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Mine Tunnels
Mine Tunnels map.png

Gary's map of the tunnels

Where Throughout the underground
Opened November 25, 2008
Closed Still open
Mini-games None
Room ID None
Tour Description
Were you looking for the Underground Tunnels?

The Mine Tunnels are a large expanse of tunnels and caverns deep under the Mine, which only appear in the Elite Penguin Force video games.

In Elite Penguin Force

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, the tunnels are visited twice. The first time is during the mission Do It Yourself Carting, where the player ends up here after traveling through the Mine in a custom mine cart to search for Gary. The player ends up in a small cave with several wrecked mine carts, and deflated balloons, which can be inflated with a nearby steam vent to lift the cart Gary is trapped under, but after being lifted, the balloons collide with stalactites and pop, dropping the mine cart and blocking the exit. A gadget Gary had with him, the Super-Power Flashlight, can be attached to the player's Spy Gadget, allowing for access to another part of the tunnels, a large cavern right by the wilderness, where the exit is boarded up. After breaking the barricade with Blast, a strange figure is seen.

Early in the final mission, An Agent's Work Is Never Done, the player arrives outside the tunnels once again, finding a large hole in the wall. Once inside the cave, the player first encounters the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000, who has taken Gary and the elite puffles captive. After introducing itself, it leaves for the Town.

In Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, a section of the tunnels has been renovated into a location for agent training, and new areas of the tunnels appear as well. The tunnels are only visited during the first mission, The Elite Penguin Force.

The player starts in a room with branching paths, blocked by closed doors, each for training of pair of elite puffles. From left to right, they are Loop & Flit, Pop & Chirp, Bouncer & Blast, and Flare & Chill. The room for Bouncer and Blast is the same area where Gary is rescued in the first game, and the only one the player can visit. Besides the elite puffle doors, the initial cave also leads further down to a large cavern containing a river with strong currents.

Beyond the river is a tall chasm with many ledges that can be used grapple upward. The room for Bouncer and Blast is at the top of this chasm. The cavern in the wilderness can once again be accessed from this room, but is blocked by a tall metal wall made by the EPF.


  • In the first EPF game, if either of the tunnel rooms are accessed outside of the points in the game they are supposed to be (not possible in normal gameplay, only through manipulating the player's location by cheating), the tunnel on the left side of the first room, where Gary is found, takes the player to the Mine. The exit on the right side of the second room takes the player to the Mine Shack.
    • In the game, the first exit cannot be taken at any point, as the player does not want to leave Gary without helping him, but after he is freed, the exit becomes blocked. The second exit is also not directly taken, and cannot not be interacted it with whatsoever either, but is located in the wilderness, rather than by the Mine Shack.


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