Mancala Board June 2012

A Mancala board on a table
Players 2
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Coffee Shop (August 22–23, 2005)
Book Room (since August 24, 2005)
HQ (November 2005–February 2006)
Date released August 22, 2005
(Beta Testers)
October 24, 2005
Date closed March 30, 2017

Mancala was a mini-game in Club Penguin. It was one of Club Penguin's oldest games. During Beta Testing it was playable in the Coffee Shop, however, soon after it was moved to the Book Room. Only 2 players could play it, and the objective of the game was to collect from the board more stones than the opponent, before one of the players clear his side of the board. It was based on the real life game Mancala.

Mancala was also a game which used to be available on the RocketSnail Games website, this being why it was on Club Penguin.

How to play Mancala

How to Play

Mancala Board

A look at the Mancala Board

Players alternate turns. In his/her turn, each player had to select a group of stones from one hole on his/her side of the board. Each stone was dropped one by one in the holes around the board, including his Mancala, but not the opponent's Mancala.

How to Win

The game was over when a player had no more stones on his/her side of the board. The winner was the player with the greatest total number of stones in his/her mancala and any remaining stones on his/her side of the board.

Objective of the Game

Each player attempted to collect as many stones as possible before one of the players clears his/her side of the stones.


  • Mancala was in the Coffee Shop during the first beta testing day, and was moved to the Book Room after two days.
  • In November 2005, Club Penguin added a mancala table to the HQ, however it was removed in February 2006 for an unknown reason.
  • Just like Find Four, players were able to watch other people play this game. This feature was added on January 25, 2006.
  • This was the first multiplayer game in Club Penguin and was very popular. Despite this, however: some new players might not understand Mancala.
  • It was Captain Rockhopper's favorite game.
  • Mancala was the 2nd game in Club Penguin to have once existed on RocketSnail Games website. The other was Hydro Hopper.
  • There used to be five Mancala tables when it was in the Book Room, but after it was remodeled, one table was removed.
  • In June 2005 the Club Penguin version of Mancala was released on RocketSnail Games to have a public beta test.
  • It was voted "Game of the Year" for 2006 in The Penguin Times.
  • An actual replica of the Mancala board was sold in the Disney Store in 2008.
  • There was also a Mancala Pin.



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