Mine Tunnels
Mine Cave DS

Where Throughout the underground
Opened November 25, 2008 (DS only)
Closed Still open
Mini-games None
Room ID None
Tour Description
Were you looking for the Underground Tunnels?

The Mine Tunnels are a large expanse of tunnels and caverns found in the EPF video games. There are at least three entrances into the Mine Tunnels, one of which is from the Mine, and two of which are in the Wilderness.

In Elite Penguin Force

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, you must visit these tunnels multiple times. The first of which is in the mission Do It Yourself Carting, where you must travel deeper into the Mine to find Gary after he has gone missing. Later in the game, you come across these tunnels again at the end of the mission Super Secret Gadgets while testing the Snow Trekker. By this time, multiple objects from around the island, which have been hoarded here by the Test-Bots. In the final mission, An Agent's Work is Never Done, you visit here at the start of the mission where you find the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 in these tunnels, with Gary and the Elite Puffles held captive. After it sees you, it escapes the tunnels and heads to the Town.

In Operation: Herbert's Revenge

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, a section of the tunnels have been renovated into a location for agent training. The first room you visit connects to multiple different rooms, all of which are for training with Elite Puffles. The next area is a large cavern with an underground river flowing through it. After that is a large chasm that must be ascended. The top of the chasm is then connected to the original room at the bottom of the tracks for Cart Surfer, seen in the first game.

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