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Were you looking for the map on the Club Penguin Island game?

The Map was an interactive object that could be used to teleport to the main places on the Club Penguin Island. It could be accessed by clicking on the map icon near the bottom left corner of your screen. The Map witnessed a graphical update in 2008 after the Dojo was remodeled, and had another significant update in June 2011, where buttons for entering certain rooms were added. If a player tried to enter a full room, the map was automatically opened. Not all rooms could be accessed from the map.

Locations that were accessible

Default view

Game/catalog/pet view

Rooms not accessible from map

Hidden Places

Some rooms did not have a subtitle when hovering over them, meaning they were hidden. You could access hidden rooms by clicking on the area it was located in. You could also know if you were hovering over a secret room if your cursor turned into a hand. As of March 30, 2017, the Iceberg was the only room hidden, while the Mine Shack and the Dojo used to be at some point. When they were, the Dojo Courtyard didn't exist, and there was no connection between the Forest and Mine Shack.


2006 Map

The map looked the same as the maps from 2005, just with extra locations. The Town also still had extra buildings. The buildings were still very cluttered together

2008 Map

In November 2008, the map changed twice during Dig Out the Dojo. It changed so it was only covered halfway with snow. Then a few days later it changed so that the entire Dojo Courtyard was visible. The Mine Shack was also no longer a hidden room.

2011 Map

On June 27, 2011, the map was completely renovated. The Sports Shop was changed to the Everyday Phoning Facility, and the Recycling Plant was made visible on the map. In addition it now also shows the Tallest Mountain and a new lake (the room where new penguins are welcomed). It is also more interactive, because you can access games and places quicker. During each party, there is also a paper at the top right corner which will take you to the main room of that party, if you click on the paper.

2013 Map

2014 Map

2015 Map


  • The map experienced seasonal changes when the Stadium and Ice Rink were switched out.
  • The Map was decorated for the first time during the Holiday Party 2009. The second time happened in Halloween Party 2010. The third time it happened was during the Holiday Party 2010.
  • Hours before the map update, on June 27, 2011, the map and the blue toolbar were gone. This wasn't a bug; it was part of the New Map improvement. They were added again as the new map was released.
  • After the updates, the only way for players to see versions of the map older than 2011 in-game was through the PSA Secret Missions. Missions 1 through 3 showed the earliest version of the island when the game left Beta Testing.
  • There was also another map released for the Rockhopper's Quest, which could be found in the Migrator. It shows all islands surrounding Club Penguin Island.

The Pirate Map

  • In the map from 2011 onwards, there is a lake at the bottom of the map, where new penguins started. It also appeared during the Wilderness Expedition 2011 and in The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin which showed a new place which would be coming soon; but got cancelled. The board was later reused in the Town Center's renovation.
  • The map during Rockhopper's Quest explains there is an unexplored island because the top of the map has been ripped off.
  • Although it did not open until June 2006, the Beach appeared on the map in November 2005, however, it could not be accessed.
    • Similar instances occurred with the Iceberg and Ski Hill. Although they could be seen on the map during Beta Testing, they did not open until March 2006 and November 2005 respectively.
  • The Plaza was added to the map March 3, 2006.
  • The ability to access igloos from the Map was added December 20, 2005.
  • The Ninja Hideout was removed from the map on May 23, 2013 for the Card-Jitsu Party 2013.
  • Since the Holiday Party 2013, the map has given detail to the rooms on it.
    • The rooms on the map have also been updated for parties.



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