games.


Room Tour Guide
Plaza This is the Plaza! Don't go shopping on an empty stomach! Grab a snack at the Pizza Parlor. Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Pamper your pet at the Puffle Hotel. Then check out the play... The Penguins That Time Forgot!
Pet Shop In the Pet Shop you can adopt puffles. They have different colors and traits. Play Puffle Launch, Pufflescape... Puffle Roundup. Or pamper them in the Puffle Hotel!
Puffle Hotel puffle to food, toys and hats... get pampered at the Puffle Spa... or head upstairs to relax by the pool.
Stage Now showing... The Penguins That Time Forgot... a comedy adventure... that goes back to prehistoric times. Grab a costume and join in! TIKI TIKI ABOOT!
Pizza Parlor Mmm... Pizza Parlor! Here you can grab a delicious slice... or make pizzas in the Pizzatron game. The stage is great for entertaining... or go behind the counter to help out!

Puffle Hotel

Room Tour Guide
Puffle Hotel Lobby Welcome to the Puffle Hotel! Treat your puffle to food, toys and hats... get pampered at the Puffle Spa... or head upstairs to relax by the pool
Puffle Hotel Spa Here your puffle can enjoy a workout... on the treadmill or at a step class... Then indulge them with a spa treatment. Careful not to get soap in your eyes!
Puffle Hotel Roof This is the rooftop of the Puffle Hotel. Treat your pet to a delicious snack... go for a dip or relax by the poolside... Members can launch into the Cloud Forest!

Ski Village

Room Tour Guide
Ski Village Here we have the Ski Village. Race down the Ski Hill and chill in the Ski Lodge... and an Everyday Phoning Facility Nothing suspicious about that! Nope, moving on...
Ski Hill Welcome to the Mountain! This is the place to be if you like to celebrate new year.
Ski Lodge The Ski Lodge is a great place to warm up. Or, you can play Find Four with friends. You can also go Ice Fishing out the back door.
Lodge Attic This is the Lodge Attic. It has been used to store just about everything! It also has more Find Four tables.
Everyday Phoning Facility When on the test (solo):
Hmm... Looks like I'm the only one here. I can't really give a tour to just myself... or can I?. Here we have the Facility. It's pretty empty.

After finishing the test and before going on the test (multiplayer): This is the Everyday Phoning Facility which is ACTUALLY a secret entrance to Elite Penguin Force Command. That's still technically classified info. But I think you got the right stuff to be an agent. Hit that target with a snowball to volunteer.


Room Tour Guide
Beach This is the beach, home of the Lighthouse. It is a great place to relax in the sun. Sometimes you can see the pirate ship docked here!
Lighthouse This is the Lighthouse... the tallest building in Club Penguin. Take a look at the pictures on the wall... or grab a new instrument and perform on the stage. Go upstairs to find the Beacon.
Beacon The Beacon holds the Lighthouse spotlight... and a telescope that you can look through. And if you thought penguins could not fly... you should try the Jetpack game on the right.
Migrator This is the pirate ship, the Migrator. Arrrr! Rockhopper sails the seas in this ship.
Dock Welcome to the Dock. You can play Hydro-Hopper here. Take a ride on a tube behind the speedboat.


Room Tour Guide
Migrator This is the pirate ship, the Migrator. Arrrr! Rockhopper sails the seas in this ship.
Ship Hold Here is the ship's cargo hold. Check out Rockhopper's Rare Items... for some treasures straight from Rockhopper Island!
Captain's Quarters This is the Captain's Quarters! Rockhopper spends a lot of time here. Look at the corkboard for his photos! Or, grab a friend and hunt for some treasure!

The Underground

Room Tour Guide
Mine Shack Welcome to School! Chill out on the lawn... start a game of volleyball... or head inside to class. When school gets out, head down to the Mine... for a game of Cart Surfer!
Mine This is the Mine of Club Penguin. Here you can play Cart Surfer. Many penguins like playing Cart Surfer for earning coins.
Underground Pool Here we have the Cave, which has its own pool. It also has windows to see underwater. Wait a moment, and a crab may walk by.
Boiler Room This is the Boiler Room. It gives electricity and 100% heat to Club Penguin. Here you can read old editions of the news.
Hidden Lake This is the Hidden Lake. Guess it is not so hidden anymore! Look at all this treasure. You'll need a key for that water door. Play Puffle Rescue to find it.
Gold Mine This is the Gold Mine. Rumor is if you dig up gold nuggets... you can find the legendary gold puffle! If you think you have what it takes... head to the Pet Shop to start the quest.


Room Tour Guide
Dojo Courtyard This is the Dojo Courtyard. Enter the Dojo to play Card-Jitsu... and learn the ways of the ninja!
Dojo Welcome to the Dojo! Card-Jitsu takes time to master... but Sensei is here to teach you. The elements of Fire, Water and Snow... can be yours to master!
Fire Dojo This hot spot is the Fire Dojo. Here Card-Jitsu ninjas... learn to master the element of Fire. Talk to Sensei to begin your training.
Water Dojo Welcome to the Water Dojo. Water ninjas earn their suits here... by battling in Card-Jitsu... Some say they're the strongest ninjas. Others say they're all wet!
Snow Dojo This mountain peak is the Snow Dojo. Head across the bridge to battle snow minions... and master Snow. You are ready brave ninja!

Secret Rooms

Room Tour Guide
EPF Command Room Here we have EPF Command. As you can see, it is having some issues and what not, after being blown up by Herbert. Repairs are under way though!
Iceberg Here we are on the Iceberg. It might not look like much... but it is a jackhammering hot spot! You can also dive for treasure... in the Aqua Grabber!
Box Dimension Welcome to the Box Dimension. This mysterious place is the source of all boxes. Please leave the law of physics at the door.
Cloud Forest It's the majestic rainbow puffle! Best discovery EVER!


Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts These forts are for snowball fights. Some great battles have happened here! The clock shows Penguin Standard Time. Hit the target and watch it go crazy!
Ice Rink Here we are at the home of hockey - the Ice Rink! Get your buddies together and start a game! Keep passing until you get the puck in the net. Work as a team and you'll win the game!
Stadium Welcome to the Stadium sport fans! Take part in the action and start a game! Or grab a snack and watch from the bleachers. You can buy items for your igloo... and sports gear from the booth.
Forest Here we are in the Forest. It's a great place to enjoy nature. But watch out for the wildlife! Go down those stairs to go to the Cove. Or head up to the university... and learn something new.
Cove This secluded spot is the Cove. Here you can swim by the shore... grab a board and catch some waves... or throw a beach party! Just make sure there's a lifeguard!
School Class is in session! Everyone take your seats. What are we studying today? When it is time for lunch... head into the cafeteria and check out the daily lunch special!

