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Living Sled
Full Name Living Sled
Species Toboggan
Position Unnatural creation
Appeared Night of the Living Sled, Night of the Living Sled 2, Night of the Living Sled 3, Night of the Living Sled 4, Hotel of the Living Sled, Night of the Living Sled Live
Color Brown
Black and white (in movies)
Clothes Items Sled Costume
Related To Evil Scientist (creator of the Living Sled)
Friends With None
Meetable Character? No
The Living Sled in all its horror!

The Living Sled is a sled brought to life by an Evil Scientist. It has made appearances in many movies in the past Halloween Parties and serves as the main antagonist of the Night of the Living Sled series.


Night of the Living Sled[]

In the Night of the Living Sled it can be seen chasing two poor penguins around the island. It is unknown what it wants from them.

Spooky Penguin Statue[]

If you press the up or down arrow key while holding the Spooky Penguin Statue the penguin will eventually change into the Living Sled.


  • It is unknown if the sled is really alive or just a prop, but the sled is in the Secret Lab.
    • The sled (or a similar one) can also be seen in the Mansion Attic
  • It is possible the sled means no harm to penguins and just wants to be friends.
  • Since Chester, another play character, turned out to be a real penguin, Gary noted that the Living Sled could be alive as well.