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Meteor Points
Meteor Points 2014 icon.png
Is it seen right now? No
Type Currency
Party Future Party
Where? Earned by smashing meteors

Meteor Points was the currency used by future Club Penguin. They were first introduced in the Future Party, and could be earned by flying into space, using the Space Cadet Jetpack or the map, and smashing meteors or robots that approached earth. Meteor Points were used to buy items from the Future Party Catalog.

Items redeemable using Meteor Points

Item Price Member Available from
Bubble Ray Gun 100 No May 22, 2014
Final Frontier Helmet 100
Asteroid Head 150
Zaryax VI Hat 150
Planet Zeta  Costume 350 Yes
Final Frontier Suit 250
Asteroid Costume 500
UFO Costume 850
Cybernetic Arm 150 No May 26, 2014
The Transmitter 100
Cyborg Hat 100
‎Star Out Costume 250 Yes
Planet Costume 300
We Come in Peace Costume 350

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