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Medieval Monsters
The Fair 2015 Medieval Monsters.png

Where North of Ye Olde Castle
Opened May 21, 2015
Closed June 11, 2015
Mini-games None
Room ID 862
Tour Description
Beware the ogres! Stop the mad wizard! Use your magic snowballs... to defeat them and earn tickets!

Medieval Monsters was a party room in Club Penguin during The Fair 2015, and was accessible only by members and non-members with Silver Ticket. It served as Ye Olde Castle's in-game attraction.


Similar to Bullseye, the player had to throw snowballs at ogres and bats in order to win tickets. The more the enemies were hit, the faster they would move. At certain times, different challenges would appear. One challenge was to save the princess by throwing a snowball at the ogre that was climbing her tower. If the player failed, the princess was kidnapped.

A second challenge was to defeat a wizard by throwing a snowball at him before he cast a spell, or at his magic before it reached the princess. If the player failed, the princess was transformed into a frog.

A third challenge was to save a knight from Scorn the Dragon King by throwing snowballs at his fireballs before they reached the knight. If the player failed, the knight would catch on fire. By completing the challenges, players could earn more tickets than they would without beating the challenges.

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