Martial Artworks
Martial Artworks 2013

Date released November 17, 2008
Available? No
Update frequency Random
Items sold Clothing, Furniture, and Power Cards
Where found Dojo
Ninja Hideout (formerly)

Martial Artworks was a catalog in Club Penguin, located in the Dojo, and before its removal, the Ninja Hideout. Only members could buy items from this catalog. Every page used to have a small story written in haiku which related to the item on the page, but this was removed when the catalog was redesigned in May 2013.

Release History

Date Update
November 17, 2008 Catalog released
March 27, 2009 Tea Table and White Gi added
July 3, 2009 Cloud Wave Bracers added
November 2, 2009 Goldsmith Apron added
November 13, 2009 Amulet added
June 24, 2011 The Storm, Lightning Gi, The Bolt, Thunder Gi, The Quicksilver, Ink Ceremony Robes, The Cinder, Tea Ceremony Robes, Golden Sun Suit, and Crimson Sun Suit added
May 23, 2013 Power Cards added, catalog redesigned


Items in bold are hidden items.

Item Price (coins)
Power Cards 1,500
Ninja Outfit 1,000
Cloud Wave Bracers 250
Goldsmith Apron 100
Hand Gong 400
The Bolt 300
Thunder Gi 450
The Storm 300
Lightning Gi 450
The Quicksilver 350
Ink Ceremony Robe 550
The Cinder 250
Tea Ceremony Robes 550
Golden Sun Suit 500
White Gi 800
Crimson Sun Suit 500
Dojo Igloo 1300
Card-Jitsu Mat 700
Tea Table 650
Rice Paper Wall Screen 500
Stone Lantern 575


  • Despite all other catalogs having a popup labeled "You found a secret!" when a secret item was clicked, the Martial Artworks catalog instead used the old secret item popup, simply showing the item or items on a slip of paper.



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseObras de Artes Marciais
FrenchOeuvres d'Arts Martiaux
SpanishObras de artes marciales
RussianАльбом ниндзя


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