Is it seen right now? No
Type Meteoroid
Party Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012
Where? Dock

The Meteor was a purple meteorite that crashed onto Club Penguin Island on June 7, 2012. It was first spotted a few weeks prior, on May 17, 2012, from a large telescope in the Lighthouse during the Medieval Party 2012. While the source of the meteor is unknown, it was described to have a strange energy radiating from it. The energy was so strong that it not only gave penguins super powers for a short time, but also managed to inadvertently revive the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000, both of which lead to the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012.

After the party ended, the meteor's power faded, thus causing penguins to lose their newfound powers, and the Ultimate Proto-Bot to deactivate.


  • After the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012 ended, the meteor was removed, and brought to an unknown location. Its remaining power was used by Gary the Gadget Guy to help power the Time Trekker.



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