Former Locations

Room Tour Guide
Sport Shop Look at all this popcorn! Popcorn can be a healthy snack for athletes. Hmm, it looks like there's some construction going on today...
HQ Popcorn Explosion: Whoa! What happened in here? It looks like a popcorn tornado hit the HQ, I think we should report it immediately!"
Command Room Welcome to the Command Room! Only EPF agents can access this room... Remember... this room is popcorn secret!
VR Room This is called the VR Room. VR stands for Virtual Reality. Here you can see what the old HQ looked like, before it was destroyed by a popcorn device.
Ninja Hideout Welcome to the Ninja Hideout! Only Ninjas have access to this secret room. Here you will find the Martial Artworks catalog, where you can buy the Amulet. The Amulet is the key to enter the Fire Dojo and the Water Dojo.
Recycling Plant This is the Recycling Plant! Throw your recycling into the recycletron 3000... and turn rubbish things into useful things!


Operation: Blackout

Place Name New Name Tour Guide
Town Center Town Place Welcome to Herbert Tours. Herbert has written everything I say because he's so smart and awesome. This is the Town Place. It has a statue of Herbert now. Pretty cool if you ask me.
Coffee Shop Coffee Store Welcome to the Coffee Store. Herbert says penguins drink too much coffee, so from now on, only carrot juice will be served. Feel free to play all games to play here. But do not have fun. Fun is outlawed.
Book Room Newsroom Up here is the Newsroom. Herbert says the newspaper is awesome now that he is writing it himself. Please send him any questions you have, because Herbert is really smart and strong... sigh.
Dance Club Noisy Club Here we have the Noisy Club. Herbert says this place plays music too loud, so loud music is now forbidden here. Please feel free to dance and mix music, but do it quietly!
Arcade Video Game Room This is the Video Game Room? Herbert says that arcades are silly. And waste precious time that should be spent on concocting evil plans. But if you're gonna to play anyway, Herbert recommends setting a time limit. About 35 seconds should do.
Clothes Shop Shop of Gifts Welcome to the Shop of Gifts. Herbert recently improved the catalog by posing with some of the items. 100% of the profits go to the Herbert Fund.
Dock Dock Encampment Welcome to the Dock encampment. A care center has been set up for puffles that are lost, cold, or sick from the Blackout. Please help out if you have a moment. Herbert avoids this place, he does not like puffles!
Beach Herbert Beach Here we have Herbert Beach. Though without the sun, it will be hard to get tan. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Lighthouse Lighthouse Hospital This is the Lighthouse Hospital. We're pretty sure Herbert does not know that place exists. Anyone who is sick or injured can come here, or if you need a safe place to get warm. Will this blackout never end?
Beacon Giant Lightbulb Up there is the Giant Lightbulb. It's actually getting more use these days, now that Herbert stole all the sunlight. It must stay on, to make sure no boats crash here. Soon it, might be the only light left on the island.
Ski Village Snow Town Here we have the Snow Town. Pay no attention to the building on fire. That's just the former base of the Elite Penguin Force. It was disguised as an Everyday Phoning Facility. Wait! That spells EPF too! I just got that!
Everyday Phoning Facility The Entrance to EPF This WAS the entrance to EPF, but Herbert showed THEM who's boss! Feel free to warm yourself by the fire, which Herbert has graciously provided.
EPF Command Room HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures Voila! This is the HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures! They tried to stop Herbert many times, but Herbert was WAY too smart and strong and talented, and cool and strong, and now they're gone. MWA HA HA!
Ski Lodge Herbert's Cabin Welcome to Herbert's Cabin. Herbert originally wanted to cut it down to provided much needed campfires for everyone. But ever since he took over the island, he's decided to keep as it is. Isn't Herbert a nice guy?
Lodge Attic Storage Room Welcome to the Storage Room. Herbert finds this place a little creepy. Like, what's up with that rocking horse? It's WAY too big. It does not make sense. Creepy.
Ski Hill Herbert Mountain Here we have the top of Herbert Mountain. Herbert recently renamed it as his own honor. It used to be called the Ski Mountain, even though no one never skis here. Herbert Mountain is a way cooler name.
Dojo Courtyard Ninja Restaurant Behold the Ninja Restaurant. Herbert does not like to eat here, because he heard that they serve fish and he's a strict vegetarian. Hopefully it will close down soon.
Dojo Ninja Palace Welcome to Ninja Palace. Herbert does not know much about ninjas because he's pretty sure they don't exist. So this place must be imaginary. You have a great imagination!
Ninja Hideout --- I have no idea what this room is. Herbert didn't provide any notes on it. So, I guess it is safe to say whatever I want. Herbert is mean!
Iceberg Iceberg This is the Iceberg. Herbert thinks icebergs are unreliable and prone to tipping over, so please watch your step.
Snow Forts Snowball Fight Room Here we have the Snowball Fight Room. Herbert would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to throw snowballs at him. Anyone who does may be frozen.
Stadium Herbert Stadium This is Herbert Stadium. Herbert has plans to tear it down and build a giant amusement park for crabs only. No penguins allowed.
Plaza The Plaza This is the Plaza. Here you'll find the best pizzeria on the island, a wonderful Stage production, starring Herbert, and a stinky place full of puffles. Herbert recommends avoiding the Pet Shop, because puffles are really annoying.
Pet Shop Pet Shop This is the Pet Shop. Herbert thinks that puffles are really annoying, so he does not visit here very often. He plans on outlawing puffles soon and replacing them with pet rocks. Won't that be fun?
Stage Stage Shh! Be quiet! This is the Stage, which is currently showing a play about Herbert. Please find a seat and watch in awe. Flash photography is encouraged.
Pizza Parlor Pizzeria Here we have the Pizzeria! Herbert recommends the seaweed vegetarian pizza. In fact when Herbert gets the chance, he'll be outlawing all other kinds of pizzas. So enjoy the Fish Dish pizza while you can.
Forest Herbert Forest This is Herbert Forest. Did you know that Herbert planted ALL these trees? It's true! And each one has a special name. That one is named Barky, and that one is Barky 2. Isn't Herbert a great guy?
Cove Swimming Hole This is the Swimming Hole. Herbert says that swimming is bad for you, like when you get water in your ears. Isn't that super duper annoying? So swimming is outlawed.
Mine Shack Tool Shed Here we have the Tool Shed. Herbert plans to turn it into a spa for polar bears. So if you're a polar bear... Umm... Good for you?
Mine MINE Welcome to the MINE... it is now called the MINE because when Herbert saw it, he said "THIS IS MINE". So please stay out.
Gold Mine Dark Cave This is the Dark Cave. The light generator was designed by Herbert, who donated it but never got credit. But that's okay. Herbert is chill about it, especially now that he's Illustrious Leader Supreme. Yay Herbert.
Hidden Lake Herbert Cave This is Herbert Cave. Enjoy it while you can. Herbert plans to turn it into a seaweed storage room. Sorry mermaids!
Underwater Klutzy Reef Welcome to Klutzy Reef. When Herbert took over the island, he gave this room to Klutzy. Which was really nice of Herbert, because Herbert is really nice.
Underground Pool Click This next bit of info is written by Klutzy... ahem... click click clickty click! Ka-click click click clickety clickey click!
Boiler Room Boiler Room This is one of the best rooms on the island, so welcome to the Boiler Room! This place is pretty quiet and warm, which are Herbert's two favorite things! Enjoy!
Box Dimension Barf Place The first time Herbert saw this place, he got dizzy and barfed, So this is now known as the Barf Room, and Herbert will no longer be visiting here.

