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Great Snow Maze sneak peek

The Great Snow Maze, an example of a maze in Club Penguin.

Maze puzzles have been featured in many places around the Club Penguin Island during certain events where players need to reach their end. Most mazes include items that the players can obtain during or when completing the maze.


Maze Rooms[]

Maze Rooms are groups of rooms put together in a puzzling way, requiring the player to find a path through. There so far have been a few different kinds of mazes in Club Penguin. They have been featured in Ye Knight's Quest (And Princesses too!) during Medieval Parties (except in 2008 and 2013), the Winter Party, (The Great Snow Maze), Wilderness Expedition 2011, Great Snow Race, Underwater Expedition (Underwater Maze), and Cave Maze.


  • At the Medieval Parties, there were glowing arrows. These directed penguins towards the correct path.
    • If you took the incorrect path several times, you will receive hints.
  • It is possible that the newly discovered underground paths of the Cave Maze are part of the Underground Tunnels.


Ye Knight's Quest[]

The Great Snow Maze[]


Laser Mazes[]

Underwater Maze[]

Cave Maze[]

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