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Merry Walrus Party interface
Merry Walrus Party interface icon

The interface's icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Merry Walrus Party
Where? Everywhere

The Merry Walrus Party interface was a rewards system present at the Merry Walrus Party that could have been accessed through a button that was located in the upper-right corner of your screen.


It allowed all players to collect the First Merry Walrus Hat and access the new traditions for the Merry Walrus Party. Each time you complete a new tradition, and 500 coins will be donated to Coins for Change under your name and new items could be reclaimed.


Image Name Type Release date Members only
First Merry Walrus Hat icon
First Merry Walrus Hat Head Item December 18, 2014 No
Blue Holiday Cap icon
Blue Holiday Cap
Merry Walrus Suit icon
Merry Walrus Suit Body Item Yes
The Festive Fluffy icon
The Festive Fluffy Head Item December 19, 2014 No
Blue Crystal Puffle Costume icon
Blue Crystal Puffle Costume Body Item Yes
Big Bell icon
Big Bell Head Item December 20, 2014 No
Jingle Apron icon
Jingle Apron Body Item Yes
Crystal Puffle Earmuffs icon
Crystal Puffle Earmuffs Head Item December 21, 2014 No
Blue Crystal Puffle smiling
Blue Crystal Puffle Puffle Yes


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