Holiday Party 2012

Room Tour Guide
Town Here's the Town! Warm up with some cocoa from the Coffee Shop... party in the Dance Club... or find holiday fashions in the Clothes Shop!
Dock Brrrr! It's freezing here! Thi-thi-this is the home of the Frost Bites... a mischievous group of icy creatures. It is said they leave frost in their tracks. Just steer clear of their freezing snowball attacks!
Beach Here we have the WHOA! Sorry, I thought a snowball was coming for me. As you can see, we've set up the snow forts here... so that holiday snowball fights may commence. Watch out! The snow is a little weaker here... so your fort might crumble from an attack! Use your jackhammer to fix the forts!
Coffee Shop This is the Coffee Shop... where elves come to relax and sip hot cocoa. If you click on the bag of coffee... you can play Bean Counters!
Clothes Shop Welcome to the holly jolly Gift Shop! As you can see, they've got a few more toys than usual. If you eat a Toy Car cookie from the Bakery... you can participate in the Holiday races. Drivers! Start your engines!
Migrator This is Rockhopper's Ship, the Migrator. Arrrr! Rockhopper is challenging everyone... to bake a gazillion cookies. We'd better get started!
Crow's Nest Welcome to the Crow's Nest! That snowman looks a lot like someone I know...
Ship Hold Here is the ship's cargo hold. Yarr and Rockhopper decorated for the holidays. Check out Rockhopper's Rare Items!
Captain's Quarters This is the Captain's Quarter! Play Treasure Hunt to earn doubloons for Coins For Change. And check out the Corkboard... Rockhopper left us a message!
Ski Village Welcome to the Ski Village. It's a perfect place to go caroling. Grab some friends and spread festive cheer!
Ski Hill This is the Ski Mountain. You can really see the Aurora Australis from here! Let's enjoy the lights...then head down the hill... for a game of Sled Racing!
Ski Lodge Here we have the Lodge... whose decorations are fit for Santa himself! Feel free to sit for a picture... or head upstairs to help deliver presents! And no peeking at the gifts!
Santa's Sled Ho ho ho! Here we are on Santa's Sled! Let's use these controls... to help fly the sleigh. We can deliver presents by pressing the button. Once we finish delivering... we can pick up a special gift!
Snow Forts Behold! The Coins For Change Bakery! Here teams of elves are hard at work... baking lots of magical Holiday Cookies! These cookies are filled with holiday cheer... and also sugar. Let's check it out!
Stadium This is the Ice Rink. Let's grab some skates... from the Snow and Sports catalog...and join the fun!
Cookie Shop Voila! The Cookie Shop! Here you can buy Holiday Cookies... that transform you into all kinds of things. This place is buzzing with holiday cheer right now... and also probably from the extra sugar. All sales go directly to Coins For Change.
Bakery (2012) Alright elves! Let's get to work! Here's what you need to know to work in the Bakery. Stand on these squares to throw ingredients into the mixer. Add an extra dash of holiday cheer bu using your smiley emotes. Then stand on this platform to multiply the number of cookies. The more elves we have, the more cookies we make. Let's do it!
Plaza Happy Holidays! Welcome to the Plaza. Here you'll find the Pet Shop... A Humbug Holiday at the Stage... and a feast in the Pizza Parlor!
Pet Shop Here's the Pet Shop. Lets buy festive hats for our puffles. Our pets can explore in Pufflescape... or blast off in Puffle Launch!
Pizza Parlor Ah, how lovely! Welcome to the Pizza Shop... which is looking a lot more festive for the holidays. Grab a slice and cozy up to the fire... or sit down for a fine festive feast.
Forest Here we have the Forest... which was decorated especially for reindeer puffles! If you would like to be a reindeer puffle yourself... head to the Bakery for a holiday cookie. One bite, and you'll be pulling Santa's sleigh in no time!
Cove This is the Cove. Wow a tropical feast! That fish looks tasty. After a bite... we can play Catchin' Waves!
Iceberg Welcome to the Iceberg! The more penguins there are... the bigger and brighter the tree!
Dojo Courtyard Welcome to the Courtyard. As you can see... ninjas REALLY like decorating. Come inside for ninja training!
Dojo Here we are in the Dojo. Let's take a break from the Party... and train in the art of Card-Jitsu. Let's battle!

Prehistoric Party 2013

Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts (2013) Here we have the Snow Forts. As you can see, there's a time machine here that Gary is using to travel to the past. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!
Time Trekker Welcome to the Time Trekker! When traveling through time please note keep all flippers in the vehicle at all time please remain seated until time anomaly is finished.
Tree Place GRUB GRUB! This be Tree Place. It are named for so many trees. Watch where step. Dinos get mad when smoosh eggs.
Stony Town Here be Stony Town. It nice place. Good spot to rest bottom. Dinos not come by so much. OH! Look! Fire! Is new invention!
Yum Yum YUM YUM! that restaurant name YUM YUM. Here am many good things to eat, like ptero pizza, t rex burgers and tricera salad. Salad am favorite. It made of meat.
Big Water Place This be Big Water Place. It are nice place to tour. Hardly anyone gets eaten here. Please watch out for lava though. It not taste good, trust me.
Dino Nests SHHHHH! This be Dino Nest place. Many Dinos make nests here. Nice place to raise family maybe? Look for sparkly shells in sand. Me love sparklies.
Yuck Swamp YUCK! No, me not get dirty that name of place. YUCK! Swamp is nice place to swim but watch out for swampy dinos. They eat you, even if you yucky.
Tricera Town YIKES! This be Tricera Town! Many pointy head Dinos here, they like to SMASH and crush. Of course they no crush tour guides, is rude.
Hunting Spot Ahh, this be Hunting Spot. Good place to catch dinner. Watch out though, also good place to be caught for dinner!
Ptero Town HEADS UP! This Ptero Town. It filled with flying dinos. Me no like flying dinos, much worse than pigeons.
Scary Ice This is Scary Ice. This big fish very mad, he no like being frozen. Please no tap on ice, it make angry fish beast madder.

