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Lodge Attic
Lodge Attic 2015 2

Where Above Ski Lodge
Opened April 27, 2006
Renovated March 18, 2015
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games Find Four
Room ID 221
Tour Description
This is the Mystery Attic. It's full of strange objects... from the mysteries of Club Penguin... there's even a Box Portal by the buoy.

The Lodge Attic (also known as the Mystery Attic) was the top story of the Ski Lodge, and also served as a storage. Here, many objects from all over Club Penguin Island, and even other islands, were stored.

Aside from the many stored objects, there were a few tables for playing Find Four. Among the storage, there was also a box portal to teleport players to the Box Dimension. There was a spiral staircase that led back down to the Lodge.


The Lodge Attic was first opened on April 27, 2006, primarily as an additional place to play Find Four.

For about a month and a half after the Christmas Party 2006, the snow from the party was stored in the Lodge Attic, kept at a low temperature by the Air Conditioner 3000. That snow was used in the Festival of Snow 2007. After the Christmas Party 2008 ended, snow was again stored in the attic with the AC 3000. There was also a sign that mentioned it was being stored for February, but was later changed to March. This time the snow was used for the Snow Sculpture Showcase.

On March 18, 2015, the Lodge Attic was renovated, and received the alternate name "Mystery Attic", due to being a hotspot for mystery hunters. A portal to the Box Dimension was also added.

Mystery objects[]

After the Attic was renovated, many objects were placed in the Attic, generally relating to things surrounded by mystery or rumor. They are as follows:


Image Pin
Beach Ball Pin
Beach Ball pin
Pot O' Gold Pin
Pot O' Gold pin
Wreath Pin
Wreath Pin
Gingerbread Man Pin
Gingerbread Man Pin
Top Hat Pin
Top Hat Pin
Football Pin
Football Pin
Snowman Pin
Snowman Pin
Tambourine Pin
Tambourine Pin
Blue Puffle Pin clothing icon ID 7048
Blue Puffle Pin
Spotlight Pin
Robot Villain Pin
Robot Villain Pin
Neon O'Berry Pin icon
Neon O'Berry Pin
Glam Cam Pin icon
Glam Cam Pin
Breakfast Bun Pin icon
Breakfast Bun Pin



  • During Medieval Parties, from 2009 to 2012, the room takes on a lavender color scheme, with a large fountain containing koi fish, pillars around the room resembling trees, and stained glass windows on the walls, with green curtains above them.
  • During Halloween Parties, from 2008 to 2014, there were a few jack-o-lanterns, red and black banners, and a candelabra on a pile of crates. In 2015 and 2016, there was only a spiderweb decoration on the puffle-shaped window.


  • During the Christmas Party 2007, the top of the giant Christmas tree from the lodge was poking through the floor, and as such, part of the floor had to be sawed off.


  • During the April Fools' Party 2008, the entire Ski Lodge, as well as the attic, was crudely drawn with Microsoft Paint.
  • During the Medieval Party 2008, the room was colored pink. There was a row of fountains, and large pink curtains. The ladder to downstairs was replaced by a spiral staircase with railing. There were also some pillars, and the left wall was comprised of several glass windows with stained glass patterns.
  • During the Penguin Games, red vs blue Find Four was hosted here. There were signs and balloons for each of the two teams, and the two couches were labeled "RED HQ" and "BLUE HQ".


  • During the Holiday Party 2012, the ladder used to access the attic instead provided access to Santa's Sled, preventing this room from being accessed normally. However, it was still possible to teleport into the room with the EPF Phone.


Graphical designs[]













Mystery/rumor objects[]


Names in other languages[]

Lodge Attic[]

Language Name
Portuguese Sótão
French Grenier du Chalet
Spanish Ático del Refugio
German Hüttenspeicher
Russian Чердак коттеджа

Mystery Attic[]

Language Name
Portuguese Sótão Misterioso
French Grenier Mystère
Spanish Ático misterioso
German Mysteriöse Speicher
Russian Таинственный чердак



Geographic location[]