For the similar feature from Club Penguin, see Igloo Locations.

Locations are a feature that can change the location of igloos in Club Penguin Island.

Except for the default location, this feature can only be used by members.

List of locations

Icon Name Obtained by
Location Default icon
Default Available by default
Location Island icon
Island Reach level 2
Location Forest icon
Forest Reach level 7


  • Although they are not named in-game, the default, island, and forest locations were referred to as "Snowy Pine Estates", "Sunny Shores", and "Wayover Woods" respectively on the Island News Blog.[1] "Snowy Pine States" is mentioned in a Quick Chat message at Island Central, but is not specifically attributed to this feature.

Names in other languages


Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A

Blog names


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