Hollywood Party

Room Tour Guide
Coffee Shop Here we have the Coffee Shop. Keep your eyes out! Superstars are stopping by for hot coffee, and fresh fruit smoothies.
Clothes Shop This is the Clothes Shop. Let's join the fashion show! We can show off the latest styles from the catalog... snap photos of fabulous models... or head backstage and help with the show
Snow Forts Welcome to Club Penguin Studios! The cameras are rolling on three new films. Head onto the sets to take part in the action... or take a Superstar Tour. You never know who you'll run into!
Penguin High 3 Set Quiet on set! Club Penguin High 3 is now filming. Get your dancing shoes on and join the production... or be the director and call the shorts.
High Speed Getaway Set Lights. Camera. Action! There's some daring actors on this set. If you're up to the challenge you can show off your stunt skills. Watch out for explosions.
Return of the Space Squid Set Space... prepare for the ultimate adventure. Now filming Return of the Space Squid. Watch out for ALIENS!
Limo Check out this Limo! Here you can enjoy the VIP treatment... or rock out in the DJ Booth. And what limo is complete without a pool?!
Plaza The Awards Show has started! And Superstars are hitting the red carpet. Head inside to see who's won... or snap some photos and get autographs.
Pizza Parlor Check out the Pizza Shop. It's pretty swanky. Here you can enjoy a slice of pizza and some cream soda... or head into the kitchen and whip up some pizzas.

Puffle Party 2013

Room Tour Guide
Town Even the Town has been Puffle-ized! Take your pet for some java at the Coffee Shop...try on puffle fan fashions in the Clothes Shop... or rock out together in the Dance Club
Dance Club This is the main floor of the Dance Club. Purple Puffles love hitting the dance floor... they've got the best moves!
Arcade Welcome to the Lounge... where Brown Puffles like to hang out. Here you can grab some snacks... and play some arcade games.
Dock Welcome to the Dock. Blue Puffles are having great fun playing here! You can also ride behind a speedboat and play Hydro Hopper
Beach This is the Beach, home of the Lighthouse. It's a great place to relax with your puffles. Sometimes a pirate ship docks here. Captain Rockhopper has a red puffle named Yarr!
Box Dimension This place is called the Box Dimension... Naturally it is filled with boxes... It's also a great place for an Orange Puffle Party!
Lighthouse This is the Lighthouse... where yellow puffles are being creative! Have your portrait painted... see the amazing sculptures... or relax and watch a puffle performance
Beacon Here we have the Beacon. Green Puffles are having fun up here. They're the silliest of all the puffles! If you've always wanted to fly too... take your green puffle into Jet Pack Adventure
Ski Village Here we are in the Ski Village... head on up the hills to race sleds... take your puffle into the Play Zone... or wander into the Everyday Phoning Facility
Ski Hill Welcome to the Ski Hill! This is THE place to bring your white puffle. Try out the cloud maker... or sit back and enjoy the figure skating show!
Ski Lodge Welcome to the Puffle Play Zone! This is the ultimate play place for puffles. Let your puffle try the climbing wall... or treat them to a new hair style!
Puffle Play Zone Squeak squeak squeak! Squeak squeak squeak squeak... squeak squeak squeak! SQUEAK!
Snow Forts These are the Snow Forts! Start a snowball fight with your friends... bring your puffle with you to join in the fun!
Puffle Feeding Area This is the Puffle Feeding Area! Throw them some Puffle O's. They're a puffle's favorite treat to eat. Make a puffle happy today!
Plaza Welcome to the Plaza! Take your puffle for dinner at the Pizza Parlor... watch a show together at the Stage... visit friends at the Pet Shop... or head into the Puffle Hotel... for some rest and relaxation.
Underground Pool Here we have the Underground Pool. It's been turned into a skate park. black puffles are gnarly little dudes. Bring yours down to skate... or just to hang out with your friends.
Pet Shop We're having a Puffle Party in the Pet Shop! Here you can round up and adopt puffles. You can also buy puffle furniture for your igloo. Exercise your pet in Pufflescape... or send them to the skies in Puffle Launch!
Puffle Hotel Lobby Welcome to the Puffle Hotel! Treat your puffle to food, toys and hats... get pampered at the Puffle Spa...or head upstairs to relax by the pool.
Puffle Hotel Spa Here your puffle can enjoy a workout... on the treadmill or at a step class. Then indulge them with a Spa Treatment. Careful not to get soap in your eyes!
Puffle Hotel Roof This is the rooftop of the Puffle Hotel. Treat your pet to a delicious snack... go for a dip or relax by the poolside... Members can launch into the Cloud Forest!
Cloud Forest It's the majestic Rainbow Puffle!!!!! Best discovery EVER!!!!! Must. Tell. Everyone!
Cove This is the Cove! Red Puffles are having a jolly good time here! Go swimming in the water... Or test your surf skills and catch some waves! Don't forget to take your Red Puffle with you.
Iceberg This is the Iceberg! Right now it is a pink puffle's favorite spot. If you want to dive into the ocean depths... try out the Aqua Grabber. And take your Pink Puffle with you!

Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013


Room Tour Guide
Forest Watch your step! There's been some seismic activity here recently... crystals are coming up through the earth! Join the scientists at the research station to study them!


Room Tour Guide
Beach Here we are outside the Hospital. Inside, injured penguins need your help. Heroes can launch up to the Hero Carrier... or run up to the Hero Lab.
Lighthouse This is the Hospital. We urgently need more doctors and nurses. To help the injured heroes, we've got to provide top of the line care!
Dock Firefighters are bravely containing the flames. Think you have what it takes? We need the best of the best!
Town Center This is the City Center. Grab a cup of joe... join the press at the Club Penguin Times... hit up the Dance Club... and get super suits at the Clothes Shop.
Snow Forts This is Club Penguin Central Station. From here you can get to the Penguin Stadium. Careful around the Fragile Things Inc... and the Priceless Antiques store. You break it, you buy it!
Plaza Welcome to the Plaza! Here you'll find the city police department... and also a bank, complete with a pizzeria! If you see a bank robber or super villain... report them to the police, or join the force and arrest them!
The Stage This is the Police Department. This facility has the latest crime fighting technology... And a squad of Club Penguin's finest police officers. Feel free to get your mugshot, even if you're a good guy!
Pizza Parlor Welcome to the City Bank... which also serves pizza. Convenient! Despite an increasing number of robberies... the bank is actually doing better than ever! I guess even super villains like pizza!
Forest Welcome to Club Penguin's Central Park. Enjoy a picnic... check out some rare animals... or go for a hike in the woods. Careful not to let any animals escape... that would be REALLY bad!
Cove Oi, oi! This ere's the city harbor. Getcha fresh fish or 'elp clean up the bay. But don't go in them sewers... there's a ton of robots down there.
Hero Carrier Welcome to the Super Hero Carrier. Super Heroes are suiting up to save the island. They could use your help. Let's get to work!
Hero Lab Welcome to the Hero Lab. From here you can see all of Penguintropolis. The technology here is really advanced. Help build the latest in Super Hero armor. Don't forget to break for a snack.
Villain HQ We're so glad you have joined us. Why not build a robot... and take over the island! Just be careful not to fall into the shark pool...

