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Bobbi Jean Rieger
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Full Name Bobbi Jean Rieger
Born August (1989-08-20) 20, 1989 (age 32)[1][2]
Position Community Manager, Social Media Contractor, Blogger
Joined the team April 13, 2013
Left the team July 13, 2017
Penguin Name Megg, tat3rtots

Until next time. When you're all out doing amazing things we'll meet again and reminisce about this super special community we're a part of, because once you're a penguin, you're always a penguin.
— Megg in her final blog post video

Megg (real name Bobbi Jean Rieger) was a moderator in Club Penguin Island, as well as a social media staff member, blogger and formerly a Club Penguin intern to Polo Field and Ninja. She announced her departure from the Club Penguin Island team in the fifth episode of season two of Island Insider.

Leaving Club Penguin Island

Bobbi announced her departure from the Club Penguin Island team on July 13, 2017.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I say it all the time, and I even say it in the video, but I will repeat it once more (or a million) for emphasis. We have the best community ever, each one of you is a valuable part of our colony of penguins, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to get to know you all better and share in this incredible journey.

Before I sign off, I’d like to ask you all a HUGE favor if that’s alright? Yah? Cool. Here it is…

Keep all the positive energy flowing, no matter what. I know I know, it’s an obvious request. But it’s up to you, the community to keep this a happy and welcoming place for new family members to join and belong. Club Penguin Island is destined for great things, and you can all help make that happen.

OKAY! That’s all the rambling I have for you, but here I am, still refusing to say goodbye.

So until next time… Waddle on, you incredibly amazing, passionate, caring, fantastic, and all the other words I can say to show you how much I appreciate you all, penguins.

- Bobbi (aka Megg)

Bobbi Rieger, July 13, 2017.

She revealed that she now works at Yeti Farm Creative.[3] Then she returned in Late 2017 or Early 2018 as Tat3rtots.

Megg Takeover

The Megg Takeover was a small event in Club Penguin, happening from January 24 to January 27, 2014. Planned back in December 2013, the game's community intern, Megg, took over as temporary owner of the game for that weekend, replacing Spike Hike. She also took control of staff Twitter accounts and persuaded players to dress up as her.


  • She was a co-host of The Spoiler Alert along with fellow mods Polo Field and Ninja.
  • Her first major appearance was at a meetup just before the 8th Anniversary Party.
  • She helped make The Spoiler Alert.
  • She is the only known Club Penguin intern, after replacing the former one - Tour Guide.
    • As of September 2014, she was no longer an intern and became a full-fledged employee until her departure.[4]
  • She took over Spike Hike's position as manager of Club Penguin for a weekend.
  • She had her first ever "Megg Monday" on January 6, 2014.
  • She originally wanted to make her penguin's name "Megara", a character from the Disney movie Hercules, but it was already taken so she shortened it to "Megg".
  • She is a fan of the animated series Bravest Warriors.
  • She took over an episode of #WaddleOn once.
  • She has 96 stamps.
  • She is a part of a group called "Ban Bossy".
  • Megg had been working at Club Penguin since around May of 2013.[5]
  • Her favorite sport is Rugby.
  • She was part of Team Space Squids for the Penguin Cup.
  • As of June 2015, Megg took over the Penguin of the Week because Daffodaily5 left the team.
  • Her favorite party was the Penguin Cup.[6]
  • She enjoys baking treats.
  • She had her own MascBot named MeggBot.
  • She owned a Green Puffle named Floyd.
  • She hosted a web series on the What's New Blog called Island Insider.
  • Originally, her main account in Club Penguin Island would be called Meggasaurus,[7] however, the Club Penguin Team recovered the original name to avoid confusion. She still has Meggasaurus as an alternative account.[8]
  • She left the team after 4 years working and left her penguin Megg in hands of the Club Penguin Island team.
  • She returned to Twitter after several months of inactivity introducing her new penguin called "tat3rtots".
  • She is the first ever mod to leave after Club Penguin's closure.


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