Medieval Party 2018

The desktop home screen during the event

When August 31 – September 27, 2018
Location Beacon Boardwalk, Dungeon
Characters Gary

The Medieval Party 2018 was an event on Club Penguin Island that began on August 31 and ended on September 27, 2018. It was announced in an Island News Blog post by Penny Pebbles.[1]



Image Reward Type Available from Available until
Fortress Battlement icon.pngFortress Wall icon.pngFortress Gate icon.pngFortress Tower icon.png
Dragon's Breath Brazier icon.pngDragon's Breath Torch icon.png
Sir Champion Banner icon.pngGuard Banner icon.pngRook Banner icon.pngScorn Banner icon.png
Ability to buy ten items at Igloos & Interiors
(Fortress Battlement, Fortress Wall, Fortress Gate,
Fortress Tower, Dragon's Breath Brazier,
Dragon's Breath Torch, Sir Champion Banner,
Guard Banner, Rook Banner, Scorn Banner)
August 31 September 26
Gear Dragonbane icon.png
Dragonbane Gear

Chest at end of Dungeon

Image Reward Type
Royal Tee icon.png
Royal Tee Tops Item
Tube Scorn Tube icon.png
Scorn Tube Tube


  • This event marks the first appearance of Scorn in Club Penguin Island.
  • The event was originally going to end on September 26, but ended up lasting one extra day.


  • For some computer and mobile players, certain textures will not load in.


Upon logging in

Character Dialogue
Gary the Gadget Guy
Greetings! Welcome to the Medieval Party.
We’re celebrating royalty, castles, and tales of adventure!
For the occasion, I did some electromagnetic archaeology.
What I mean is, I used a magnet to suck up old stuff from the ground.
I unearthed this fascinating scepter.
It will be the showpiece of our medieval collection!
Aunt Arctic
Gary. I’ve discovered something critical. The Island Codex mentions your scepter.
Gary the Gadget Guy
Excellent! It has more historic value then.
Aunt Arctic
It says the scepter locked away a ferocious dragon. And to never remove it.
Gary the Gadget Guy
Oooh. And now that dragon is...?
Right. Very much unlocked.
Brave adventurer. I'll need you to put the scepter back.
Gather your party and face the dragon’s dungeon.
I’ll decipher more of the Island Codex to learn about our foe.

Upon entering the dungeon

Character Dialogue
Welcome to the lair of Scorn the Dragon King!
My it feels good to stretch my wings again. What foolish penguin took the scepter?
Don’t worry. The consequences of that will be short-lived.
I must get ready for my big day of roasting the island. You’re welcome to run.
Gary the Gadget Guy
We’ll need search for a way to open his lair.

Left room

Upon entering

Character Dialogue
Welcome to the slime spa. Enjoy your dip.
Gary the Gadget Guy
The 6 Orbs of Unnbarr! Touch each one to open up a lock.

If ledge past sixth orb is accessed without all orbs being activated

Character Dialogue
Gary the Gadget Guy
Huh? That should have completed the spell.
Aha! You'll need to reach all 6 Orbs of Unnbarr.

Completing the task

Character Dialogue
Gary the Gadget Guy
Great work! I'm close to deciphering this riddle about Scorn. Keep going.

Right room

Upon entering

Character Dialogue
You’ve stumbled into the den of my ferocious pets!
Hmm. I remember them being more... menacing.
Gary the Gadget Guy
These slimes are no match for sword or snow. Fight well!

Final room

Upon entering

Character Dialogue
You dare face the Dragon King? So there are foolish heroes in this age too.
Gary the Gadget Guy
I’ve discovered something in the Codex that could help!
“The dragon’s weakness you should know. His secret lies in simple snow.”

After defeating Scorn

Character Dialogue
Gary the Gadget Guy
Quickly, place the scepter!
Gadzooks that was close! Great work!
I’ll be more careful with my archaeology from now on.


Sneak peeks

Beacon Boardwalk







Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Festa Medieval
French Fête médiévale
Spanish Fiesta Medieval
German N/A
Russian N/A


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