Monsters University Takeover

Room Tour Guide
Town Welcome to the Town! Head into the Coffee Shop for some monster java... show off your scary-good moves in the Dance Club... or step into the Clothes Shop for frighteningly fabulous fashions!
Coffee Shop Here we have the Coffee Shop! If all the late night studying is getting to you... grab a cup of coffee for a pick-me-up... or try a fruit smoothie, they're delish! And be sure to check out the Club Penguin Times Office.
Snow Forts Here we can see which fraternity is in first place... head over to Fraternity Row to join a house... or check out the university campus!
Plaza Here we are in the Plaza. Adopt a puffle from the Pet Shop... then take them for some pampering at the hotel. Or why not take part in the latest Stage production... Underwater Adventure! And when you get hungry... head into The Growl for a bite to eat!
Pizza Parlor Welcome to The Growl! Enjoy some monstrously delicious pizza... play some terrifyingly fun pool... tell your horribly hilarious jokes... or head into the kitchen to whip up some squid pizzas!
Campus Quad Welcome to the Campus Quad! Relax on the lawn... head to the Scare Hall for a lesson in scaring... or if you're ready... go to the Amphitheater and join the Scare Games!
Scare Hall Learn to give the best scare possible. I recommend warming up your vocal chords... and practicing your 'GRRRR' face!
Amphitheater This is the Amphitheater. Think you have what it takes to scare? Then join a fraternity and enter the Scare Games!
Fraternity Row Here we have the four fraternities and sororities. Join one or ALL of them... and compete in the Scare Games!
OK House This is the OK House. For a fraternity, they're OK! If you think you're OK, why not join them? GO OK!
JOX House This is the JOX House. They're always pumped up! If you think you're a JOX, why not join them? GO JOX!
ROR House This is the ROR House. They Steer the Fear! If you think you're a ROR, why not join them? GO ROR!
PNK House This is the PNK House. They'll scare the competition to pieces! If you think you're PNK, why not join them? GO PNK!

Star Wars Takeover

Room Tour Guide
Dock The Rebel landing base is complete! A Rebel ship has arrived... to take us into space. The Empire must be defeated. You might be the rebellion's only hope!
Millennium Falcon The Millennium Falcon... is one of the best ships in the fleet. She may not look like much... but she's got it where it counts. That's what her pilot always says.
Mos Eisley Here's the Mos Eisley spaceport. If you're feeling parched... head to the Cantina. Wait! There's a Stormtrooper! Defeat him!
Cantina Welcome to the Cantina. This place can be a little rough... but the band's great! Perhaps we can find more pilots here... to help us defeat Darth Herbert.
Pizza Parlor Welcome to The Growl! Enjoy some monstrously delicious pizza... play some terrifyingly fun pool... tell your horribly hilarious jokes... or head into the kitchen to whip up some squid pizzas!
Tatooine (room) Welcome to Tatooine! It may seem hot and desolate... but great heroes have come from here. When you see Stormtroopers, defeat them. There's one now!
Sand Crawler This is the Sandcrawler. Jawas scavenge the desert... for Droids to re-sell. Maybe you'll find something in the junk!
Lars Homestead This is the Lars Homestead. Here you can work on water condensers... repair damaged Droid units...and dream of leaving for a better life!
Desert This is the desert of Tatooine. You wouldn't want to get lost here. Especially if you're a Droid!
Docking Bay The Death Star's tractor beam... has pulled us into the hangar. Good luck locating the secret plans. The Rebellion depends on you!
Throne Room The Throne Room is where the Emperor sits and contemplates his evil schemes. Thank goodness he's out today!
Meeting Room Here is the Meeting Room. Commanders of the Death Star meet here... and decide which planet to destroy next. I hear they also play chess.
Bridge You may think you've taken a wrong turn... but you must pass through here... to reach the secret plans. With a little luck you can unlock more rooms!
Elevators Just try getting around the Death Star... without taking an elevator. They're blast-reinforced...and good for blocking escapes
Trash Compactor This is the trash compactor. It's magnetically sealed... so please, no blasting. Don't mind the dianoga. Just leave before the walls come in.
Tractor Beam This room controls the Tractor Beams. If they are keeping a ship from leaving... turn them off here. And watch your step when you do.
Detention Block The Detention Block holds many things... including the secret plans! The cells are quite comfortable. In fact they're fit for a princess.
Yavin 4 (room) This is the Rebel base on Yavin 4. Board an X-wing to attack the Death Star. Your target could be as small as a thermal exhaust port.
Rebel Base Here is the Rebel Command Room. If you prove victorious... you'll receive the Rebellion's Highest Honor!

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam

Room Tour Guide
Dock Hit up the Outdoor Theater. Bust a move to some tunage. Chow a tasty fish snack... or build a sandcastle.
Beach Woahhhhhh... check out the Garage. Give your bike a tune up... or fill up before you hit the road!
Snow Forts Let's hit the Beach! Warm up by the fire after a swim... chillax on the shore... or head inside Big Momma's for a soda
Town Surf's up at the Town! Bust a move at the Dance Club. Get a coffee before you hit the surf... or shop the latest in beachwear.
Plaza Surfers! Here we are... at the Plaza! Break from the waves... at the Puffle Hotel... or chow down on a MONDO sized pizza!
Stadium SPLASH! We're at at the Water Park. Slip and slide your way down... or hang out in the pool.
Cove Shred some waves at the Cove. Guzzle down a tropical treat. Cool off with a swim... or soak up some rays on the beach.
Forest DUDES!... Here we are at the Forest. Toast marshmallows. Play hide and seek in the trees... or warm up by the fire.
Big Momma's Welcome to Big Momma's. It's the perfect hangout! Here's where you'll catch... McKenzie and Brady's EPIC show! Check the clock for the next show!
Big Momma's Backstage This is the Backstage VIP area. Hang with friends... or have a bite to eat. If you're lucky... you might see McKenzie and Brady!
Epic Wave Cowabunga dude! Shred waves... at the most totally Epic Wave! Catch a wave... shoot the tube... and show off your moves!
Highway Zooooooommmm! You've just rolled up to the Highway... dudes and dudettes. Cruise by with some friends... or challenge them to a race!

