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As seen in issue #104448 of the Club Penguin Times

Full Name Microbots
Species Robot
Position Henchmen of Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000
Appeared Future Party
Club Penguin Times issue #104448
Color Orange, Silver, Green
Clothes Items None
Related To Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000
Jet Bot
Snow Bot
Wheel Bot
Friends With Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000
Meetable Character? Yes

Created in future Club Penguin, Microbots are minions of the Protobot which they help him to destroy Club Penguin Island in 4014 and described as ones who "could be looking for the secret technology that Protobot wants."[1] And notably, they appear to have a resemblance to the Test Bots.

While capable of shooting lasers, during the Future Party, they started invading. Elite Penguin Force Agents from 2014 used the Time Portal to take the role of the absent Extra-Planetary Federation to become Extra-Planetary Federation Agents to defend against the Microbots, using Robos or the Space Cadet Jetpacks to blast into space and stop them from entering Club Penguin.



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