Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
Ultimate Jam logo

Members only? No
When July 19, 2012 - August 2, 2012
Free Item(s) Non-member
Purple Boom Box,
Sweet Star Pin,
Music Splatter Hat,
Mega Star Pin,
Pitch Perfect Shirt,
Super Star Pin,
Center Stage Background ,
Cadence's New Giveaway,
Penguin Band Autograph,
Rocky and CeCe's Giveaway

Golden Microphone,
Gold Star Pin,
Hip Hop Hoodie

Location Club Penguin Island.
Mascot(s) Cadence, Rocky, CeCe and the Penguin Band

The Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam is one of the many parties in Club Penguin. It was confirmed on the UK Disney Website, then on the Club Penguin Blog. [1] It started on July 19 and ended on August 2. Disney Channel's characters CeCe and Rocky from the show Shake It Up appeared as mascots at the party. [2] Also, Cadence and the Penguin Band also made appearances during this party. The theme song for this party was The Party Starts Now (Song).


  • There was a glitch where if you are friends with Aunt Arctic from a past event, you can open her player card and click on the box and it will give you Cadence's New Giveaway.
  • There was a glitch that the map from the Medieval Party 2012 was in construction.
  • You could get the Daily Music Challenge item, the Music Splatter Hat, on July 19th on some servers due to a bug.
  • There was a glitch where you can get all the items of the Daily Music Challenge in one day. To do that, you log on several times and over time, you will receive all the items.
  • On the Rooftop if you dance on the pads sometimes the music starts playing as if 3 penguins were standing on every pad.
  • The Ski Lodge Attic was updated for the party i.e. sunset out the window, but when the Spotlight Pin came out, the window showed daytime sky.
  • If you are friends with Cadence if you click on her player card sometimes when you click on another buddy on the list the penguins name will say Cadence.
  • There was a glitch when Cadence is doing her show, some penguins may still be onstage.
  • There was a glitch in the Backstage! where you can dance on the Mascot-Only stage, same with the high chairs at the Cove and Forest, and the VIP stage found in the Mine.
  • There was a glitch that the party ended a couple hours later than expected, making it end on August 2 instead of August 1.
  • There was a glitch that if you go on your buddy list, and enter Cece%, Cece would pop up and you could add her.
  • There was a glitch when you go to a spanish server, and search Stompin' Bob you could add him.
  • There was a glitch on the front page that made some of the DJ's look like colors that are not released or Bait items.



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