Medieval Party 2013

Room Tour Guide
School This is the Wizardly School of Wizards. Take a magic class, practice potion mixing, or turn your teacher into a frog. That happened to me once, but now I'm okay. Ribbet!
Dock Behold, the Village! Enjoy a bit of fresh bread. Take ye puffle to the stable, or share fairly fresh fish with a friend!
Town Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the Town Square. Dance the knight away in the Knight Club, or shop the Market!
Forest This foreboding place is the Dragon Caves. Here ye can hoard thy treasure...just be sure to watch for lava!
Snow Forts This be the Fairy Glen. Where tiny fairies enjoy a cup of tea, frolic in the garden, or swim in the moonlight.
Stadium Here we are at Ye Jousting Ring... where many tournaments are played. Gather thy buddies and start a game! Or cheer for thy favorite jouster!
Plaza This unwelcoming place is the Ogre Village. Where giant ogres fish the ogre swamp or enjoy an ogre snot pizza!
Mine Shack Here you can enter the Wizard Academy. Play a game of Cart Surfer, or gather your wizard friends for a potion competition!
Pizza Parlor Here at the Ogre Pizza Den. The daily specials are sock of stink pizza and fur of wet dog soda. Delish!
Coffee Shop Here is the Royal Lounge. Play an old melody, share a drink with royalty or play Smoothie Smash or Bean Counters!
Dining Hall Welcome to the Dining Hall. Feast with friends. Hail to the king and queen or toast the wizards!
Wizard Library This is the Wizard Library. Learn the ways of wizardry. Study the history of potions or cast a magical spell.

Halloween Party 2013

Room Tour Guide
Beach This is Deadsville, the liveliest spot for the walking dead. Night of the Living Sled is playing. Interested in a plot here? Check out Tombstone Real Estate. Their motto is "Great living spaces aren't just for the living!".
Cove Here is the Witches' Cove. In that hut they brew potions that will make you smell or have bad breath. You can fish here and you'll pull up weird creatures, just look at the tentacles.
Dock This is the graveyard. It's a scary place on Halloween. They say zombies come out here. That pool is full of ectoplasm which is perfect for ghosts
Forest This is the Howling Rock. At night, on that rock, the werewolves come out to howl at the moon. Everything a werewolf needs is in this forest. Get some candy from the jack-o'-lantern and let's slip away before the wolves get hungry.
Mine Shack This is the Vampire Castle. A count lives here and there is a school inside where vampires learn. There's a slime pool that you can swim in if you're brave. The mine is on the right if you'd like to explore the caves.
Plaza This is the Plaza! Check out the frightening play Night of the Living Sled Live! or adopt your perfect puffle at the Pet Shop. Then take them to the Puffle Hotel, it is a great place to exercise and relax!
School The Vampire School is in session. You can practice your flying or spooky laugh, or cool cape moves. The cafeteria is here, but it has a peculiar menu. There's a portrait of the count who founded the school.
Snow Forts Welcome to Halloween Lane! It's the perfect place to trick-or-treat! The neighborhood comes alive for Halloween. Look at the great decorations; the door with eyes is extra scary!
Stage Get your tickets! On now Night of the Living Sled Live!. Experience the terror, try to find a safe place to hide, but can anything stop the Living Sled!?
Town Center Welcome to Town. Take a treat from the jack-o'-lantern or have a quick bite at the Coffee Shop. The Clothes Shop has the latest costumes so that you can trick or treat in style. At the Dance Club, you can do the mash!

Operation: Puffle

Room Tour Guide
EPF Base Camp This outpost is the base camp. You can check out the rescue HQ or go on a river expedition, just make sure to bring extra snacks!
Herbert's Hoard Lair This was where Herbert was defeated and the puffles were freed. What happened here is top secret, but there are rumors that the EPF does not know where the puffles took him.
EPF Rescue HQ This is the rescue headquarters. The EPF is hard at work to save puffles. Feel free to pitch in, take radio calls from agents or track puffles on the map.
Boot Camp This is the Boot Camp. The EPF set it up so agents can train and get ready to explore. You can BBQ some fish or test your skill on the balance beam or climb the wall and hit the bell.
Lava Cliffs We're passing by the Lava Cliffs. Up above is the Fire Dojo. These cliffs can be treacherous. Be careful if you climb. It's also a great place to roast marshmallows.
Puffle Vet station Next on the river tour is the Puffle Vet station. It's here to keep puffles healthy and to help them recover. The vet always needs volunteers to help at the front desk, water the O'berry bush or take care of the puffles.
Ice Falls The majestic Ice Falls. The current is strong here so be careful! There are powerful searchlights if you need to find something, like a lost sock or a rubber ducky that went downstream!
Rapids Whoa! Rapids here! There's a whirlpool that sucks you in, try to stay together! It can be fun to ride these rapids, just call for help if you fall in!
River Cave This is the River Cave. Look at the unique formations. This is a great spot for diving. Keep an eye out for puffles, lots of them show up here.
Treehouses Here are the Treehouses. This is a great place to rest after traveling the river all day. There is fish and fire and the EPF has secured the area with cameras and searchlights
Ski Village Here we have the Ski Village. Race down the Ski Hill and chill in the Ski Lodge. There's an Everyday Phoning Facility which sure is busy right now. The entrance to the wilderness is in the back. Head that way to rescue puffles.

Holiday Party 2013

Room Tour Guide
Beach This exciting spot is the Beach. There is the Lighthouse here decked out in Holiday lights, and the Migrator is docked right now because Captain Rockhopper is visiting. Let's split into teams and start a SNOWBALL FIGHT!
Dock This is the Dock. You can go tubing on the water or collect coins on the train tracks! Don't forget to join a train first! Instead of throwing snowballs, we can decorate the tree!
Forest This charming place is the Forest. You can hop on a train here or play reindeer games! There are also the reindeer stables with carrots and reindeershoes for the hard-working reindeer.
Ski Lodge Here we have the Lodge with decorations fit for Santa himself! Feel free to sit for a picture or play some Find Four. You can also go fishing. A big fish makes a great gift!
Train Station Welcome to the Train Station! It's the hub for Coins For Change. You can join a train here and head out onto the rail lines. Bring in coins to donate and we'll unlock more projects!
Red Line This is the Red Line, heading to the Forest. Let's collect some coins! Donations will be counted at the end of the line!
Green Line This is the Green Line, stopping at the Forts. Let's collect some coins! Donations will be counted at the end of the line!
Blue Line This is the Blue Line, heading to the Dock. Let's collect some coins! Donations will be counted at the end of the line!
School/Toy Workshop This is the Toy Workshop. It's very busy right now! On the left you can see how toys are made. On the right is a very important list. I hope we're on the Nice side!
Mine Shack This is a prime place to relax. We're outside the Workshop. You can skate on the pond and then warm up with tea or cocoa!
Migrator This is Captain Rockhopper's ship, and he has decorated it for the party! Head to the hold for rare treasures or up the mast for a great view.
Ship Hold Here is the ship's cargo hold. This is where Rockhopper sells his rare items that he finds out at sea. Pick up your Holiday pirate loot before they sail away!
Crow's Nest This is called the Crow's Nest, where Yarr keeps a lookout. It looks like a snowman of Captain Rockhopper. I wonder if Yarr made it.
Captain's Quarters This is the Captain's Quarters! Rockhopper spends a lot of time here. Look at the corkboard for his to-do list or grab a friend and hunt for some treasure! Don't forget to donate too!
Clothes Shop Welcome to the Clothes Shop! You can pick up the festive fashions or go for a Holiday race. Head to the announcer table and yell \"START YOUR ENGINES!\"
Ski Village Welcome to the Ski Village. There's Santa's Lodge on the right and a sleigh in need of some reindeer. You can go up the hill to go sledding or head south to reach the Beach.

