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Living Sled Penguins
Full Name Scared Penguin, Frightened Penguin
Species Penguin
Position Actors
Appeared Night of the Living Sled, Night of the Living Sled 2, Night of the Living Sled 3, Night of the Living Sled 4, Night of The Living Sled Live
Color Pink and Aqua (in the Club Penguin Times)
Clothes Items None
Related To N/A
Friends With Evil Scientist (as of Night of the Living Sled 4)
Meetable Character? No

The Living Sled Penguins are two penguins that get chased around by the Living Sled in the Night of the Living Sled trilogy. two penguins that get chased around by the Living Sled. They were referred to as "Frightened Penguin" and "Scared Penguin" in Night of the Living Sled Live.

Night of the Living Sled[]

Once the sled has been created, it chases each of them one at a time.

Night of the Living Sled II[]

The penguins flee from the sled to an igloo. Spotting the sled outside, they barricade the window. Unfortunately, they forget to block the door and the sled enters the igloo with them. Frightened, they run straight out through the walls of the igloo, again chased by the sled.

Night of the Living Sled III[]

The two flee to the Ski Hill and attempt to lose the sled on the Ski Hill. Climbing to the top, they find that the sled is already up there, so they escape down the hill on a pair of Inner Tubes with the sled in pursuit. The penguins spot a rock and manage to dodge it, but the sled hits it goes flying through the air. Excited about finally losing the sled, the two accidentally sled straight into a pile of snow. After a moment of hesitation, the penguins start laughing, deciding that they've finally escaped the sled. The sled then emerges out of the snow between the two penguins and the movie cuts out.

Night of the Living Sled IV[]

The two penguins flee to the Evil Scientist's lab. Realising that his creation is scarier than he thought, they decide to deactivate it by using a decoy penguin to lure it over to a deactivation machine that the scientist had already constructed. Having just finished the decoy, the sled turns up unexpectedly in the lab and all three flee from thee sled once again.


  • In an edition of the Club Penguin Times, Gary can be seen playing with a Living Sled action figure, and two colored penguin action figures which are likely the Living Sled Penguins. One of these penguins is Pink and the other is Aqua. This may not be the official colors of the penguins as Aqua was not an available color when the first two films were released.


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