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Migrator 2017

Where Top of The Migrator
Opened October 13, 2006[1]
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 420
Tour Description
Welcome aboard the Migrator! This is Captain Rockhopper's ship... Head to the hold for rare treasures... or up the mast for a great view!
This article is about the room, named "Migrator". Were you looking for ship itself, which this room was part of?

The upper deck of the Migrator is the top deck of The Migrator, a pirate ship owned by Rockhopper. The upper deck of the Migrator is surrounded by railing, as would any average ship. In the center, there is the mast of the ship, with shrouds, which can be climbed to reach the Crow's Nest. There are also cellar doors leading down into the Ship Hold, with a sign over it that reads "STORE".

On either edge of the center area there are stairs leading to the bow and stern. The bow is fairly open, barring the ship's bowsprit. The stern has the ship's wheel, as well as some barrels and crates, and a jolly roger flag.


The Migrator first arrived to Club Penguin on October 13, 2006, three weeks after the Lighthouse was fully restored. Only the upper deck was accessible when the ship first arrived. On April 27, 2007, the door to the Ship Hold was opened to all penguins.

On April 28, 2008, after the Save the Migrator Project, the Crow's Nest became accessible.

Both Rockhopper's Rare Items and Rockhopper's Journal were originally located on the deck, and new items were sold and different journal entries were added with each visit. Once the Ship Hold opened, the catalog was moved to there, and after the Save the Migrator Project ended, the journal was moved to the Book Room.

On January 4, 2017, multiple wheels of stinky cheese and rolled up maps were scattered around the deck. Yarr also is now stationed on a yard below the Crow's Nest.


  • During the Save the Migrator Project, after the pieces of the Migrator were fully put into the place, the deck was covered in mud, seaweed, and barnacles. A week later, it was cleaned up.
  • During Rockhopper and Yarr's Arr-ival Parr-ty, there were red, white, and black balloons with jolly roger symbols hung up on the deck, and red and black banners hung up around the entire hull. There was also velvet rope by the door to the Ship Hold.
  • During Holiday Parties, the hull of the ship is colored dark red, and the trimming is green, with garland hung on it. The crates on the deck are replaced with presents, and the barrel in the corner of the stern is replaced by a Christmas tree. There is also always a large sign on the bow advertising Coins for Change.
  • Before the Adventure Party, the deck was covered in plants, which were brought by Rockhopper. After a few days, the plants grew further.
  • During Rockhopper's Quest, the deck of the Migrator was the only area accessible.


  • On and for a few days after February 9, 2007, the upper deck was in shambles. Part of the railing was torn off, the mast and shroud were ripped, there were holes in the hull and deck, and cracks in the windows of the lower deck. There were also long wooden planks scattered around the dock.


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Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Migrator
French Migrateur
Spanish Migrator
German Zugvogel
Russian Странник


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