Prehistoric Party 2014

Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts (2014; construction) This is the Snow Forts. Home to the Club Penguin clock and usually snowball fights. The Time Trekker is here now. Gary the Gadget Guy is getting ready to take us all back to caveguin time!
Time Trekker Welcome to the Time Trekker. When traveling through time please note keep all flippers inside the vehicle at all times please remain seated until the time warp is done.
Tree Place Grub Grub. This be Tree Place. It named for so many trees. Watch where step. Don't smooch words. Garugg work hard on them.
Stony Town Here be Stony Town. It nice place. Good spot to get eats. New salon make pretty. Bring puffle for splashing.
Big Water Place This be Big Water Place. It nice place to tour. Some get eaten here. watch out for lava. It not taste good. Trust me. Slide very fun. We UGG.
Prehistoric Salon Here new salon. Well it new to us. Old to modern Club Penguin. Time Travel weird. Get unibrown done at chairs. Grab new clothes. Make pretty.
Tricera Town Yikes. This be Tricera Town. Many points head dinos here. like to smash and crush. Of course they no crush tour guides. Is rude.
Yum Yum Yum Yum. Restaurant name Yum Yum. Here many good things to eat like. Pterano tacos and Tricera salad. Bang drums, make music.
Fancy Plaza Welcome to Fancy Plaza. This classy place Rocky's Pizza. There bring pizza to eat at cars. Not for driving. We still working on that.
Yuck Swamp Yuck. No me not get dirty. That name place Yuck Swamp. Is nice place to swim. Mud good for skin. Me no want dino skin.
Volcano Entrance Careful here. Lava come up and go down. Walk to rock when lava low. Lava hotter than hot sauce. Bad for stomach.
Volcano We inside Volcano! Garugg the Ugg Ugg make this. You want hatch puffle eggs? Walk on red rocks. Puffle egg gets warm.

Puffle Party 2014

Room Tour Guide
Lighthouse This is the Puffle Vet. Bring your puffle here to get looked at by one of our trained Puffle Vets. Check out the scale and the X-ray to start the check-up!
Beach This is the Beach. The Puffle Vet is right here if your puffle needs a checkup. There are bunny ears in the box on the left. They're free for everyone!
Dock This is the Wildlife Park where you can explore habitats of all sorts of animals. Climb like a monkey! Roar like a dino! Or swim around icebergs!
Coffee Shop Smell that fresh baking? It's the puffle bakery! Get treats from the stone oven for you and your pet!
Clothes Shop You can get your puffle pampered at this glamorous studio! Dress them up and take their photo so you'll always remember the Puffle Party!
Tree Forts Welcome to the Tree Forts. It's a great place to play with your puffles or start an adventure! Head up the ladder to visit tree house igloos.
Stadium This is an agility course! You can run through with a puffle or as a puffle! Go as fast as you can! Ready... Set... GO!
Plaza (1) This is the Plaza! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Check out the Puffle Park. Then grab a snack at the Pizza Parlour. Don't forget, the Puffle Gala starts on Apr 24.
Plaza (2) This is the Plaza! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Check out the Puffle Park. Then grab a snack at the Pizza Parlour. And the Puffle Gala is on now!
Pet Shop In the Pet Shop you can adopt puffles. They have different colors and traits. Play Puffle Launch or Pufflescape...Or take them to the Puffle Park!
Puffle Park Welcome to the Puffle Park. It's made just for you and your Puffle. You can go on a slide on the zipline or wash up at the hydrant! The cat and dog puffles especially love this spot!
Forest This rugged room is the Wildlife Reserve! It's a natural habitat for bears. If you stay still and watch... you may see some fishing or getting honey!
Cove Splish splash! It's the waterpark! Try out the Purple Puffle Slide or go for a swim then relax at the floating surf shack!
Puffle Gala This is the biggest event of the year! Put on your best clothes and bring your puffles. It's time for them to strut and do their new tricks!

Future Party

Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts (2014) These Snow Forts are being used for Gary's time portal to the future! Jump in to travel through time. Maybe check out a robot tour?
Snow Forts (future) Welcome to the Forts. Watch out for meteor impacts! The time portal is active so you can go to the past! See how penguins used to live!
Blast off Bistro Here at Blast off Bistro, they use the latest serverbots so you can enjoy the sushi, sing on the stage or try the hexagon pizza!
Dance Dome Welcome to the Dance Dome! The world's only weightless dance club! Float to the beat while DJ Space Squid mixes the tunes!
Robo Shop Your one stop Robo shop! Check out the newest tech or fix up your robo. Pilots are always working to make their robos better!
Interstellar Zoo Here is the Interstellar Zoo, where you can meet creatures from across the galaxy. Here are Zonks from Tremes V, or were those Tremes from Zonk V?
Beach (future) This is the Beach, Home of the Space Academy. Head inside to start training, or to take the space elevator. Watch out for meteors, it is like they aim for this place.
Space Academy This (is)the Space Academy. Many train here so they can join the Extra Planetary Federation! Practice hitting meteors with snowballs or head to space from that elevator.
Space Space tours are dangerous! There are meteors up here! Try to blast some if you can and let's move to a quieter spot.
"Break Time" Room Enjoy the wonders of space here! Look at distant stars while you sip on space-coffee and talk about your missions.

Penguin Cup

Room Tour Guide
Beach Here we are at Sharks HQ They train hard and practice a lot! Learn at the soccer academy on the left... or stay in top form on the treadmills
Cove It's the Fluffies HQ... the most fun place to train You can do dribbling drills on the cones... or even joust on the water!
Dock This is the Space Squids HQ Their facility is state-of-the-art! Use the computers to study strategy... or check out the sports clinic
Forest Welcome to the Hot Sauce HQ These players really love the game... and they're always looking to win Take a look at their secret plan Do you think it'll win them the cup?
Snow Forts Through there is the Penguin Cup Stadium You can see the scores on the board... which team are you cheering for? Grab some snacks and water... before you go to a game
Plaza This is the Plaza! Grab a snack at the Pizza Parlor… or go on the air at CPSN Adopt a puffle from the Pet Shop …then play in the Puffle Park… and pamper them in the Puffle Hotel!
Stadium You can cheer for the teams... or jump on the field! Line up behind a bench... to make a team banner appear!
Stage These are the CPSN studios! Do a press conference in the chairs... and tell the world about the big trade Or get your make-up done... and then go on camera

Music Jam 2014

Room Tour Guide
Dock This is the Cruise Docks. Come aboard the Music Cruise... or go on a Club Penguin adventure. Tons of bands and DJs are visiting. Check out their tour buses!
Ship Lobby This is the ship's lobby. You can check in at the front desk. From here you can go... to any part of the Music Cruise.
Main Stage It's the Main Stage. This is the heart of the Music Jam! Listen to songs from new DJs... or take in a concert. We've never had acts like these before!
Ship's Buffet Here's the ship's buffet. It's time for dinner and dancing. Start by the plates... and walk around to pick your food. After your meal... try out your best ballroom moves.
The Bridge This is the bridge. From here you can see really far. Let the captain know if you see anything! Like an iceberg or a shark. Or just soak up some fun and listen to the band play.
Pool Deck blows whistle. This is the pool deck. Don't run!. The slides and diving board are open. All puffles must be with their owners!. Have fun and be safe!
Engine Room This is where the Music Cruise... gets its power! See that gauge with the faces?. That shows our power. Go to a station and make music... to power up the ship!
Town Center Surf's up at the Town!. Bust a move at the Shimmy Shack. Get a smoothie before you hit the surf.... ...or shop the latest in beachwear.

Frozen Party

Room Tour Guide
Beach Welcome to the Troll Cave! Some of these stones are trolls some and some are just rocks. Trolls love to play games and know a lot about magic!
Dock This is the palace at Arendelle. It's ready for a coronation. Have some cake and dance at the ball then warm up at the fire!
Town Center Here is the Town Center. It's always a busy, exciting place and a great spot to meet friends and be a Tour Guide!
Snow Forts We're way up in the Ice Palace, this was all made by Elsa! This is where you can hear her perform! Wave to Elsa when she comes out!
Plaza This is the Plaza! Grab a snack at the Pizza Parlor or take in a play at the Stage! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop then play in the Puffle Park and pamper them in the Puffle Hotel
Forest Need to prepare for an adventure? The Trading Post has what you need! Winter deals in summer, Summer deals in winter!
Cove It's a snowman resort! Play in a sand castle or is that a snow castle? Play some volleyball with friends. A perfect place for a snowman party.

School & Skate Party

Room Tour Guide
Mine Shack Rah! Rah! Go Sharks Go! Penguin Cup champions celebrate and welcome you back to school
School This is the office, if you need supplies you'll find plenty staples here! Talk to the secretary if you want to change classes!
Gym Want to challenge a team? Get some friends together for dodgeball! Don't forget your safety gear
Classroom Class is in session! Make a mess in the art room, do experiments in the science lab, throw paper wads at everything
Skatepark Welcome to the Skatepark! A place to show off tricks and show off sweet skills!
Forest Stroll through the park, you can have a picnic here and ice cold lemonade! Watch out for wolves! The park benches and railing can be used to skate on even though it is FORBIDDEN!!
Plaza Shop at the Mall or visit Pizza and Snacks. You'll find tasty treats and cool fruit smoothies
Pizza Parlor Welcome to Pizza & Snacks! Grab a smoothie or a fish dog, and hang out with friends after school
Puffle Berry Mall Need outfits for school? The Mall has lots of cool threads! And high security! Rest between the stores at the cafe. And throw around some coins!

Halloween Party 2014

Room Tour Guide
Plaza This is the Plaza! The Puffle Hotel is either well-decorated or completely haunted. Let's find out!
Puffle Hotel Lobby Welcome to the haunted hotel! Please stay together, we don't want to disturb the ghosts! Or anyone to go missing. And don't drink the ooze from the fountain!
Puffle Hotel Basement This old basement is very dark. Don't get lost in the shadows. The ghost puffles haunt this place and always mess with the power!
Puffle Hotel Sitting Room Here is the Sitting Room. No one knows who lights these fires but they're always burning. Watch out for the sabre-tooth fluffy rug. Some say they've seen it move!
Puffle Hotel Deluxe Suite Everyone stay close to the elevator! No one knows what's down there but it sure isn't the fourth floor...
Puffle Hotel Dining Room Welcome to the Dining Room! It looks like the ghosts were messy. They always do this when they don't like the meal.
Puffle Hotel Ballroom Here's the Ballroom! You can dance through the halls and play the piano! Now which way do we go...
Ballroom (if you start getting lost) Here's the Ballroom! You can dance through the halls and play the piano! This does not look like the right way...
Ballroom (if you get lost) Here's the Ballroom! You can dance through the halls and play the piano! Sorry folks I think I'm lost!
Puffle Hotel Pool They say this pool is home to a tentacled monster! No lifeguard on duty so swim at your own risk!
Puffle Hotel Library The Library holds dangerous secrets, feel free to search. But don't get lost in the maze or the tour moves on without you!
Puffle Hotel Luxury Suite The tenth floor is really eerie. A ghost keeps writing messages but no one knows what they mean.
Puffle Hotel Balcony This used to be an elegant balcony but now there are snapping plants and a riddling gargoyle. I think its name is Carmad.
Puffle Hotel Storage Here we are! The mysterious twelfth floor, home to the ghost puffles! Are they behind the hotel haunting? Or is it something more sinister!?
The 13th Floor The evil ghost that haunted the hotel... was defeated here. When the hotel returns to normal... I guess I'll be out of a job!

Pirate Party 2014

Room Tour Guide
Beach Arrr welcome to the Beach
It be the restin' place o' the Migrator
Ye can search for treasure...
or salvage parts fer yer own ship!
Cove Avast it be the Lost Lagoon!
It be a place of mystery and merguins...
rumored to hold treasure...
and the best surfin'
Dock Avast it be the Buccaneer Bistro!
Grab a mug o' cream soda...
and sing a sea shanty!
Watch out for duelin' pirates!
Forest It be the Jungle Ruins!
Thar be myths about this place...
some say thar be treasure...
that be guarded by a gray puffle
Plaza This be the Lost Crew Plaza...
built by marooned sailors
They be doin' fine here...
they even be havin' a Pizza Parlor!
Town Center Arrrr!
This be the place for shore leave!
It be the Town
Do a jig at the Dance Club...
or grab a bandana at the Clothes Shop!

Merry Walrus Parade

Room Tour Guide
Merry Walrus Float This is the Merry Walrus float!

It rolls across the island Wave to everyone in the crowd! And stop off wherever you like

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